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  1. Hallo, danke für die Antwort. Habe mittlerweile das Problem heraus, hatte einfach die sdKarte verschlüsselt und anschließend formatiert. Problem war nur das ich einen Backup mit der verschlüsselten sdKarte auf den Rechner zog. Falls jemand das selbe Problem hat einfach mit einem Entschlüsselungstool die Dateien aus der SdKarte entschlüsseln also wieder rein in die sdKarte dann entschlüsseln. Lg

  2. 11.09.2016, 07:45
    Achtung: Vorher den neuen Bootloader und Modem flashen.

    SuperMan-Rom V1.13:
    - Rebased on official BPHJ base
    - all mods remade from scratch
    - stock kernel updated (BPHJ), superkernel and superstock updated with latest ramdisk
    - added autostart option to settings
    - removed FOTA (since we don't get any official updates)
    - updated supersu to V2.78
    - added magisk busybox
    - added magisk viper4android
    - updated romcontrol to V2.1
    - colorable wifi, LTE, airplane, roaming toggle
    - added toast notification who are configurable (romcontrol)
    - Superkernel has for this special version NO OC and UC (for testing) if it get's better with freezing
    - fixed quicklaunch in recent not appearing
    - Fix problem that incallui bg is the same as notification bg
    - Camera mod to V5 updated
    - September patches

    Download V1.13. Clean install plus updating bootloader and modem recommend!!

  3. 17.09.2016, 12:54
    SuperMan-Rom V1.13.1:

    - fixed 2 times autostart
    - fixed gallery crashing
    - fixed gear vr crashing

    Dirty flash OK for sure, sorry for messing those little things up.
    I will maybe create an easy update zip tomorrow for those who are already on 1.13

  4. 25.09.2016, 10:42
    SuperMan-Rom V1.14:
    - Fully rebased and remodded on BPIF
    - latest BPIF ZTO csc included
    - updated supersu to SR1
    - updated xposed installer application
    - autocall recorder fixed
    - Superstock updated to 1.4 (including BPIF ramdisk)
    - SuperKernel updated to 1.8 (Prerelease on rom)
    - Enabled launcher rotation
    - colorable clear and notif buttons
    - colorable user text on lockscreen
    - hopefully fix applock
    - add torch into settings
    - last but best feature: use fingerprint after a reboot, biggest thanks to @mwilky for his awesome work he did there!

    Coming from 1.13 or 1.13.1 NO full wipe needed, from before it is recommend
    V1.14 Download

    Edit: for applock, if you flash my csc selection, you will get back the old AppLock APK and it will not work anymore!

  5. Bei wem funktioniert denn potato clock? Ich bekomm die uhr seit det 1.14 nicht mehr zentriert

  6. 05.10.2016, 17:24
    Bei mir funktioniert Potato Clock einwandfrei.
    Eventuell im Aromainstaller ausversehen die falsche Auswahl getroffen.
    Ist mir auch schon passiert. Ich habe dann noch einmal geflasht und bei der Zusammenstellung etwas genauer geguckt.
    Auch Cache und Dalvik Cache wipe ich immer noch einmal extra.

  7. Hallo,

    kann man v1.14 als update drüber bügeln oder ist dann alles weg?

  8. 15.10.2016, 19:13
    Nein es bleibt alles da, aktuelle App Updates werden geflasht und eben Apps die von TKKG hinzugefügt wurden kommen dazu.
    Ein Nandroid Backup mache ich aber trotzdem immer, sowie auch eines mit Titanium Backup.
    Bis jetzt hatte ich da aber noch keine Probleme gehabt.

  9. 17.10.2016, 10:04
    SuperMan-Rom V1.14.5:
    - iOS 10 emojis added
    - screenshots are colorable now in romcontrol
    - reworked xposed/supersu selection in aroma
    - added phh latest supersuser
    - updated magisk to V7
    - Updated xposed to V86.6
    - Updated all magisk mods
    - Added TW swipe to modded launcher
    - Updated superkernel to 1.8.5
    - Updated superstock 1.4.5
    - Romcontrol default values adjusted
    - zubis sound mod updated to V18
    - Adblocker updated
    - Phh's apk updated to latest beta (looks much nicer now)
    - xposed apk updated
    - magisk apk updated
    - samsung music apk updated

    Dirty flash from 1.14 is ok, previous CLEAN WIPE. Also you need to remove/uninstall all magisk related mods (if not running V7 magisk) before updating!
    Download V1.14.5

  10. 22.10.2016, 11:27
    SuperMan-Rom V1.15:
    - Rebased on latest BPJ7
    - Remodded and retweaked everything
    - Fixed volume rocker problem
    - Install supersu before magisk so magisk is compatible now with supersu
    - Magisk updated to V8
    - Magiskmanager updated
    - Remade aroma installer, hopefully little bit clearer now
    - UDS and Screencast toggle in statusbar
    - InCallUI colorable
    - Fixed superman control FC
    - Updated both kernels with latest ramdisk base
    - Fixed some synapse stuff (eg after clean flash no UCI support showed)
    - October security patches included
    - CSC updated to latest INS one
    - Replaced potato clock with 3minit clock
    - Many more things I already forgot again lol

    Clean install recommend, download link:
    V1.15 on AFH

    SM-G930F/FD BL/CP:
    BL/CP (BL is BPJ7 and CP is BPIO)

  11. Gegen 3minit clock getauscht... was eine schlechte Entscheidung... Oder kann ma mittlerweile die sytemfont nutzen? Vor 1-2 monaten sah die uhr dank 3minit aus wie ein fremdkörper... bleib ich halt bei 1.14...

  12. 23.10.2016, 15:41
    Systemfont ist doch Roboto, oder nicht?
    Jedenfalls können alle auf dem System installierten Fonts gewählt werden.
    Aber du hast schon recht, die Potatoclock ist schöner und man muß nicht soviel einstellen.
    Zum Glück wechselt er aber immer mal wieder.

  13. 28.10.2016, 11:47
    Kleines Update zwischendurch.

    I am really sorry to bring out another update for the rom, but the bug fixed recently in kernel (the expoit) is quite important so I decided to update the rom with new kernels and some other improvements. From 1.15 dirty flash is OK!

    SuperMan-Rom V1.15.5:
    - Fixed toast message not working in romcontrol
    - fixed contacts crash
    - updated sms application (the patched one, should now support more lanuages)
    - updated applock
    - updated floating message
    - added network powersaving
    - updated all kernels (except stock) to fix the urgent security issue
    - updated phh superuser apk
    - changed to DBT csc as default, hopefully for those who had problem with volte it will work now
    - changed debloat title, was confusing before
    - remind users at the end of installation to flash csc

    Download V1.15.5

  14. 15.11.2016, 21:32
    SuperMan-Rom V1.16:
    - Update to base BPJG
    - November security patches
    - remodded from scratch
    - busybox updated to 1.25
    - busybox app updated
    - launcher rotation disabled (no one seems to like it)
    - magisk app updated
    - magisk phh root updated to r266-2
    - updated all kernels to BPJE source drop base
    - Xposed apk updated
    - new smali/baksmali method used for deodex
    - hidesu phh root added (r266)
    - OperaMax apk as debloat in aroma (and without any launcher icon now)
    - UPSM apk as debloat app in aroma (to control apps on UPSM)
    - added double tap to sleep on statusbar (credits to @tamirda)
    - adaway enabled or disabled in aroma (because of 3minit battery)
    - fixed AppLock fcs because of signature
    - fixed sms patch apk scheduled settings
    - added samsung nougat emojis
    - added aroma selection for csc. Default would be ITV as it is the base for it. You can also chose to install no csc when you flash the csc selection right after rom install
    - eventually some more things I don't remember

    V1.16 on Androidfilehost

    here you have latest: BPJG BL and BPJG CP

    I had to do a clean wipe, otherwise my USB connection did break after dirty updating. USB connection was not possible anymore after dirty flash. So if you as user read this and hear in the next days: my usb connection does not work anymore, just tell them to make a clean install and they will be good again! Thanks for your support and if you still want to risk a dirty flash, remember I warned you

  15. 02.12.2016, 20:34
    SuperMan-Rom V1.17:
    - Based on BPKA firmware
    - Remodded and retweaked from scratch
    - Updated Magisk to V9
    - Updated Magisk Manager to V2.5
    - Updated SuperSU to SR4 (I know there is SR5 now but I don't want to reupload the rom just cause of this)
    - Updated AdBlocker apk to latest official release
    - Updated Host file
    - Ask in aroma if you want to update modem, will be flashed if you like (BPJG is still latest), so Modem is now updatable in TWRP
    - Added BL (bootloader) update to aroma (I added a warning, WHEN UPDATING BL, PHONE DOES AUTOREBOOT AFTER SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION) Means you need to flash csc after first boot, so my suggestion is: flash rom without BL and flash it in odin. So you can set up your csc correctly
    - All ramdisks updated to BPKA
    - Changed CSC to AUT (since we never had issues with it)
    - Updated baksmali/smali
    - Added some files which will may help for wifi calling (please tell me if it worked)
    - Changed operamax with official one from playstore (many of you thought it is a spam app)
    - Updated Xposed Installer APK
    - Updated Xposed Framework to V87
    - some things I forgot

    SM-G930F BL (CP is still the same on this base):

    Dirty update from 1.16 should be OK. If you want to be on safe side clean is always recommend Enjoy

  16. 16.12.2016, 17:06
    SuperMan-Rom V1.18:
    - Rebased on latest BPL3 base
    - December security patch
    - Phh superuser updated to r275
    - Many aroma script changes
    - SuperKernel updated to 1.9.5
    - SuperStock updated to 1.5.6
    - host file updated
    - Updated build-in bootloader and modem to BPL3 and BPKG
    - Backup function! When you reflash V1.18 you now have to option to restore your configs from last time in aroma installer and jump directly to install screen! (thanks to @djb77 keeping me motivated to finish this script )
    - Added kernel adiutor to kernel selection
    - No more model choose! Everything is done by my script
    - If you have a K/L/S/W8 model, that will be changed in build.prop accordingly
    - Added an option in aroma to install full stock settings apk

    Two things to notice to the new SuperKernel. First: I've updated crypto drivers to 4.4 linux branch which gives now some problems with VoLTE and one report was that it wouldn't boot on a W8 model. So I will revert all the crypto updates (around 200 lol) and make a 1.9.6 SuperKernel without those crypto patches so everything works as it should. Unless some of you can confirm the opposite and those reports were only a rare case. Just to keep in mind for you

    Download V1.18
    Bootloader G930F BPL3
    Modem G930F BPKG

  17. 31.12.2016, 16:04
    SuperMan-Rom V1.19:
    - Fully rebased and remodded on BPLB base
    - Probably the most annoying bug: fixed superman romcontrol not working from stock settings (due to package change)
    - fixed not installing synapse and kernel adiutor
    - added build.prop tweaks selectable in aroma (stock or none)
    - Only display csc warning if you did not install default csc which comes with the rom
    - Changed ARISE to deuterium which you guys reported working fine (I haven't tested, user reported this)
    - Updated samsung browser with fixed secret mode thanks to @mwilky
    - Some other scripts cleanups
    - Changed xposed 87.1 in xposed.prop as well (87.1 will now be display in xposed app )
    - Updated phh superuser apk to latest beta 10 (material)
    - Updated adblocker hostfile
    - Added phone info app as user app
    - Updated Samsung music app (and install as user app as well)
    - Updated SuperSU to V2.79 SR1
    - Another attempt to fix magisk viper4android.. (included a modded audioconfig file)
    - Added TWRP recoveries to aroma. You can now choose if you want to update your recovery during aroma or not!
    - Updated nougat emojis from latest samsung beta
    - Updated BL's to BPLB (CP is still the same)
    - Updated stockkernel to BPLB
    - Updated Ramdisk of SuperKernel and SuperStock to BPLB (no source code yet)
    - Added scrolling launcher background to romcontrol
    - Updated Kernel adiutor
    - Check rom info tab for little christmas easer egg by @myellow

    I wish you all the best for christmas my friends. Have a nice evening, enjoy your parties or whatever you like to do on christmas eve. Stay with your loved ones and be happy!
    Thanks for all the support and help and everything you did for me! As a little present I release this version on christmas Also we changed the superman logo to one with a little bit more christmas like. I hope it pleases you!

    To the reports above, it seems many csc get redundant/non functional with latest release and needs to be updated in order to work correctly. So best would be, you wait until BPLB is released for your region and send me the included csc.tar.md5 file (uploaded on mega, google drive or wherever) so I can do a quick update of the new csc files.

    However here's the download for V1.19
    Download V1.19

    Latest BL/CP:
    All BL/CP versions

    And it's a new base, so clean wipe/full wipe is recommend to all

  18. Bin immer noch bei 1.14 🙈

    Trotzdem danke dir mezzy für die updates 😀

  19. 07.01.2017, 12:15
    SuperMan-Rom V1.19.1:
    - Updated magisk to V10.2
    - Updated Magisk apk to version from playstore
    - Updated phh magisk to r2 version by topjohnwu
    - Updated phh superuser apk to latest beta
    - Updated SuperSU V2.79 SR2
    - Readded normal logo in settings (christmas is over )
    - Added an option in aroma to keep force encryption enabled. If you enable force encryption in aroma, samsungs flag will stay to force encryption and your phone encrypts at boot process. Downside of this: /data partition will get encrypted and TWRP does not support samsung encryption. Means: No more access to /data, hence no more backup possible from data, so unless you know what you are doing I recommend to stay decrypted. PLUS, please note that magisk, supersu or phh still DISABLE encryption if you flash the rom with magisk for example
    - Updated SuperStock Kernels to V1.6.5 with new base
    - Updated SuperKernel to V1.9.7 with new base
    - Updated sqlite binary
    - Readded max build.prop tweak (removed a few critical, you tell me how they work)
    - Added init.d script for sqlite and zipalign only (no more issues)
    - Updated iOS emojis to latest update
    - Some scripts clean up

    Some words about the safetynet on new Magisk v10.2 (because I already know many will ask why that stuff in there is red lol):
    Magisk shows us the Safetynet status since most recent update. It will always fail if your device is rooted since magisk can't hide root properly on samsung phones due to some namespace limitations. I will try to help the Magisk developer to overcome this and make it working perfectly fine. Also safetynet checks selinux, so if you use a custom kernel it will fail as well. SO If you want to pass Safetynet use stock kernel and NO root method! However you will maybe still be able to trick some apps with magisk hide when they only check for certain processes

    However, I am near my finals now (final semester exams) and I have the feeling samsung will release the nougat update just before I will pass all my exams hahaha
    So enough talking for today, enjoy the new release, here you go:
    Download V1.19.1

  20. Hallo zusammen,

    wollte mich kurz vorstellen. Heisse marc bin 48 und komme aus Berlin. Habe bisher mein Handy immer gerootet, wollte es eigentlich mit dem S7 nicht mehr machen aber die ganze Bloatware..... geht mir aufn Zwirn. Gerootet habe ich das Handy nun , hätte allerdings noch eine Frage.

    Beim Download der BL und oder CP Datei hat man die Option auch Nougat auszuwählen, kann ich das auch bedenkenlos flashen mit der V1.19.1 ?

    Mit freundlichem Gruß


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