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  1. 11.01.2017, 16:25
    Ich würde empfehlen den für MM zu nehmen.

  2. Ne Frage in dem Aroma kann ich nur das csc für die Schweiz auswählen oder garkeins. Kann mir jemand nen Link geben für das Deutsche CSC File ?

    Oder ist es egal ?

    Many THX

  3. 11.01.2017, 19:50

  4. 28.01.2017, 12:04
    So jetzt ist es da, Android Nougat.
    Ich empfehle einen Cleaninstall. Zur Zeit dürften noch so einige Apps nicht richtig mit Nougat zurechtkommen, wie z.B Xposed.
    Das sollte man bedenken, da der neue Bootloader nötig ist und dann nützt ein Backup von Superman ROM 1.9.1 nichts mehr (alter Bootloader).
    Ich selber bin auch noch ein wenig zögerlich, da es am Anfang immer einige Probleme mit einer komplett neuen Base geben kann.
    Viel Spaß also und ich hoffe das bei euch alles reibungslos klappt.

    Final Nougat V2.0 Release!
    Hello my friends and followers of this awesome thread here on XDA.

    I can finally say that my superman rom based on latest Nougat is successfully done. I can confirm all is working as expected and very well. As I told you before, I've tried to include as many mods from MM as possible, but some stuff did get redudant on N update or I could not adapt it properly. Well you will see for yourself what I mean.
    In general I'm very excited about this update, I put a lot time in this and I hope you enjoy it!

    Maybe a few hits before updating to N:
    1. Make sure you don't have Xposed anywhere installed, because even if you full wipe, magisk partitions stays intact and you will stay in a bootloop forever (means flash magisk uninstaller first)
    2. Make sure to be on latest BL/CP files I provide below, also you may need to update your TWRP if you're using a really old version. I'll link it below as well
    3. As mentioned in Point 1, Xposed IS NOT compatible with Android N 7.0 and I can't do much about it
    4. I couldn't yet update the CSC selection to N, so it's still for MM. However I included a small amount of N csc in the installer

    SuperMan-Rom V2.0:
    - Updated to DQAS (FULL REBASE TO ANDROID N 7.0)
    - All kernels updated to DQAS (Stock, Super and SuperStock)
    - Latest Busybox 1.26.2 included
    - Latest SuperSU SR3 included
    - Latest BL DQAS and CP DQA3 included
    - Latest Magisk Manager APK included
    - Latest TWRP 3.0.2-5 included
    - Latest SuperUser Beta11 apk included
    - Latest Sound Mod V19 included (updated for Nougat)
    - Latest Camera Mod V7 included (updated for Nougat)
    - Removed Xposed (not compatible with Nougat)
    - Added many additional apps to bloat selection
    - Added support to aroma to support 4GB zip files
    - ARISE sound mod updated to V2.4
    - DAP sound mod included
    - Many Nougat CSC features included
    - Floating message working
    - AppLock working
    - Private Mode working
    - Aroma Theme reworked
    - All SuperMan icons reworked
    - Bootanimation reworked
    - Splash screen reworked
    - Multi User fully functional
    - 3minit clock included (romcontrol option)
    - Battery bar included
    - Safe volume warning removed
    - Weather on lockscreen enabled (can be a bit buggy, N just got released LOL)
    - Hide or show lockscreen clock (inclusive seconds)
    - Quick launch in recents
    - Network speed indicator with tint
    - Background colors for QS tiles colorable
    - Statusbar icons colorable
    - 3minit clock aroma choosable
    - Virtual lock buttons
    - Ambiente display
    - Data usage in statusbar
    - Dynamic statusbar
    - Reboot to recovery, screenshot toggle, screencast toggle etc added
    - Gear reboot on statusbar (romcontrol)
    - Gear device info
    - Latest adblocker included
    - 0.25 animation speed in settings added
    - Some more things I maybe forgot again

    So let's come to the credits part. First off I wanted to say thanks to @myellow ! He has put so much effort in the whole new design of the SuperMan logo, to the aroma installer, to the bootanimation. He is just awesome!! Thanks man for all your assistance!
    Secondly I wanted to thank @mwilky for some SystemUI mods (as Fingerprint after reboot, MultiUser toggle or the secret browser mod) awesome I can use them! Also I want to say thanks to @asc1977 who helped me with many many SystemUI options for RomControl including tint effect (black icon on white background). Another guy who helped me was @djb77, he helped me building my Settings apk (I had some issues with my apktool) I'm very glad that I have so nice friends who are always willing to help me out!
    Last but not least I want to say thanks to all my users, the XDA community and my Telegram Group. For your support, for your testing, for your motivation you gave me
    If I forgot someone please send me a private message real quick

    Enough written (sorry for the long text ahahaha) but Nougat does not arrive everyday!
    Yes, coming from MM (Marshmallow 6.0.1) There's clearly a full wipe recommend. Coming from SuperStock V2.4 even a dirty flash could work (no promise )
    Here is the long waited download link: Download SuperMan-Rom V2.0
    All Bootloader and Modem files
    Latest TWRP recovery

  5. ich hab mich erst einmal gegen die normale SuperMan version entschieden und sein clean rom installiert! Funktioniert einwandfrei und DBT csc ist auch dabei!

    Mit der kostenlosen PocketPC.ch App von meinem SM-G930F aus geschrieben.

  6. 28.01.2017, 12:20
    Mit Clean ROM meinst du SuperStock-Rom V2.4 richtig?

  7. genau

    Geschrieben von meinem Galaxy S7

  8. 28.01.2017, 20:11
    So ich habe es jetzt gewagt und Nougat installiert. Mit Cleaninstall, denn bei Dirty Flash kam natürlich Bootloop. Aber testen wollte ich es natürlich.
    Die Apps musste ich von Hand neu installieren, da wie schon zu erwarten Titanium nichts mit dem alten Backup anfangen konnte.
    Also durfte ich auch alle Appeinstellungen wieder neu eingeben.
    Ansonsten läuft aber alles ohne Probleme bis jetzt.
    Bleibt also nur noch abzuwarten, wie lang der Akku unter Nougat hält und wann Xposed entsprechend angepasst wird.

  9. echt? bei mir gings erste sahne mit Titanium! bootloop hatte ich auch, musste auch alles platt machen ausser die SD Karte... die samsung backups haben auch alles wieder geholt, also wlan Passwörter und einstellungen... das einzige was mich jetzt stört ist, dass das scrollen bei FB und Opera nicht sauber läuft... Akku hält jetzt viel länger, hab die Auflösung auf 720 runter geschraubt... man sieht kaum einen Unterschied! Absonsten fehlt mir auch die Einstellung für die softbutton beleuchtung...

    Geschrieben von meinem Galaxy S7

  10. 11.02.2017, 11:30
    SuperMan-Rom V2.1:
    - Rebased and retweaked on latest DQB3 release
    - Bootloader updated to DQB3 and modem to DQB1
    - CSC updated to most recent BTU version as well
    - Updated Magisk to V11.1 (removed phh's apk, root for Magisk is now INSIDE Magisk apk, uninstall phh app!)
    - Updated Magisk Manager to 4.1
    - Fixed a busybox problem which didn't install it correctly
    - Updated all kernels with latest ramdisk and source code (DQB3 isn't released yet)
    - Updated adblockers hostfiles
    - Removed ARISE sound mod, they have their own aroma installer and everything now, download it here
    - Updated Camera Mod to V8
    - Updated my own romcontrol a bit, changed colors and stuff (Please leave a feedback if you like it or not)
    - Removed knox entry from settings
    - Added custom clock settings
    - 3Minit clock can now be enabled and disabled inside RC (no need to choose in aroma)
    - Clock can now be moved left, in the middle, right or disabled
    - Clock can be colored
    - Clock style can be choosen
    - Date in statusbar can be choosen etc etc (just check the clock settings in RomControl)
    - For lockscreen I've fixed the weather issue, however flat users may have some problems since the display is smaller than on edge phones. I got a S7 flat and I know what I'm talking about (let me know what you think)
    - Fixed weather widget displaying time twice
    - Added 18 different analog clocks in RomControl (to display on lockscreen)
    - Added rambar back to romcontrol (it will be displayed at the top so you can't use it at the same time as recent quick launch)
    - Volume skip added (skip tracks with volume control)
    - Fixed ambient display not working
    - Added auto call recording
    - Updated pulldown statusbar colorizing
    - Fixed alarm on lockscreen
    - Added app shortcuts to romcontrol
    - Added launcher gestures (all working fine except enabling flashlight)
    - Added touchkey light duration in settings
    - Added autostart manager in setting
    - Added LED indicator in settings
    - Updated all toggles in restart menu to match nougat design
    - Updated shutdown animation (looks perfect now)
    - Added many default superman wallpapers (will only appear after a clean wipe)
    - Added the dark side of superman theme (work in progress only appears after a clean wipe too!)
    - Someone requested me to add knox apps in aroma. So there you go, knox is in debloat menu but for sure I did not flash that onto my phone
    - Added google assistant in aroma choice (debloat settings)
    - Added brightness fix
    - Updated all additional (none samsung & google) apps to most recent version
    - Added CPU-Z and Tapatalk in debloat settings
    - Removed amplify in debloat (sorry for confusion!)
    - Disabled signature check for apps
    - Probably some more things, but I can't remember sorry guys! (just too much changed)

    So let's come to the credits part!
    I'd like to thank especially @mwilky for his great work on the LED indicator and on the header colors as well (and that I can use his implemenation for my rom, thanks very much!). Than next is @asc1977 that I can use and adapt his custom clock settings, awesome! Thanks to my designers @_alex74_ and @myellow to create the Darkside of N theme and create the Wallpapers/updating the animations and icons! Special thanks to all people on the xda threads who wrote the guides and people helping me in general to create this awesome rom. I hope I didn't forget anyone, if this would be the case please write me a PM

    As said, dirty maybe even work but I recommend a full wipe if you want to see the new wallpapers in the default wallpaper selection:
    Download V2.1

    As always you can find all bootloaders and modems here!

  11. 17.02.2017, 13:53
    SuperMan-Rom V2.2:
    - Updated to latest DQB7 base with February security patch
    - Full rebased and remodded since last base
    - All mods have been updated
    - Kernel are all updated to DQB7 ramdisk
    - Kernels do now fake knox 0x0 on running system @lyapota
    - Added a much better selection of build.prop and init.d tweaks in aroma (you will see what I mean)
    - Added new 3d boot animations by @myellow
    - Moved themes into seperate aroma installer by @_alex74_ Check this post here
    - Added an aroma choice for ambient display (should fix lockscreen lag, please report back to me)
    - Added another google assistant, this hopefully fixes the problems (you have to update the google app after installation in google playstore)
    - Updated BL to DQB7 (modem is still the same)
    - Added new toast animations in romcontrol
    - Changed some default values in romcontrol
    - reboot background menu is now colorable
    - matrix in recents @thereassaad
    - Move signal and wifi to the left in romcontrol
    - added an option in romcontrol to change your carrier on lockscreen
    - Camera mod updated to V8.1
    - Possibly some other things I already forgot again sorry

    What I haven't done but want to do:
    - Back to kill
    - Fix screenshot from reboot menu
    - colorable clock on lockscreen
    - more custom signal and wifi icons
    - Generally I will focus on fixing and making the mods more perfect in next releases instead of adding more

    Aroma shows kernel version 2.1.0. It's a typo the kernel is actually 2.1.5

    Download V2.2 from here!

    Want to join the telegram new channel to never miss an important SuperMan update? Join my Telegram Channel which provides best infos as soon as available!

  12. Läuft perfekt bei mir ^^

  13. 22.02.2017, 19:50
    Läuft wirklich unheimlich gut und noch nie hat mein Akku so lange durchgehalten wie jetzt.
    Keine Ahnung ob es an Nougat selber liegt oder am Superman ROM.

  14. Da hast du recht... Mit Android 6 hat mein Akku von 5:30 bis 22Uhr gerade so gehalten, jetzt ist er bei gleicher Nutzung abends um 22uhr bei 40-50%! Absolut der Hammer

  15. 04.03.2017, 11:52
    SuperMan-Rom V2.3:
    - Rebased on top of DQBO release
    - Updated all kernel with latest ramdisk to version V2.2.1
    - Added a note to aroma that busybox is needed for romcontrol/synapse
    - Removed the cache init.d in aroma which caused bootloop
    - Updated bootloader to DQBO
    - Reworked SuperMan Settings app (will now show "free" in addition)
    - Free means that this is the app with the rom and not the one on playstore, I will release a "pro" app (same functions) with translations and just to donate me
    - Added Back to kill option
    - Added Recent to kill option
    - Fingerprint unlock without enabling display added (works only as long as fingerprint sensor doesn't go to deepsleep)
    - New icons inside the SuperMan settings app
    - Added blur effect on pulldown menu
    - Added clock on lockscreen is now colorable to different colors (MM/H/SECS)
    - Added notification colorable with notification text colorable
    - Added search bar colorable and hidden switch
    - Added fully working secure folder to the rom (will also be display in pulldown menu)
    - Added Samsung Pay to Knox in debloat option (since it works together)
    - Updated samsung pay and samsung pay framework with latest apps from sammobile, if that doesn NOT work well just uninstall the updates (those are not system files so you can easily uninstall them)
    - Added custom icons for Signal/Alarm/Wifi in romcontrol
    - Fixed left clock being displayed on lockscreen, is now hidden
    - Added "clear all" and "notification settings" colorable
    - Added colorable background the notification pulldown
    - Basically everything is colorable now in pulldown
    - Updated AdAway to most recent version
    - Updated included adblocker files
    - Updated included bloat apps (as instagram, snapchat, signal etc)
    - Updated Magisk Manager to latest 4.2.6 (which fixed all fc's)
    - Fixed OTA/Rom Control icon displaying a grey background
    - Updated OTA app to match superman design
    - Added new superman gifs in romcontrol (black/blue and red/yellow)
    - Possibly more things to mod which I already forgot again (sorry )

    So let's come to the credit part
    I'd like to thank @mwilky for all the mods he made to the pulldown menu/notification colors since he is the guy rocking that all! Than I'd like to thank @asc1977 for his signal/wifi/alarm symbol customization. Also I'd like to thank tn2009 (on russian forum) for his mod with back to kill! @Repulsa found the switch for the unlock fingerprint without enabling display and last but not least my Designerbuddy @myellow which created the awesome icons inside the new superman settings app. Thank you all guys for your assistance!

    As always, latest news on my superman channel: https://t.me/SuperManRom

    Download V2.3

    All Bootloader and Modem files

  16. 03.04.2017, 17:28
    SuperMan-Rom V2.4.1:
    - Updated base to DQCG
    - Reworked from scratch!
    - March security update included
    - Improved permissions in system/bin (rom should now work even better)
    - Update stock kernel to DQCG
    - Update SuperStock to V2.4.1 (with flicker free included)
    - Update SuperKernel to V2.4.1 (with flicker free included)
    - Updated Bootloader and Modem to DQCG / DQCG
    - Added W8 BL/CP files to be flashed with the rom
    - Added font apk (installs many fonts), it's choosable in debloat menu
    - Moved romcontrol and OTA to debloat menu too (if you don't want them, don't install them)
    - Removed framework selection, ambient is now called a different way
    - Ambient is now also working without AOD (thanks to @mwilky)
    - Updated Magisk to V11.6 (safetynet shall pass with usb debugging on now)
    - Updated Magisk Manager to latest version
    - Updated included bloatware apps
    - Updated AirMessage and Applock app
    - Updated TWRP to 3.1.0
    - Added a switch in SuperMan settings to enable or disable RCS (cloud icon) (thanks to @MisterEvo)
    - Added a switch in SuperMan setting to toggle 4G/LTE (thanks to @MisterEvo)
    - Added a choice in aroma to include software keys
    - If you choose knox, tima and knox will be enabled automatically, if not they will be disabled
    - Aroma log will be saved at sdcard/SuperMan/aroma/
    - Music and the Simcard notification of the FD variants should be colored too (let me know if it works!)
    - Adjusted weather on lockscreen to match better, in next version there will be a big rework
    - Fixed alarm icon being weird on theme ( @_alex74_)
    - Added blur effect on pulldown colorable
    - Added a switch to hide brightness slider on pulldown ( @mwilky)
    - Added SystemUI tuner thanks to @lyapota (long press on settings icon in pulldown to activate it)
    - Added option to color stock battery icon
    - Added a switch to enable rounded notifications (aren't colorable for now)
    - Added blur effect on recents
    - Added many new items on pulldown menu
    - Added back "Torch on Lockscreen", it's now in SuperMan settings under "misc systemui"
    - Enabled lockscreen notification limit can be raised from 1-3
    - Updated smali/baksmali for deodexing
    - Updated all social media bloat apps (for example "signal" got secure video call feature)

    You can download this latest release here on AFH: Download V2.4.1. And yes, full wipe is recommend on this base!

  17. Habe derzeit noch die 6.0.1 drauf.
    Wenn ich jetzt die Rom einspiele, habe ich dann noch root?
    Gibts eigentlich für Nougat Wanam Xposed?

    Danke schon im vorraus.

  18. 07.06.2017, 19:10
    Ja es ist Prerooted.
    Für Nougat gibt es noch kein Xposed direkt. Allerdings soll die Version für 6.0.1 auch mit Nougat funktionieren.
    Da habe ich selber aber noch keine Erfahrung mit sammeln können.
    Vom SuperMan-ROM gibt es inzwischen die Version 2.5.0.

  19. Super danke für die Antwort,habe gerade mal den BL und das Modem aktualisiert.
    Jetzt kommt die Rom dran.

    ---------- Hinzugefügt um 21:27 ---------- Vorheriger Beitrag war um 19:12 ----------

    So, die Rom läuft jetzt.Sehr beeindruckend extrem schnell.

  20. 13.06.2017, 17:16
    SuperMan-Rom V2.5.0:

    - Rebased on latest DQD3 release
    - Remodded everything from scratch (this base had many changes compared to previous updates)
    - April Security patch
    - Updated Magisk to V12
    - Updated Magisk Manager
    - Updated phh superuser to r310
    - Updated included adblocker host files
    - Updated included BL/CP to DQD3/DQD2
    - Fixed barometer displaying weird stuff on lockscreen
    - Updated all bloat apps such as telegram/snapchat/titanium etc
    - Updated Kernels to V2.5.1 version (new linux and new ramdisk)
    - Updated included modded camera thanks to @djb77
    - Added S8 camera to aroma, thanks to @_alex74_
    - This update is mostly for stability and security!

    This base is really recommend to clean wipe. Compared to last bases the only base which had similar changes was beta nougat to official. This one was really big!

    Here you go with download link:
    Download V2.5.0

    Bootloader/Modem Files

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