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  1. 21.07.2017, 19:01
    SuperMan-Rom V2.6.0:
    - Rebased on most recent DQG1 release
    - Updated all included kernels to latest ramdisk/kernel source
    - This update includes the July patch already!
    - Updated Magisk to v13.3
    - Updated SuperSU to 2.82 SR1
    - Updated included bootloader to DQG1 and modem to DQF2 (still latest one)
    - Updated included BTU csc
    - Readded outdoor mode in settings app
    - Removed OEM unlock switch with modded settings (so no one can accidentally turn it off)
    - Added a switch in romcontrol for immersive mode
    - Added support for calculator unit converter
    - Added a switch to romcontrol to enable/disable transparent background
    - Notification icons can now be colored too in rc
    - SMusic app can also be fully colored thanks to @Thereassad
    - Updated busybox installer
    - Updated all included bloat apps (telegram, tapatalk etc.)
    - Removed the "no csc" choice, since this only messes settings entries
    - Removed S8 camera, we have a full port for this and the camera doesn't work perfectly on s7 base anyway
    - Removed all needless build.prop and init.d tweaks, in my opinion this is the reason for heating and battery drain!!
    - Fake system status to official (before was custom) @mwilky
    - when you have issues with barometer on lockscreen.. this is just an ID mismatch. I hope alex can do a fix while I'm away
    - I simply didn't had the time to investigate into the SystemUI crashing while moving apps to SD with modded UI, I hope you can forgive me as I already promised it before...
    - I hope that was all, maybe I forgot something

    If you want to support me with me and my work you can always check out PayPal and send me something small. Otherwise please hit thanks on this post, rate the thread and help other users in the thread while I'm away

    Guys, I know you should know it better but I just mention it in case someone will ask, this base is 3 months of developing from samsungs side, if you dare to dirty.... I will simply shake my head and scroll further in the posts. Thanks for understanding to NOT post issues with dirty flashes

    Download V2.6.0

    Also I've updated all BL/CP files on AFH (yes including K/L/S/W8 models!)
    Find it here

  2. 07.10.2017, 13:38
    SuperMan-Rom V2.7.0:
    - Based on latest DQIC release by Samsung (full rebase)
    - Includes most recent August security patch (Samsung doesn't release the September patch to any device due to Blueborne fix)
    - This base includes blueborne fix for bluetooth vulnerability
    - Updated included modem and bootloader to DQIC for F/FD devices and BQH2 for W8 models
    - Updated kernels to latest V2.9.0 versions build on DQIC source drop
    - Updated Magisk to latest V14.2 beta
    - Updated SuperSU to latest SR5 beta
    - Updated sound mod with latest sound file, this should fix some issues with wifi calling
    - Removed viper4android, due to the fact that it broke sound on s8 roms, you should flash ARISE or similar mods after the rom itself
    - Updated busybox to latest 1.27.2
    - Added some more apps to debloat selection, edge apps for example and some more voice files and for VR
    - Removed OTA due to the fact that it wasn't working anymore, we will come up with a better solution in the future
    - Added a switch in romcontrol to enable/disable high volume warning
    - Added a new function to clear memory in pulldown menu
    - Updated romcontrol application, changed name to SuperControl Free
    - Updated included CSC
    - Updated AppLock, ScreenRecorder and AirMessage
    - Updated included bloat apps such as Telegram, Signal, Hike and Snapchat
    - Included all fixes from last time, means Weather and alarm on lock screen works fine without any need to flash a file

    Clean install recommend since it's a big base change

    Download V2.7.0 via AFH
    Download V2.7.0 via our Servers (need to be signed in)

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