E-TEN kündigt Glofiish X650 an E-TEN kündigt Glofiish X650 an
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  1. Features:

    • 500 MHz Samsung SC3 Prozessor
    • 256 MB ROM
    • VGA Bildschirm
    • 2 MP Kamera
    • FM Empfänger
    • WLAN
    • Bluetooth 2.0
    • GPS (SiRF III)
    • Grösse: 107x58x15mm
    • Gewicht: 136 Gramm
    • Incl. Software Suite (Spb MobileShell, Namecard Manager, Backup Utility, Windows Live, Office und weitere
    A VGA display offers several significant benefits to the user. The greater resolution (four times higher than that of a typical Pocket PC Phone) enables a larger proportion of a document, calendar, map, or web page etc. to be displayed on screen at once, increasing productivity. Additionally, the higher pixel density means that text appears sharper and easier to read while pictures and video appear more detailed. VGA is set to become one of the key specifications for Pocket PC Phones in the coming year.

    Zu E-TEN.

  2. Unregistriert Gast
    weis jemand ab wann und wo mit diesem coolen gerät in der schweiz zu rechnen ist??

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