[ROM][ROM][09.11.04] HikaRi (nur englisch) [ROM][ROM][09.11.04] HikaRi (nur englisch)
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  1. Bei den XDA-Devs ist ein neues Rom aufgetaucht, es basiert auf MCR aber hat noch ein paar custom tweaks.


    Based on Pauls MDC, the vanilla 2.73.405.61 and some custom tweaks.

    Got rid of a few apks, bloat in general, all localizations except en_US.
    Streamlined customization process a bit.

    bash, connectbot, AndExplorer, Advanced Task Manager, etc.

    It WILL take a while to initialize after flashing, since I've yet to learn how to obtain .odex from apks.
    I've askd Paul about it, but he seems to want to keep the knowledge to himself. Oh well...

    What else:
    Modded it to accept apks from higher frameworks, like 1.6 (donut) and 2.0 (eclair).
    As long as you get rid of duplicate packages from
    /system/app and /data/data, you can install via adb install

    Is it stable?
    It is enough for me.
    Play, test, and help out.


    NOTE: The default lockscreen is TRANSPARENT (just the slider is visible).
    I thought it was better looking this way. You can always add your own wallpaper.
    Just don't despair if you're clicking and nothing seems to work. Just slide down to unlock.

  2. Unregistriert Gast
    Ist mit "nur Englisch" die Sprache gemeint oder dass es nur für englische Nutzer benützbar ist?

  3. die sprache ist in englisch

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