Features of this Kernel:
- Built with latest sabermod Toolchain 5.3, update 2016.02
- Latest Linux version 3.18.34, is always up to date
- Performance and Batterylife improved
- Choose between different CPU governors: performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, interactiv (default), conservative, zzmoove, barry_allen, nightmare, darkness, pegasusq, yankactive intelliactive, ondemandplus, intellimm, bioshock, lionheart, smartmax, smartass2, smartmax_eps, alucard, blu_active, cafactive, electrodemand, ondemand_x, hyper and intellidemand
- Built with latest ramdisk sources from samsung (APE9)
- Kernelsource from latest Update (also APE9)
- Frandom Support
- I/O schedulers: CFQ (Default), ROW, No-op, Deadline, BFQ, FIOPS, SIO, VR, ZEN, FIFO, and SIOplus
- UKSM (Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging)
- Zram can be set in sTweaks
- Gentle fair sleeper
- LED Control
- OC/UC frequencies (if your phone is good enough)
- State Notifier implemented
- Init.d Support
- NTFS file system enabled
- CIFS/NFS file systems enabled
- Allow ADB-Insecure
- Wlan Wakelock decreased
- TCP (Network) control: Bic (default), Reno, cubic, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, LP, Yeah and Illinois
- SeLinux is set to permissive
- Zen-Tune implemented
- All samsung related configs disabled

V1.2.1 available on XDA servers

- None

0. Make a backup of your current stock kernel in TWRP, just in case you want to go back
1. Install a custom recovery for your phone, like this one here:TWRP
2. Follow the instructions on the page above, until you get a working recovery
3. Download the Kernel from below and copy it to your external SD Card
4. Reboot to your recovery by pressing volume up, home button and power button at the same time.
5. Install zip/select the kernel
6. Wipe cache and dalvik cache (recommand)
7. Reboot

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Donation ULR

- Samsung for sources
- the great linus for his amazing kernel source
- arter97
- Jesec (for the great FP fix!!)
- dorimanx
- AndreiLux
- halaskz
- neobuddy83

Alles weitere wie Downloads und so direkt bei den xda: