[KERNEL][STABLE][TW][6.0.1][19.01.17][SM-G930F/FD] SuperKernel V2.0.1 [KERNEL][STABLE][TW][6.0.1][19.01.17][SM-G930F/FD] SuperKernel V2.0.1
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  1. 04.06.2016, 13:55
    Hello all together, today I will start the first S7 kernel thread here on XDA.

    Supports Touchwiz 6.0.1


    If you want to take my work and need it somewhere, or do other things with it, please ask me first for the permission. Otherwise you are not allowed to take it! Thank you !

    SuperMan-Rom, a Touchwiz based rom made by myself!

    If you have an other kernel tweaker installed, please uninstall it before flashing this. At the moment, stweaks or synapse is not compatible, so please use kernel adiutor intead.

    Features of this Kernel:
    - Build with latest GNU GCC 6.3.0 Toolchain optimized for a53 cpu (built by me)
    - Build with DPLT kernel source!
    - Latest Linux version 3.18.46, is always up to date
    - Performance and Batterylife improved
    - Choose between different CPU governors: performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, interactiv (default), conservative
    - Built with latest ramdisk sources from samsung (DPLT)
    - I/O schedulers: CFQ (Default), No-op, Deadline, BFQ, ROW, fifo, fiops, sio, sioplus, tripndroid, zen, vr
    - Fixed power efficient wq permission
    - Critical TCP bug fixed
    - Zram LZ4 enabled
    - Allow ADB-Insecure
    - TCP (Network) control: Bic (default), Reno, cubic, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, LP, Yeah and Illinois
    - SeLinux is set to permissive
    - All samsung related configs disabled (as knox, tima, restrict rooting)


    2. Follow the instructions on the page above, until you get a working recovery
    3. Download the Kernel from below and copy it to your external SD Card
    4. Reboot to your recovery by pressing volume up, home button and power button at the same time.
    5. Install zip/select the kernel
    6. Wipe cache and dalvik cache (recommand)
    7. Reboot

    If you like my work, feel free to hit thanks and/or give me a small donation by clicking the link right below. Thank you very much in any way!
    Donation ULR

    - Samsung for sources
    - the great linus for his amazing kernel source
    - arter97
    - Jesec (for the great fingerprint fix!!)
    - dorimanx
    - AndreiLux
    - halaskz
    - neobuddy83

    XDAevDB Information
    SuperKernel for herolte, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S7

    Source Code: https://github.com/Tkkg1994/SM-G930F

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V2.0.1
    Stable Release Date: 2017-01-19

    Created 2016-05-30
    Last Updated 2017-01-19

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  2. Hi,

    gibt es Erfahrungsberichte zu dem Kernel? Lohnt es sich diesen Kernel zu installieren.


  3. 05.06.2016, 14:11
    In einem so frühen Stadium hilft erst einmal nur selber ausprobieren. Mit einem vorigen Nandroid Backup ist das ja auch kein Problem.
    Immerhin funktioniert bei diesem Kernel im gegensatz zum AEL Kernel der Fingersensor. Bis jetzt konnte ich bei XDA auch noch nichts von größeren Problemen lesen.

  4. 11.06.2016, 10:03
    SuperKernel V1.3.1:
    - Updated ramdisk to APF2
    - Updated linux to 3.18.35
    - removed the red latter at start up (you really really wanted that )
    - Fixed random reboots from 1.3 in superman rom
    - added a wakelock fix who should fix some google wakelocks
    Geändert von Mezzy (11.06.2016 um 10:08 Uhr)

  5. 15.06.2016, 17:30
    SuperKernel V1.4:
    - completely reworked my whole source code, now available under: Github
    - Updated ramdisk with latest supersu patch
    - many updates in /base/power/opp
    - backports from 3.19 branch
    - interactive updates (even more smooth now)
    - added kasan for arm64 devices
    - overall smoothness improved
    - tested over one day, not a single reboot till now

    You can still join the Telegram Kernel group! Just click on the link

    download V1.4

  6. 17.07.2016, 14:42
    Die aktuelle Kernelversion ist zur Zeit 1.5.4, allerdings nur erhältlich über die zur Zeit aktuelle Superman ROM Version 1.9.2.
    Da der aktuelle SuperKernel nur noch über die jeweils aktuellste ROM Version erhältlich ist, macht der Kernel Thread nicht mehr viel Sinn.
    Sollte sich das noch irgendwann ändern, poste ich es hier und bis dahin ist man ja immer mit der aktuellsten Superman ROM Version auf dem neuesten Stand.

  7. 20.09.2016, 17:00
    SuperKernel V1.7:
    - fixed phone turning on when offline charging
    - Updated base and ramdisk to latest BPH6 source, this kernel will only work on BPH6 ROM!!!!
    - added full synapse support, thanks to UpInTheAir (I adapted his implementation to work on S7)
    - Updated linux to 3.18.39
    - added f2fs support for /data
    - fixed private mode not working after a reboot
    - fully remade the whole source tree to get you the best experience!
    - fixed the tcp bug which would otherwise make your phone vulnerable
    - some other backports
    - updated workqueue
    - switched to 7.0 sabermod toolchain
    - many more things I may forgot

    for installing this, please keep in mind that you have to be on a BPH6 based rom, otherwise it won't work!!
    also, you should flash all zips again that affect your boot.img (like supersu, xposed, magisk, phh's root)!

    download link: 1.7 SuperKernel

  8. 29.09.2016, 21:30
    ..SuperKernel V1.8.5:.
    - Started from scratch on BPHJ source code
    - No more freezing, not a single problem left anymore!
    - Updated to 3.18.42 linux (latest)
    - Merged some new linaro patches into kernel
    - f2fs should now work (and stay) on partitions you have chosen (thanks to @lyapota for the tip)
    - HMP opimizations added (tunable in synapse)
    - GPU UC removed for now
    - CPU OC/UC enabled, but stock freqs are default on first flash
    - Disabled PEWQ (can be enabled in synapse)
    - Updated thermal
    - Disabled task ADJ tree
    - enabled hmp packing
    - crypto updated
    - cpufreq some small updates
    - BPIF ramdisk
    - Selinux audit configurable

    Download here. Don't forget to flash supersu/magisk after kernel flash!

  9. 06.11.2016, 18:07
    SuperKernel V1.9:
    - Based upon BPJ7 source code
    - Updated to linux 3.18.44
    - added GPU OC to 806Mhz (thanks to @lyapota)
    - updated ramdisk to BPJ7
    - fixed some battery settings in synapse
    - updated busybox to 1.26
    - patched CVE-2016-5195
    - changed behavior of cpu on high freqs a bit

    Download V1.9

  10. 16.11.2016, 16:42
    SuperKernel V1.9.2:

    - Updated to BPJG source drop
    - Updated ramdisk to BPJG source

    I know I know, very small update. But I had my hands full with university stuff, superman-rom, superstock-rom, hydrarom and my diverse kernels. So I hope you will enjoy my new version anyway!
    And yes that's also for the guys who are on the "old" 1.16 superman-rom without updated kernel:
    Download V1.9.2

  11. 20.01.2017, 13:49
    SuperKernel V2.0.1:

    Changelog V2.0.1
    SuperStock V2.0.1:
    - Possibly fixed wifi problem some guys mentioned
    - Some other small adjustments

    Download V2.0.1

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