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  1. 30.04.2016, 14:57

    So what is KryxOS? It's a fully stock debloated Touchwiz ROM. The ROM is currently in alpha stages and there isn't much to see it's
    more of a base for future KryxOS versions. There are LOTS of plans for this ROM including a special "Google" edition that will aim to completely
    remove Samsung's cr*p and make it feel more "Nexus" like. For now you can just enjoy a clean build of touchwiz for your S7 Edge.
    Feedback is much appreciated, I want this ROM to be shaped by the community so feel free to suggest things.

    * Based off G935FXXU1APD1 (Nordic Unbranded - April Security Patch)
    * Heavily Debloated
    * Optimizations
    * Busybox Preinstalled
    * Pre-Rooted
    * Audio Optimizations (ViPER in next post)
    * Core Functions Still Available (themes, edge screen, always on, etc)
    * Core Google Apps (Dialer, Camera, Photos, etc_
    * Nexus Like (apps, theme, etc)
    * Extremely Fast Boot (15 Seconds after first boot)
    * Heavy Battery Optimizations
    * DeKnoxed
    * Deodexed
    * Safe Volume Warning Removed
    * N Style Notifications
    * Slim (Under 1Gb)
    * Anim Optimizations
    * Amazing Default Wall
    * Voice Recording In Dialer
    * Advanced Reboot Menu
    * Camera Shutter Option
    * Display Scaling (Settings>>Display)
    * Slightly AOSP Themed
    * Plus More

    Release V1.3
    S7 Edge (G935F/FD) - Download

    Release V1.2
    S7 Edge (G935F/FD) - Download

    Release V1.1
    S7 Edge (G935F/FD) - Download

    Release V1
    ROM Broken

    Alpha 1
    S7 Edge (G935F/FD) - Download

    None! Please Report If You Find One.

    Step 1: Install TWRP Found Here
    Step 2: Boot into TWRP and wipe Cache, System, and Data.
    Step 3: Flash the ROM.
    Step 4: Enjoy.

    Release 1.3
    Rebased off of Nordic U1APD1 Firmware (Touchscreen Fixes + April Security Patch)
    Re-Odexed (Faster + Stability)
    Removed APM (For now until I get it fixed)
    Added New Fonts (Some of my favorites like HelveticaNeuLT, and BebasNeu)
    Added AppLock (Smart Manager>>Panel 2>>>AppLock) (Lock apps with your fingerprint)
    Added A Bunch Of Core Apps Back (EX: Quick Connect, Game Manager, etc)
    Stabilized System (Better Battery + Less Crashes + Less Bugs at the cost of slightly bigger file size)
    Re-added Some Google Apps (Slides, Docs, GPlus, Sheets, etc)
    Updated Most Google Apps + Samsung Apps
    Fixed Triple Tap to Reduce Screen Size
    Fixed Text To Speech and Accessibility Bug (Adding Modules EX: Greenify)
    Fixed Editing Photo In Gallery Causes FC
    Fixed Setting Time In Do Not Disturb Causes Setting FC
    Fixed Missing Camera Modes
    Fixed Samsung Security Crashing On App Install
    Fixed FTP Files Transfer
    Fixed Random Reboots (Pesky Little Services.jar + Framework Bug)
    Fixed A SH*T Ton Of Other Stuff
    Reverted LTE Icon Commit (Not Working)
    Reverted Fingerprint Always Active Commit (Not Working)

    Release 1.2
    Added Camera Shutter Option
    Added Voice Recording
    Sped Up System Anims
    Added N Style Notifications
    Deodexed (had to )
    Removed Loud Volume Warning
    Updated Default Wall
    Added Advance Reboot Options
    Made LTE Icon Default Rather Than 4g
    Added Display Scaling and Touch Key Light Duration Option In Display
    Changed Default Locale (to US) and To 12hr Clock
    Slimmed Down (400MB Shaved Off)
    Fixed Accessibility Crash
    Removed TTS (Download Google TTS from play store)
    Fixed VPN

    Release 1.1
    Fixed Setup Issues
    Updated Apps
    Re-Themed App Icons
    Debloated Some More
    Updated Default Wallpaper

    Release 1
    Heavily Debloated
    Removed Lots of Samsung Apps
    Added Lots of Google Apps
    Fixed Installation Script
    Fixed SD Card Issues
    Fixed GearVR Stuff
    Fixed Laggyness
    Optimized System
    Changed Default Wall
    Included Root By Default
    Lots of other stuff..

    Alpha 1
    Whoah! Hold your horses this was barely released.

    Credits: Google, Samsung, and mwilky (for his script).


    Alle Infos und mehr gibt es auf:


  2. 01.05.2016, 15:26
    Wer auf Stock, aber ohne das unnötige Softwarezeugs steht oder zu faul ist zum selber löschen, der ist mit dieser ROM super bedient.

  3. 16.05.2016, 16:01
    Sieht interessant aus. Bei denn Debload Apps ist Standart Wetter von Samsung dabei ?

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk

  4. Sollte alles drin sein was entfernt wurde.

  5. 16.05.2016, 17:36
    Was soll drin sein was entfernt wurde?

    ---------- Hinzugefügt um 17:36 ---------- Vorheriger Beitrag war um 17:34 ----------

    Gibt ja nen link für alles was entfernt wurde wieder rein zu bekommen.

  6. Dann poste den Link bitte, es geht hier um die Frage des Users, nicht was du bei dir verwendest.
    Tu das wenn du dich schon nützlich machen willst.

  7. 16.05.2016, 18:22
    Alles gut eigentlich mir war nur wichtig ob die stock apps drauf sind habe mir nun selbst geholfen über XDA weiß nicht ob ich hier das sagen darf die apks gesehen.
    Bloß mir ist die Rom zu Debloatet dann brauch ich kein Samsung Handy mehr sondern ein ASOP Handy.

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk

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