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  1. Ich bin auf der Suche nach folgendem ROM Update:

    V1.32.251.1 RUU: v3.13.0.0

    Radio: v1.27.00.10
    OS: AKU2.3 (14955)
    IPL/SPL: 1.00/1.07.0000
    Language: ENG (UK), ENG (US), Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Italian, French, Spainish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek. und andere Seiten gehen bei mir nicht da das Gerät nicht von Brightpoint stammt. Dangaard hat nur alte ROM Versionen.

  2. Hi!

    Die ROM-Version ist eigentlich eine Testversion. Läuft aber super.

    Die AKU ist aber nicht, wie Du schreibst nur die alte 2.3 .
    Es ist die neue 3.3, soweit ich das sehen kann

    V1.32.251.1 RUU: v3.13.0.0

    BS 5.1.461 (Build 15671.3.3.0)


    Diese Version nennt sich selbst beim booten Testversion, funktioniert aber bislang blendend.

    Die Radio 1.29 ist ein großer Schritt und verspricht viele Fehler zu beheben.

    Das OS ist jetzt, wie Versierte an der Build sehen können, tatsächlich das neue AKU3.3 !!!
    Das bringt einige Vorteile und neue Funktionen.
    Beispielsweise ist der Modem-Connector weg, dafür nun Internet-Connection-Sharing mit dabei.
    Das Booten ist schneller geworden.
    Es gibt nun auch ein HSDPA Icon usw.

    Einen Test zur Akku-Leistung hab ich gleich mal begonnen. Bin gespannt.

    Für weiteres hier mal der englische Text:


    1 Phase in Streaming Player.
    2 Phase in HSDPA icon.
    3 Fix to ITS #1778 When enabling FDN, only 4 digits can be entered in the PIN2 box. PIN2 should allow up to 8 digits .
    4 Fix to Voda sim voice mail missing notification issue. Double check solution is in codebase.
    5 Set prefer data call to 3G
    6 Fix Radio become "no signal" issue
    7 Low volume of alert ting tone when breeze is waken up by an incomming call.
    8 Fix Wmodem would be stoped with Win2K OS.
    9 Fix cold boot lock up issue.
    10 Fix "found display turn off in one minute while playing a WMV file."
    11 Fix: Some the reset radio will fail while there is a command is waiting the response.
    12 Fix: The RIL driver will read wrong EF between 2G and 3G SIM.
    13 If ATA followed a "No carrier", fake a "OK" as a response and see the "No carrier" as a unsolicitd command.
    14 Fix "in voice call, if there comes another incomming call, uplink will be mute."
    15 Bluetooth HCI transport driver performance improvement.
    16 Remove all customization setting.
    17 Update Magneto O.S to AKU3.3 build 15671.
    18 [AKU 3.3] Incorrect "E" icon on the top of screen is displayed under 3G service.
    19 There is no error message when activating PDP with incorrect APN, and system will become strange after that.


    1 PS data stopped after VT call.
    2 Fine tune BT quality by changing audio parameter.
    1. support AT@AMUX=0~3 for MFG
    2. add Athena DPRAM gpio in AT@GPIO for MFG
    4 Protect AMSS.
    5 Call Forwarding setting does not work in FET due to redundant "time" included if not "NO REPLY".
    6 Remove SMS reply procedure.
    7 Don't handle the max length of phone number correctly.
    8 CE sent twice +GTKE(menu selection) to radio will cause radio hang.
    9 Phonebook will be locked once SIM is PIN1 blocked, and it will never come back until resetting.
    10 Send "Done" when rec empty SS_Release_Complete msg .
    11 Protocol stack still camps on network when PIN1 is blocked.
    12 +CREG may be sent before IMSI attach procedure is completed.
    The MO call CCBS no inband tone issue at Sweden 2g/3g network. By disabling the CMSP bit in Classmark 2 and
    PCP bit in Setup.
    14 Return OK and no unsolicited +CREG and +CGREG sent out when manual selection to a forbbiden PLMN.
    15 Add debug output to ATDBG when Attach, LAU, and RAU rejected.
    16 CHLD=2 has no response when collision with MT disconnection.
    17 Add unsolicited +HTCerror to report EF extension full/over boundary condition.
    18 There is Incorrect bearer service code of call forwarding, when issue SS string "**21*09011111111*20#".
    Fix ORO SIM issue, when user make a MO call, ME perform IMSI detach and then call drop.
    Unable to receive calls from PABX lines in Australia when calling party subaddress is included in MT setup. This is
    due to incorrect CLIP format response sent to CE.
    When PIN1 is disabled and user forces to issue changing PIN, some SIM card will return incorrect sw1/sw2 and
    cause wrong UI display.
    22 Implement +BANDSET functionality.
    GMAC will stock (PS service not possible) when CS_PS registered then LUP failed twice with cause
    PLMN_NOT_ALLOWED (for instance)
    Add AT command at@clearall at@cleargps at@clearhot to manage the GPS data in EFS. Modify AT@setgps let
    device can do warm and cold start without resetting the device.
    25 Implement the Test mode for GPS Cold and Warm start for n times.
    If remote call disconnected before STOP DTMF Ack received and modem WON'T response +VTS and reset by
    WINCE finally.
    1. disable USB regulator at default
    2. let radio USB go to suspend after @USBPOWER=0
    28 Add statistcc report for Test mode.
    1. Add logs for tracking RTC and Tun
    2. Preload Almanac data of 20060904
    It can't camp on to STARHUB 3G (always seaching signal) while manual sitch to STARHUB 3G band under
    STARHUB 2G band.
    31 When there is a active call, can't make a mo call.
    32 Add new +TTYMODE AT command to enable/disable TTY support in radio stack.
    33 During SIM Initialization, delay +COTA notification after phonebook cache finish.
    When edit the SetNetwork (edit PPLMN), If the user entered PLMN is not in the defult list. It will show "000000" to
    WINCE. It's saved in SIM correctly but show not correct to user.
    35 USSD notification could not be sent to RIL and return USSD Busy to network.
    Reset or call failed will happen if network config T314 =0 and T315 !=0 when PS RAB +CS RAB and then radio link
    failure happened.
    37 SMC procedure fails due to simultaneous SMC procedures triggered by Lucent UTRAN.
    38 Unable to answer the 2nd incoming call if end the first active call and attempt to answer the 2nd incoming call.
    39 It can transmit event for DIAG port to fix Embedded log stall issue.
    40 Fix time error of QXDM log.
    41 Showing EDGE indicator when Serving cell support EDGE (Enabled for CE after AKU3).
    42 Add AT+OSVER for CE to tell radio its version.
    43 Fix time error of QXDM log.
    44 Drop VT data when PCD=9,0
    Phonebook extension support: 1. EF files support (EF EMAILi, EF GRPi, EF GASi, EF IAPi) through AT+PHSM, 2.
    Support over 1,000 phonebook entries.

  3. Unregistriert Gast
    Also nachdem ich nun das beeindruckende Gespräch mit gelesen hatte, nehme ich doch an, das Sie mir etwas helfen können.

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