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  1. Viper10 2.5.0 (19 July)

    Additions & Updates
    Notification ScreenOn List
    Works the same as ambient display, just that it turns the screen completely on and that you will be able to open the notifications
    Flash and Buttons blink notifications
    On incoming notifications either your flashlight or capacitive buttons start to blink on selected apps
    Additional settings
    Blink speed
    Repeat timeout
    Blink timeout
    Intercept mode
    Screen on
    Flip device (required when you use it for incoming calls)
    Seperate Left, Right and Full Width Quick Pulldown
    Two fingers Gesture Quick Pulldown
    Hide quicksettings expand/collapse button
    Full width header, quicksettings panel and notifications
    Remove padding between notifications
    Color options for notifications
    Text (colors, the notifiation text, time, action icons and text)
    Icon circle background
    HTC Connect HEQS
    Notification and LED tweaks got their own tab now in VenomTweaks

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed traffic indicator being visible even is data connection is not available
    Fixed battery text not displaying correctly
    Fixed traffic icon showing even when data was off
    Fixed traffic indicator not showing on lockscreen

  2. Viper10 2.6.0 (28th July)

    Additions & Updates
    Rebased on 1.90.401.3
    Updates Sense Home to 8.14.781908
    Android Security Patch Level from July 1st, 2016
    Lags are gone after reboot it seems
    ...lets wait for the official changelog (-:
    Custom Autobrightness
    Change the brightness for different light sensor levels
    It's possible to decrease the minimum autobrightness by 10%! from (30 to 1 on lowest light sensor setting)
    Customize the brightness value for each sensor level yourself
    Add/Edit Light Sensor Levels
    It's even possible now to add more sensor levels if the given ones do not please you
    Makes it possible to adjust the brightness values better to different light conditions
    Hide Weather on LockScreen

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed JB Toast Style Toggle
    Fixed Dim BLN - LEDS will blink with full brightness now
    Restored original Traffic Icon Location
    Fixed positioning of Venom Battery Text

  3. Viper10 2.6.1 (31st July)

    Additions & Updates
    Custom Button light brightness
    Control the brightness of your capacitive buttons based on the light sensor value
    Add and edit light sensor values to have more control how the brightness of your capacitive buttons will behave on different light strength

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed capacitive brightness being affected when adding custom autobrightness sensor steps
    Fixed autobrightness values getting reset if sensor values weren't edited
    Fixed crash when sensor values array > autobrightness values array
    Fixed default value for APM on lockscreen @jcase
    Fixed Notification Screen on not working when no Buttonlight or Flashlight Notifications are set

  4. Viper10 2.7.0 (6th August)

    Additions & Updates
    Merged with 1.90.401.5 base
    Button brightness: Allow all values for each sensor value
    Added Operator Infoline
    Added quickstart camera with doublepress Power on screen off - Thanks for the suggestion @bearclaw76
    Added Power double press interval
    Added Charging/Low Battery LED to turn off when the screen is on
    Added toggle to disable/enable button lights on the fly
    Custom Camera Image names
    Set a custom prefix (instead of 'IMAG')
    Append timestamp: Either choose from some prefix or set your own

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed hiding Wi-Fi Calling icon
    Hopefully fixed total crash when playing with custom autobrightness - sry.

  5. Viper10 2.8.0 (18th August)

    Additions & Updates
    Additional animations scales in Settings->Developer Options->Advanced
    Collapse Statusbar when pressing a quicksettings tile
    Color background of brightness slider mirror
    Color brightness slider thumb
    Option to hide labels in the appdrawer
    Infinite scrolling on homescreen
    Increased default power doublepress interval to 300ms, so you slow old guys can trigger the camera action more easily
    Add additional option to add shortcuts into the Homescreen menu. Shortcuts = direct call, bookmarks etc.

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed hidden app labels on homescreen appearing again after reboot
    Fixed crash when enabling "Hide Navbar on press" option without setting keys to hide it
    Some minor fixes in VenomTweaks

  6. Viper10 2.9.0 (26th August)

    Additions & Updates
    Verizon carrier specific files updated to 1.82.605.6
    Dev Unlocked carrier specific files updated to 1.91.617.1
    Toggle to prevent camera acquiring maximum screen brightness when opening it
    Signal strength icon for statusbar
    dBm or ASU level option
    Custom color
    Added CM ScreenRecorder App
    ScreenRecorder Tile to start/stop screen cast

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed some shortcuts not working for the Sense Home Menu
    Fixed notification background color not applying
    Fixed "Add to home" FC on Sense Home Menu

  7. Viper10 3.0.0 (6th September)

    Additions & Updates
    Rebased on 1.95.401.3
    Visual theming - Tap item to change its color
    Notification area: Header, Horizontal Quicksettings, Notifications, Weather
    Native Quicksettings
    Volume Dialog

    Configure update interval of traffic icon
    Option to disable Notification LED (useful if you use button light notifications)
    Option to disable LED's when on DND (Notification LED and Button Lights Notification LED's)
    Option to disable Charging LED on DND

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed signalstrentgh not showing for cdma phones - damn murricans always need an extra wurst
    Fixed button light notification led getting stuck on "On State" sometimes
    Fixed custom autobrightness "Normal" Profile not applying in VenomTweaks

  8. 14.09.2016, 07:45
    Es ist sehr empfehlenswert vor dieser Update die aktuellste Firmware 1.95.401.3 zu flashen.

    Für User mit S-OFF nicht umständlich, für User ohne S-OFF

    - Backup erstellen
    - stock ROM flashen
    - Bootloader sperren
    - OTA flashen
    - Bootloader entsperren
    - TWRP flashen
    - Backup wiederherstellen

    Also lieber S-OFF'en

    Viper10 3.1.0 (13th September)

    Additions & Updates
    - Temperature Infoline
    Thanks for the extra work you sons of murricans. Supports Fahrenheit - Setting is pulled from the HTC Weather app.
    - Theme Brigthness Slider
    Autobrightness button
    - Extended Wifi,Bluetooth and DND Settings Panel are getting themed now

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed Visual Theming FCing when the header wasn't reorderd once
    Header clock color can be applied now without setting an HTML preset
    Added required statusbar reboot for some visual theming items

  9. [ROM] 2/10 Viper10 3.2.0 | 1.95.401.3 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ Most customizable ROM for the HTC 10

    Viper10 3.2.0 (2nd/3rd October)

    Additions & Updates
    Venom HUB Web Store opened! (VenomHUB Desktop)
    Browse all VenomHUB content on your desktop browser
    Download apps, themes and addons to your desktop
    Install apps, themes and addons from your desktop browser directly on your device(like it works with the play.google.com)
    Addons, themes and other items can show linked items(f.e. you will see if some addons are compatiable with theme)
    Minor UI improvemnets in WEB HUB and in HUB App
    Add "Clear recents apps" mapping to button actions and three finger gesture
    Add doubletap statusbar action to scroll content to the top

    Disable Vibration system wide
    Allow haptic feedback during powersaver
    Set media volume as default when using the volume rocker
    Removed VZW disabled data message when toggling and on boot

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed HTC Music FC when using HTC car app (full rom only)

  10. Viper10 3.3.0 (16th October)

    Additions & Updates
    Caffeine tile now shows a toast message when the labels are hidden for neqs
    Theme the advanced power menu
    Item title color
    Item summary color
    Icon color
    New Venom Package Installer(Replaced system package installer)
    Install apps in background(progress in notification)
    Install multiple apps at the same time.
    Show proper reason, when some app is not installed
    Button to ignore overlay detection
    Optimized caching in VenomHUB, loading will be faster now
    Option to show battery temperature in battery percentage info line
    Disable bugreport getting created when pressing both volume buttons at the same time

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed brightness slider auto brightness mode disappearing with a custom color set
    Fixed VenomHUB Remote install FC when installing bootanimation
    Fixed stuck progress bar on remote install
    Fixed VenomHUB apk update
    Fixed ImmobilienScout24 Fcing, caused by scroll to top mod. Probably affects other apps that are bad coded.

  11. Viper10 3.4.0 (21st October)

    Additions & Updates
    Merged with 1.95.401.4 base
    Custom apm backgrounds
    Color 'No Notifications' text
    Color Clear text and button
    Themes can now use a theme.prop in /system/customize/ (again) to preset colors values

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Removed plenty of venom debugging info cluttering the logcat
    Fixed weather widget icons not applying when a sense theme is installed

    Available as OTA:
    via Settings->About->Software update / VenomTweaks->Advanced->OTA Update.

  12. Viper10 3.5.0 (30th October)

    Additions & Updates
    Contextual wallpaper
    Changes your wallpaper based on the time (morning, afternoon, evening, night)
    Default images are available, custom images can be set
    Backups old wallpaper and restores it when you decide to disable contextual wallpaper again
    Reverted HTCs changes to the recents apps view
    Allow to add system apps to the hide notification on lockscreen setting in VenomTweaks
    Option to ignore fingerprint restrictions
    Show SSID below wifi quicksetting when "Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Tile Size" tweak is enabled
    Option to tint battery icon
    Option to show current brightness percentage for the brightness slider (The one in VenomTweaks->Statusbar->Header)
    Removed Install Flow Analytics - was used by Google to analyse what apps you install, every button press, swipe and lots of other stuff got logged
    Added option to remove apk file on successful installation
    Added option to disable vibration when intalltion finished
    Made static quicksettings tiles like tweaks, hub, calulator using the "active" state. Stock behavior is that they appear in disabled state.

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Changed traffic info line to show just KiloBytes and MegaBytes
    Button Notifications: Don't turn off capacitive buttons backlight when it's set to "Always on" in Settings
    Fixed "No Notifications" color not applying after a statusbar restart

  13. [ROM] Android N ◦ Viper10 4.0.0 | 2.28.401.6 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ...and lots more!
    [ROM] Viper10 5.10.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers-viper_7.png

    Viper10 4.0.0 Beta Preview


    Viper10 4.0.0 Beta Preview (24th November)

    Additions & Updates
    Rebased on 2.28.401.6 Android N base
    Magisk support, thx @topjohnwu
    Rooted with phh superuser by @phhusson (SuperSu didn't let the rom boot)
    Some additions to customize the new quicksettings

    Information, please read
    95% of the tweaks are working..for the ones that are not, we are aware if it. Please don't report, complain or ask for them.
    Download links you'll find on our homepage
    There are major issues with decryption and TWRP. Please read the information on the homepage...they are really important!
    Thanks to the godlike and most genius of HTC developer @LlabTooFeR (that came out of his mouth! ). He made the release possible.

  14. 28.11.2016, 16:43
    Danke für die Information.
    Was gibt es zu Beachten wegen der Firmware?
    Mein Englisch ist nicht gut, aber es scheint ja dieses mal kompliziert zu sein, was man so ließt bei XDA.
    Ich meine die Verbindung mit der Firmware,TWRP und der Ext. SD Karte.
    Ich habe S-Off, Viper 3.5 und die Firmware1.95.401 drauf.

  15. ich würde es momentan noch nicht testen, ist im BETA Status.

    TWRP funktioniert noch nicht mit Android N

  16. [ROM & MAGISK Version] 23/12 Viper10 4.4.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE/WiFi Calling

    [ROM] Viper10 5.10.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers-viper_7.png


    Viper10 4.4.0 (23rd December)
    Additions & Updates
    First Magisk compatible rom available
    Keeps all carrier related features working, like VoLTE, WiFi-calling etc. Passes safety net by default.
    Requirements: Stock rom (RUU), phh su and Magisk
    Uncheck the module in Magisk Manager to have a 100% stock rom again
    OTA engine is compatible with that Magisk version
    WIP: VenomHUB Addons need to migrated to be magisk compatible. For now don't flash them.
    Updated to latest SuperSU 2.79
    Added NEQS UserTile
    NEQS theming is also applied on Multiuser panel now
    Updated Visual Theming
    Updated notification pulldown to Android N
    Added visual theming for APM
    Updated to new Sense Home from Playstore

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed system r/w toggle on Advanced Tab
    Fixed issues with system r/w actions on phh su, things like toggling bootsound, installing bootanimations work properly now
    Fixed issues with packageinstaller
    Fixed issues with busybox
    Fixed issues with su.d not working (fullrom only)
    Fixed multiuser not hiding
    Fixed multiuser not working on verizon (fullrom only)
    Fixed quicklaunch not showing any apps after reboot
    Fixed custom neqs tiles not getting added
    Fixed custom neqs tiles theming
    Fixed issues with white space in header if enabled many infolines and other widgets below clock
    Fixed infinite scrolling on homescreen

  17. [ROM & MAGISK Version] 07/01 Viper10 4.5.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE/WiFi Calling


    Viper10 4.5.0 (Today)
    Additions & Updates
    On fullrom only
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated Magisk to 10.2 and Magisk Manager to 3.0
    Added seperate launcher selection, includes:
    Nova Launcher
    Action Launcher 3
    Google Pixel Launcher
    Apex Launcher
    Fixed Fullwipe option
    Network mode tile - switch between 2g/3g/2g-3g auto/3g-lte auto
    Contextual header background
    Hide header contextual background when expanding
    Custom backgrounds take correct new height now
    Headsup notification for calls is now just shown for outgoing calls
    Hide Clear All Button in recent apps
    Custom notification icon tint color per app
    Custom notification background tint color per app

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed contextual backgrounds for recent apps
    Fixed keyboard volume cursor control
    Fixed last app button action mapping - should now also work more reliable than before
    Fixed custom longpress home mappings for stock onscreen navbar
    Fixed hiding navbar when touching outside of it
    Fixed VenomNavbar - Seems no one is using that one, lol
    Fixed VenomPie showing expired message

  18. [ROM & MAGISK Version] 14/01 Viper10 4.6.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE/WiFi Call

    Viper10 4.6.0 (Before XMAS)
    Additions & Updates
    Updated MagiskManager to 3.1
    Nightmode three finger gesture action
    Nightmode button action
    Autobrightness Tile
    Reboot Tile
    Toggle to disable screenshot shutter sound

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed contextual header backgrounds changing fast when expanding header
    Fixed venom quicksettings and quicklaunch left and right margins to align with other header content
    Fixed cropped venom quicksettings: Huge size fits now 7 Icons, Medium 8 and Small 9
    Fixed cropped venom quicksettings texts and bottom margin

  19. [ROM] 17/01 Viper10 5.0.0 | 2.41.401.3 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE & WiFi Calling


    Viper10 5.0.0 (17th January)
    Additions & Updates
    Rebased to 2.41.401.3
    Passes Safety Net with Magisk Hide now also on WWE!
    Android Security Patch January 2017
    ...whatever additions, fixes HTC made

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed fullwipe option in aroma installer not working for some
    Fixed "Clear All" not theming in notification pulldown
    Fixed stretched info lines icons
    Fixed "Recents Clear All" three finger gesture
    Fixed "Nightmode" three finger gesture


  20. [ROM] 25/01 Viper10 5.1.0 | 2.41.401.3 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE & WiFi Calling

    Viper10 5.1.0 (25th January)
    Additions & Updates
    Fullrom only
    Updated US Unlocked to 2.41.617.3
    Magisk Hide is now enabled by default
    Additional localizations. Credits baadnewz
    IconTint on light statusbar are applied properly now on clock, custom battery and traffic icon
    Custom text infoline
    Venom Sidebar
    Increased max activation area width to 40 for people with fat fingers
    Decreased font size of am/pm on 12h clock widget
    Custom Clock size
    Custom am/pm size

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Led not blinking when battery low / Custom Low battery level tweak now working too
    Fixed hiding statusbar clock on lockscreen not sticking after a reboot after locking once - reported by @Randal84
    Center clock now also showing on lockscreen
    Fixed VenomPie home and recent button not working
    Fixed custom weather and clock shortcuts for trans 4x1 widget

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