[ROM] Viper10 5.10.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers [ROM] Viper10 5.10.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers - Seite 3
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  1. Viper10 5.2.0 (29th January)

    Additions & Updates
    Change date size on VenomSidebar
    Align info lines left, center or right
    Introduced a new screenshot type: Power+Home will take a partial screenshot, Power+Volume Down a full screenshot.
    Custom disabled neqs icon color
    Quicksettings footer text is now themed too (e.g. when VPN is on: "Device may be monitored");
    Better way to have a vibration when an outgoing call connects. Phone won't vibrate while ringing and it will also work on DND. Both is not the case with the stock setting.
    Match the statusbar height on lockscreen with the one when unlocked - No idea why HTC made the change to have different heights (back on marshmallow)
    LTE Only mode added for the neqs network mode toggle
    Option to show system info circles at the top of the header in the collapsed and expanded state
    Support for transparent notifications! - Thx @fichl for finding the required edit.

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed VenomSidebar not changing clock size when using 24h clock
    Fixed disabling vibration systemwide not working for fps unlock

  2. [ROM] Viper10 5.3.0 ◦ 04/02 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE, WiFi Calling, SafetyNet

    Additions & Updates
    Fullrom only
    Merged with 2.41.401.4 base
    Reorganized and cleaned up VenomTweaks
    Reduced the settings per tab to make it clearer
    Introduced more subsections for those instead
    Extracted some settings to own tabs
    Moved some settings to the right place
    Double Tap anywhere on homescreen to turn off the screen
    Swipe Down anywhere on homescreen to expand the statusbar
    Datausage info line (longpress opens data usage settings)
    Option to choose the desired networkmodes you want to toggle with the neqs networkmode tile
    Option to choose to toggle to LTE Only instead of LTE Auto for the HEQS LTE Quicksetting
    Custom colored notifications can expand child notifications now
    Change the background, text and icon color of all info lines at once
    Improved disable vibration systemwide - vibratepattern was not handled

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed custom autobrightness not working at all
    Fixed notifications with child notifications not expanding

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    [ROM] Viper10 5.3.0 ◦ 04/02 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE, WiFi Calling, SafetyNet

  3. [ROM] 10/02 Viper10 5.4.0 | 2.41.605.4 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE &amp WiFi Calling

    Additions & Updates
    Fullrom only
    Updated VZW base to 2.41.605.6
    Updated to Magisk v11.1 and MagiskManager 4.1
    Added "Sync All" QS Tile (Syncs all accounts in Settings->Sync & Accounts)
    Added QS Tile to toggle AutoSync
    Increased column count to 5 in the QS Customizing Panel
    Added option to disable child notifications
    Sense Home custom open app animations
    Push Down
    Push Left
    Push Right
    Push Up

    Added screenshot and partial screenshot action to three finger gestures
    Added partial screenshot as button mapping action

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed Notification Screen On Setting not working
    Fixed wrong description in color settings
    Fixed custom weather, clock, calender shortcuts not working
    Fixed folder transpareny default values
    Fixed Sense Home force closing when resetting to default settings in VenomTweaks
    Fixed perms of bootsound..didn't work before when enabled in VenomTweaks

  4. [ROM] 19/02 Viper10 5.5.0 | 2.41.401.4 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ VoLTE &amp WiFi Call

    Viper10 5.5.0 (19th February)
    Additions & Updates
    Fullrom only
    Fixed bootloop on clean install with SuperSU only option
    Fixed some settings resetting when flashing fullrom
    Magisk Manager will not get installed on SuperSU only option
    Updated MagiskManager to 4.2
    Added support to use broadcasts to change the network mode
    Can be used by Tasker with "Send Intent" to change the networkmode
    Action: com.venom.action.CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE , Extra: Mode , Value = RILConstants
    adb shell examples (ei stands for integer extra):
    Switch to GSM Only: adb shell am broadcast -a com.venom.action.CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE --ei Mode 1
    Switch to 2G/3G/4G Auto: adb shell am broadcast -a com.venom.action.CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE --ei Mode 9
    Custom media and call volume steps
    It is very dodgy on HTC devices, it works on some apps, in some just with headset or just even over bluetooth.
    That has been the case forever on HTC devices, the volume steps are overridden in native written libs
    In apps where it does not work, it will just add n-steps that will do nothing, or after the 15th step the volume drops again
    Added option to set/disable custom carrier logo
    Notifications panel gets themed now (longpress notification)
    Custom Camera Album app when clicking the preview picture

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed three finger gestures: Moved implemenation to native framework. Works instantly after boot now and does not require selinux to be permissive.
    Fixed custom overscroll color not working
    Fixed cropping images with google photos in VenomTweaks not taking right aspect ratio
    Fixed decrease neqs panel causing empty panel after reboot

  5. [ROM] Viper10 5.5.1 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers

    Viper10 5.5.1 (25th February)
    Additions & Updates
    Fullrom only
    Full Nougat Sprint Support
    Working Handsfree activation
    Working Sprint Apps
    To be able to change PRL, flash the Fix in VenomHUB
    o2 support
    Enables voLTE
    O2 customers please be advised that O2 is still trying to fix VoLTE for MultiSIMs - it might not work as expected if you have a MultiSIM.
    Increased max height of MIUI Battery bar
    Updated Sense Home to 8.64.878215

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Removed Color Control setting

  6. [ROM] Viper10 5.6.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers

    Additions & Updates
    Peek Lockscreen option
    Wake the phone with the fingerprint button
    Screen will turn off again after the configured time
    Option to swap volume keys when in 90° landscape orientation
    Custom ListView animations

    13 different animations
    9 different interpolations
    blacklist option
    customize duration
    Option to start buttons blink notifications only when plugged in (could replace the none blinking led for you, while charging)
    Opening apps in VenomSidebar, Quicklaunch, HEQS and NEQS will bring the app to the top now, instead opening a new instance
    Readded Overlay warning dialog when granting permissions - Google removed that for some reason
    Added "Ignore" Button to the overlay warning dialog
    Added option to hide header footer text (Like on active VPN connection "Device may be monitored")
    You find the option in VenomTweaks->Statusbar->Customize->Header with clock
    Custom Appdrawer Background color with transpareny support
    Set dimming level of lockscreen
    Set dimming level of secure lockscreen (pin/pattern)
    Last app action brings app to the top instead of starting a new instance
    Longpressing sync tiles in neqs opens sync settings now - very hacky implementation, sry google for messing up your code.
    Several UI enhancements in VenomTweaks
    Nougat seekbars
    Nougat toggles
    Fixed title font size of seekbar preferences
    Material like revert buttons
    Changed ColorPicker Dialog layout, so the keyboard does not interfere
    Updated HTCCamera with new playstore version

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed custom weather shortcut for weather widget in notification pulldown
    Fix Google Now mappings not working on stock navbar
    Fixed Ambient Notifications Whitelist not being accessible in VenomTweaks (No one reported it, so it seems no one is using that feature, wasted days on it to get that working, LOL)
    Fixed Sprint bootanimation (Fullrom only)
    Revert to official Sense Home
    Fix three finger gesture "Go to previous app" action

  7. Viper10 5.7.0 (18th March)

    The update will trigger an cache rebuild, so be patient, the boot after the update will take a while!

    Additions & Updates
    EE Carrier option - Fullrom only
    Made signal strength tweaks visible again, adds option to show signal strength with either dbm or asu level
    Three finger gesture will show a short toast now for toggable modes
    Updated HTC Lockscreen with current playstore version
    Updated HTC Sense Home with current playstore version
    Made switch track color visible when preference is disabled
    All incompatible preferences are disabled when AOSP lockscreen is selected

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed Last app still starting a new instance, instead of bringing an already open app to foreground
    Fixed lockscreen opacity value not sticking in VenomTweaks
    Fixed transparent/custom appdrawer color not working
    Fixed FakeIMEI not working
    Fixed three finger tap vibration not happening

  8. Viper10 5.8.0 (26th March)

    Additions & Updates
    Swipe Up on homescreen to open appdrawer
    Random Animation and Interpolation type
    Whitelist for random Animation and Interpolation types
    Custom shortcut for appdrawer (previous option was just for custom applications)
    Option to hide lock icon on lockscreen
    Option to set a custom image for your lock icon

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed camera custom gallery app setting not working for HTC Gallery

  9. [ROM] Viper10 5.9.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓ ◦ All Carriers

    Viper10 5.9.0 (6th April)

    The update will trigger an cache rebuild, so be patient, the boot after the update will take a while!

    Additions & Updates
    Fullrom only
    Updated to Magisk 12.0
    Updated to MagiskManager to 4.3.1
    Option for Signal Icons on left
    Option for Battery on left
    Option to remove app drawer, places all your apps on your homescreen instead
    Change switches track and thumb color system wide
    Settings icons take color of the one you select for the checked thumb switch state.
    Custom calender shortcut now also working for the header
    Option to hide the date in the header
    Added additional html time formats in VenomTweaks, includes now three new ones with date included

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed headsup timeout
    Fixed clock color resetting temporarily when expanding and collapsing the statusbar

  10. Viper10 5.10.0 (April)

    Additions & Updates
    Option to set quicksettings rows count for portrait and landscape
    Sliders in VenomTweaks match now the switch colors
    Updated to latest Sense Home

    Fixes & Cleanups
    Fixed hidden battery icon reappearing for some randomly or after a reboot
    Fixed Colorpicker Dialog not usable on huge display and font size

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