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    5. REBOOT

    FEATURES for 2.99,
    Hybrid engine +++ Per app Layout, this will let you choose the UI of any app,--
    that means you can switch apps into their tablet layouts +++ Per app Size, scal
    e apps individually, this is especially important if you use tablet apps, go as
    small or big as you like +++ Per app Color, this lets you select statusbar and-
    navbar colors for apps individually, colors will shift when you jump from one a
    pp to another +++ Hybrid engine makes it possible to use any tablet ready app--
    available on your phone, start with your regular Google apps and see what treas
    ures lie hidden in them and just how well they work on your device. +++ You can
    use hybrid engine to use all available general interface UI's aswell: Phone, Ph
    ablet, Tablet. This is safe as milk, we don't change DPI, we don't trash your m
    arket, we don't shrink all your apps or force them into layouts, you don't need
    to edit system files for that. +++ Transparent bars and color pickers, new Syst
    emUI drawables thanks to giannisgx89 +++ Theming Engine +++ Statusbar Settings,
    Lockscreen Settings +++ Multiuser support +++ Quicksettings -> Quicktoggles +++
    4.2 Walls and sounds, Google stock apps As we merge back our old CMPA feature--
    catalogue this list will grow considerably over the coming weeks +++ New holo-s
    tyled theme chooser +++ T9 dialer +++ New papreferences app-----------------EOF

    to molesarecoming
    to D4rKn3sSyS
    to jaybob413
    to aaronpoweruser

    AOSP/Google, Cyanogenmod, Goo, XDA, Krebsmilk, giannisgx89, Liquid,
    AOKP, our users, supporters and donators, everyone who's helped us in the past,
    heartfelt thanks to all of you!

    Website: www.paranoid-rom.com
    Github: www.github.com/paranoidandroid
    Gerrit: review.paranoid-rom.com


  2. [ROM] [AOSPA 4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 2.99 betaFIVE | AOSP JOP40D-3.png

    • 2.5 - 2.52

      It was all about colors
    • Per app color, latest PA invention, Let's you define navbar color, navbar glow color, navbar buttons color, and statusbar color on per app basis.
    • Statusbar and navbar color (Independently from per app color, define default colors)
    • Statusbar transparency and navbar transparency are finally back (Navbar transparency is only enabled on launcher)
    • Toggles color scheme
    • A lot of fixes to ParanoidPreferences

    • 2.1.2

    • Unified paprefs, new shiny pref-icons
    • Day of week and month in statusbar
    • Expanded desktop status text
    • Better backout gradient
    • Do-not-disturb will deal with the ticker, not kill the sounds
    • Two new toggle layouts: holo-button and toggle-rows (good for tabUI)
    • Stretching option to fit them on the screen
    • Merged upstream CM as always (circle battery, etc, etc)
    • Lots and lots of bugfixes
    • Upcoming features:
    • More colors. navbar this toggles that, colorpickers everywhere.
    • Introduction of quicklaunch, new one of a kind feature
    • New app settings for hybrid, like per-app-fullscreen
    • 2.1.8 & 2.2.0
    • Android 4.1.2
    • ParanoidPreferences 3.5
    • Better toggles
    • Temporally reverted transparencies (Statusbar & navbar)
    • Double IME on tablet fixed
    • Faster notification panel for tablet
    • Improved tablet notifications
    • Phone statusbar expanded bugs fixed
    • Do-not-disturb toggle (Disables notif. ticker and sound)
    • Hybrid, check environment (Disables build.prop ro.sf.lcd_density)
    • More butter than ever!

    • 2.1.7
    • New toggles style. They're unified now to all possible UIs
    • Navigation bar transparency (i9100)
    • Double token encryption for security
    • Double ime button fixed (aosp bug)
    • Gmail crashes fixed (app bug)
    • Google now hold-off delay fixed after sysUI restart (aosp bug)
    • Double notification ticket avatar fixed (aosp bug)
    • Memory leak fixed by CM! (i9100). Use only stock kernel for now, most of custom kernels won't boot at all untill changes made to fit new blobs / mali code.
    • 2.1.6
    • Tablet UI: "Notifications" in the notificationpanel/settingsview will now control the nag-overlay. Switch it off and you wont be bothered by it anymore. Notifications still come in with sound, icons show still.
    • Tablet UI: The notificationticker (the overlay) had a double avatar for messages. AOSP bug, looks perfect now.
    • Double recents SHOULD be fixed now. in rare cases it happened that you get twice the amount of your recents, mostly at startup. AOSP bug.
    • Front activity is not hidden from recents anymore. That means you can close the currently running app by swiping the thumbnail away. Also pretty neat for accessing hybrid props fast.
    • Center clock method rewritten, avoiding invalid behavior
    • Statusbar transparency method also rewritten to change alpha instead of background color
    • Googles latest revision 6 has been merged by CyanogenMod. If you're using a Nexus it will probably kill every phone out there right now regarding speed and snappyness. For those who don't, buy nexus next time, or wait for samsung to give you project butter next spring.
    • Bugfixes, lil bit of memory saving.

      Known issues:
    • Statusbar transparency can still cause issues for some devices, especially in tabUI. If you experience flickering, blinking or anything strange please set your statusbar opacity to 0%
    • Anything that shuts down the navigationbar will mess with googles home-button swipeup-to-gsearch function. There will be no delay anymore. You can reboot and it will be fine. Its an aosp issue - but we will look into it.
    • Some users reported that trebuchet in its tabUI crashes. We dont maintain it and hope that cyanogenmod will fix it. If not, should anyone of us have time we'll look into it as well. Should you have that, either use another UI layout, or try a different launcher.
    • 2.1.5
    • Fix for trebuchet crash in tabUI
    • Fix for tabUI do-not-disturb setting against notification-popup (switch off notifications in the toggle section of your tabUI notificationcenter and you won't be getting these awful nag-pop-ups.)
    • Lockscreen see-through (What's it?)
    • ParanoidWallpapers refinements
    • Missing google r6 patches, merged by cm

    • 2.1.4
    • Button panel fixes, also in landscape
    • Transparent statusbar (navbar comes soon)
    • 4.1.1_r6 from aosp
    • Lag fix for Nexus devices
    • Nexus 7 new hybrid properties
    • Backup/restore is 100% fixed
    • SuperSU instead of SuperUser
    • new ParanoidWallpapers app including solid color selection
    • Moar stuff!

    • 2.1.2
    • Based On JRO03L
    • Rooted, for your convenience
    • Busybox, for awesomeness
    • init.d Support, swag
    • ADB(!), and fastboot*
    • No ads, no commercials, not so much malware
    • Unsecured boot.img*
    • Fully Deodexed
    • Not Zipaligned
    • Super Battery Life
    • Build.prop Tweaked, we put out version number inside
    • Optimized, no kidding
    • Smooth, very
    • Latest Gapps, get em yourself
    • 3 Icons Nav Bar, in phoneUI
    • Lockscreen + Google Now
    • Switched to GooManager for OTA updates
    • Trebuchet
    • Scripts, none
    • Stock calculator
    • Super fast
    • Super smooth
    • Super everything
    • Zero bloatware
    • El goog's approval
    • * Only nexus devices, buy a nexus!

      Kidding (-;
    • ParanoidPreferences 3.1. Faster loading and writing. Superuser almost avoided.
    • Optional menu button, or just merge with recents in tabUI.
    • Fixes for frozen sysbar in tabUI
    • CM has a whole bunch of patches and commits, check their changelog please.
    • 20120819v1.992
    • Maintenance update, bugfixes and patches.
    • 20120819v1.991
    • Maintenance update, bugfixes and patches.
    • 20120817v1.99alpha
    • OTA Updates are back via Goo Manager (incorporated on the ROM)
    • Fixed tablet settings view (powerwidget) on landscape
    • PA version in Settings > About
    • Panel fixes, new frameworks methods
    • Fixes and CM merges
    • 20120810v1.9.8alpha
    • Project butter recents in tabUI (2/2)
    • Quick access hybrid properties by longpressing a recent app
    • More refined hybrid algorithm to reveal more layout containers
    • TabletUI toggles
    • All recent cm merges (Trebuchet, googles 4.1.1 r4 with a whole bunch of fixes for memory leaks, etc)
    • 20120806v1.9.7alpha
    • New option: "large" to trick an app thinking the device has a real big screen. some need it, like amazon kindle to jump into tabUI. some even react on it, gdrive will slightly adapt its layout - makes only sense if you give it a small dpi though.
    • The algorithm to extract the actual layout containers from apk files works more precise and can reveal more than before. there will still be a few apps left who do that layout stuff in java - we will add an override button for that, but in the meantime you can edit /system/etc/paranoid/properties.conf .layout=360 for phone-like UI, 600 for phablet, 720 = tablet, 1280 = super huge tablet
    • Several bugfixes from us and cm

    • 20120805v1.9.6alpha
    • Breakthrough: We can finally target the actual layout containers inside the apk. If an app brings only phoneUI, you see it right away as you only have one UI option. If it brings ten, you will be able to pick each one of em. We're finally away from this Phone/Phab/Tab nonsense.
    • Total Hybrid engine revamp, alot less clutter, many bugfixes, apps wont make jumps when you load them up because their actual size is calculated by the engine.
    • Panel is still growing. It brings new options and new preferences that can even change android system settings.
    • All recent cm10 patches and fixes

    • 20120801v1.95alpha
    • Finally hardware accelerated recents in TabUI, as fluid as ever. The ugly gradient is gone aswell
    • Paranoid got its own dir in /system/etc/paranoid - pad.prop is not properties.conf
    • A clean backup properties file is shipped, you can make a full reset in the panel in case you lost it with all the settings you made
    • Force option can be activated in the panel, good for widget scaling
    • The DPI sliders in the panel read min/max props from properties.conf, define them as you like
    • TabUI Recents are back to a bigger size, this is temporary, i'll look for ways to port the phone implementation as project butter skipped the tabUI code
    • CM fixed alot of features again, we included them all

    • 20120730v1.9.2-4alpha
    • Keeping up with CM10
    • Bugfixes
    • More descriptions and images in the panel

    • 20120725v1.9.1alpha
    • Hybrid bugfix, finally keyboard/facebook scaling works on JB again without sideeffects
    • Layout fix for notificationcenter gap in tabUI
    • Layout fix for recents in phabUI
    • Speed prefs ask for reboot
    • New bootani thx to nasaorc
    • CM10 patches

    • 20120722v1.9alpha
    • Newest CM10 patches (powertoggles for phoneUI, lockscreen options, etc,)
    • Definable number of notifications for navbar shaping
    • Hide clock wont cut it out of the notification center aswell
    • Lockscreen tutorial overlap *should* be fixed
    • Notificationcenter in TabUI has a draghandle like phablet and phone have
    • New gapps

    • 20120719v1.8alpha
    • Bluetooth was not working in 1.6, now it does
    • Selection in landscape was botched, now it isn't
    • Hide statusbar/navbar is back
    • A whole bunch of CM features and powermenu options
    • Corrected the way JB displays sw720 TabUI apps (it wasted almost 40% of the screen with margins)
    • Dreadful CM-default ringtones are out
    • Some other stuff i cant remember right now

    • 20120717v1.7alpha
    • SysUI bugfixes, all three modes work by simply dropping it into a mode, no more navbar height issues
    • Recents/menu merge
    • ParanoidPreferences panel, barebones stripped down version, no bug reports please, we know its not stable yet
    • new bootanimation, thx nasaorc

    • 20120712v1.6prealpha
    • New hybrid codebase, won't touch build.prop and changign build.prop wont ever be necessary
    • Can drop apps and system into three modes: Tablet, Phablet and PhoneUI
    • It is VERY raw and basically a preview. Much code has to be merged, the framework will have to be adjusted as JB introduces crazy overlappings again, just like ICS did
    • There will be no panel to control it, you can take an editor and edit /system/pad.prop yourself in the meantime.
    • Expect updates soon
    • 20120625v1.5beta
    • Hybrid speedup, less lag, considerably faster list scrolling when pad/pal is in action
    • Keyboard scaling, an androids first
    • PAD/PAL bugfixes for apps that still crop images in lower dpis
    • Settings revamp, speed preferences to switch between modes without having to set up anything, less clutter
    • Trebuchet extras: 3x4 widgets, speed dial menu button, ... and some weird rocket button which im sure will be very useful to most of you
    • Pad.prop revamp, new preferences that should pretty much nail it. Im sorry but this trashes your old settings again, do not attempt to restore them unless you do it in a text editor
    • A warning: if you need to scale keyboards, do close their hosts first (that is, if you have the keyboard running in chrome, close chrome, then attempt to change the size). Otherwise you run into caching problems. Also not that some keyboards use fixed layouts and others dont. Should one of your keyboards not scale, just leave it at PhoneUI/DPI and be happy about those that do scale.
    • 20120618v1.4beta
    • New Hybrid code, keyboard troubles should be gone, apps that crop images or display weird, that should be gone aswell
    • PAD/PAL work in phonemode 100%, no weird toggles and stuff like that. you get full tablet apps without caveats
    • Settings cleanup, most of the garbage dpi options are gone, should be more intuitive - i ask you to not bring your old pad.props though some things changed. if you know what you do take a look and edit by hand
    • Trashed our LatinIME repo - not needed anymore

    • 20120615v1.3beta
    • Navigationbuttons in phone mode are fixed
    • Franco kernel smashed games, storage, bootmanager - i switched to cm's default kernel
    • Settings panel had a bug, you couldnt set android.dpi, decriptions sucked, too
    • Speed improvements, all launchers are buttersmooth now
    • Force option for widget scaling works again

    • 20120614v1.2beta
    • Compiled from a unified GIT that is shared by a growing number of devices
    • Has all the latest CM9 additions
    • Completely revamped hybrid code-base, should be better overall
    • New PAD/PAL code allows system-scaling finally, that means you can scale the lockscreen, dialogs, toasts, etc.
    • Trebuchet comes with new menu options: 4x4 grid grid folders, options for backgrounds, tablet effects
    • New cool backup app for pad.prop, *maybe* even an OTA app, either 1.2 or 1.3
    • New panel options and descriptions
    • Hide status-bar clock doesnt hide HOLO clock in notification center
    • Number of notification icons definable in settings
    • Tons of fixes and improvements

    • 20120530v1.1beta
    • .Force option that allows apps to push their custom DPI through hosts, this effectively allows to scale widgets again, only this time without breaking anything
    • Menu button has been merged with recents button. Three dots will appear if an old gingerbread app needs it, longpress it to access the menu. This will allow more notification symbols in future releases
    • New option to scale navigationbar without reboot
    • Trebuchet has been forked again, this will be the smoothest launcher you have ever tried. its projected into phoneUI but it brings all the cool tablet features like tab controls in the corners and those cool blue outlines when you scroll homescreens. Try the effects, rotate_down is awesome!
    • Fixed ICS standard keyboard, no cutoff anymore
    • All you toggle lovers, todays your day. customize them in settings/system/notification drawer
    • Dynamic prop values that work in phone and tablet UI
    • More descriptive captions and settings
    • CM is turning into such a beast, you'll find tons of new goodies, especially in phoneUI

    • First time in Android history that Per-App-Layout has been realized
    • Comes with a better panel
    • Allows you to switch between Phone mode (with curtain and bear paw buttons) and tablet UI seamlessly. PAD & PAL work in both domains. That means you can have 3d Youtube in 320 dpi standard Phone mode or mobile Chrome without those horrible tabs in 192 Dpi Tablet mode.
    • Since PAL solved all scaling issues our Trebuchet fork is now obsolete. It comes with Nova 1.1.4 projected into mobile layout.

    • 20120517v0.6beta: Bugfixes, new PAD panel, Fullscreen-toggle
    • Fresh cm9 repo
    • Franco Milestone 3
    • Bugfixes for PAD preventing it from screwing up some apps (notification icons were bigger for some apps, launchers would display icons bigger or smaller, etc.)
    • New PAD panel, lists DPI's, can delete values again
    • Powermenu Fullscreen-toggle, this finally allows you to play games without navigationbar!

    • 20120512v0.5beta: Control per-app-density via Settings Panel!
    • Fresh cm9 repo, build IMM76I + non broken theming engine
    • Franco Milestone 3
    • Several fixes for p-a-d
    • Settings Panel, its the one with a droids eye. Still in the making but a start - /system/pad.prop is still there if you need it

    • 20120505v0.4preview-add-on: Apps were too small? Problem solved!
    • Define the scale of your apps, system-apps, framework-components and even widgets in /system/pad.prop
    • 31 character limitation gone
    • No Reboot required, restart your app and it should pick up fresh values
    • Also contains a hacked version of Google Talk, messages use up the full screen now, you don't get these awful stretched message windows anymore

    • 20120504v0.4preview: Apps were too small? Problem solved!
    • First ever Android ROM with Per-App-Density feature, it once and for all solves the problem that was tablet mode. You never, ever have to deal with apps that are too small again since now you can decide how apps, systemapps, framework-elements and even widgets are scaled by defining their native dpi seperately from the system DPI. Its an experimental feature and for now these values are defined in your /system/build.prop - it has drawbacks (maily notifications can look a bit strange), but that will be fixed in time. Warning: Keyboards MUST run in system DPI!
    • A list of apps and predefined values is included, this should include most of what you need. everything else is blown up to 210 dpi per standard. if you still need apps to be bigger, get a build.prop editor from the market, edit and reboot.
    • Trebuchet fixes: Folder Name cut-off, landscape name cut-off, divider bars
    • Please set your Font to "Normal" in the System Settings, you won't need "Huge" anymore and all this does now is provoke overlapping.

    • 20120430v0.3alpha:
    • Freshest CM9 Repo
    • Forked Trebuchet and rewrote its layout and parts of its code to adapt it to tablet mode. I went for stock look plus tablet controls and changed the number of icons/widgets shown in the drawer. It's butter-smooth aswell. It has kinks left, those will be solved in the coming days!
    • 100% fixed android standard keyboard
    • Better Bootanimation
    • Fixed Gapps package based on 20120429 including Gmail and a working Market

    • 20120427v0.2pre-alpha-gapps:
    • Fixed Gapps package based on 20120422 including Gmail and a working Market

    • 20120425v0.1pre-alpha:
    • freshest CM9/nightly repo build (25/04)
    • recents window way nicer than before. close to stock. i only need to get rid of that darn gradient
    • keyboard looks like stock now
    • new bootanimation
    • camera works
    • comes with cm9 repo kernel, no color tint
    • notification clock is smaller, won't overlap so easy

    • 20120425v0.0pre-alpha:
    • freshest CM9/nightly repo build set to tablet mode
    • Hacked Nova. I know 1.1 is out, but this one is still closer to stock
    • Androids keyboard reacts hellish in tablet mode. I fixed it but its still too large, tomorrow i'll fix it proper
    • I was trying make to recents window look more like stock. COULD be the thumbnails are a tad bigger than before but i'll get to that don't worry
    • 2 notifications icons max in portrait for now to prevent overlapping
    • Settings comes as the first item in the notification panel, hated to scroll down every time
    • ALOT will follow, please be patient, i made all that stuff blind because it needed ~13 hours to compile. now compiling is alot faster and i'll see to it that we will have true hybrid mode very soon

  3. Tut mir leid das ich Doppelposte aber von der Arbeit aus kann ich leider nicht editieren....

    So sieht es jetzt gerade nach dem Flashen aus bei mir. Hat schon einen sehr angenehmen look!
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken [ROM] [AOSPA 4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 2.99 betaFIVE | AOSP JOP40D-screenshot_2012-05-04-08-40-57.png  

  4. Das ROM habe ich nie probiert aber mit dem Tablet Mode habe ich schon ein paar Mal rumgespielt. So richtig gut hat es jedoch nie wirklich funktioniert.

  5. Es gibt ein Update auf Version 0.4. Dpi per app ist jetzt drin.läuft bei mir alles einwandfrei.

  6. Wo hast du die Einstellung gefunden? Habs vorhin probiert aber habs nicht gefunden.

  7. Die wichtigsten Programme sind in der Build.prop drin. Wenn du was hinzufügen willst dann noch per build Editor aus dem market. Das ganze ist halt noch keine app sondern es ist erstmalig möglich das pro app einzustellen.

  8. Ach so das habe ich wohl überlesen. Werd ich dann morgen noch mal probieren.

  9. bei mir geht standort via wlan/mobilfunknetz nicht, wenn ich da einen haken setze macht er den automatisch wieder weg > reboot jetzt geht nur noch wlan/
    mobilfunknetz, gps satelliten geht nun nicht mehr

    ich finde, dass das rom langsamer als das stock rom läuft, wenn man eine app öffnet dann dauerts ne weile bis was passiert.
    sonst finde ich das ganze sehr schick, mit der statusleiste unten und der kleinen schrift


    anscheinend gibts da im menu im allgemeinen probleme, kann tastatur zB auch nicht ändern. die haken werden sofort wieder zurückgesetzt

    gibts da nen fix für?

  10. In der Build.prop einfach zwei Attribute hinzufügen

    this is important,
    please add:


    to your /system/build.prop

    also, keyboards MUST run in system dpi (192).

    this makes all the weird trouble go away, you can now change settings again, go to airplane mode, etc. we have yet to understand why ---
    Und hier mal ein paar Vorschläge vom Ersteller!

    im trying further and it seems to be extremly bad to give different system apps different dpi values. the best result i have right now with this config:




    # SYSTEM

    # means commented out, but you can also delete them

    im getting settings back and it finds the google servers, the icons turn blue. there must be something hidden somewhere in the system thats important and that deals with density. i will switch them on and off one by one to see whats the culprit.

  11. ah super funzt nun

  12. Der Ersteller hat ja nun einen DEV gefunden der das ganze mit ihm weiterentwickelt. Dann sollten die neuen Versionen besser werden.

  13. jo schaut sonst ganz gut aus...bis auf swiftkey die normale lässt sich nicht installen und die tablet version ist zu breit -_-

    [ROM] [AOSPA 4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 2.99 betaFIVE | AOSP JOP40D-screenshot_2012-05-05-14-17-39.png
    [ROM] [AOSPA 4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 2.99 betaFIVE | AOSP JOP40D-screenshot_2012-05-05-14-17-49.png

  14. Ich habe swiftkey installiert aber mit der letzten Version des Roms. Benutzt habe ich sie bisher aber noch nicht.
    Die passt auch nicht muss wohl auch die dpi angepasst werden.

  15. gibt ein kleines fix nun geht swiftkey..

    braddock hast du zufällig die wallpapers von den screenshots?

  16. Leider nicht, ich weiß nur das sie mit Androidify erstellt wurden.

  17. Ich habe heute noch einmal ein Bisschen damit rumgespielt und es ist für mich einfach noch nicht nutzbar.

    Ich finde es super das ich bei Maps nun mehr sehe, das ich bei GMail, Reader und den Settings zwei Spalten habe. Was mich jedoch nervt ist das meine Widgets nicht mehr richtig passen. Die Tastatur ist viel zu klein. Die Idee ist wirklich gut aber übers ganze habe ich lieber die normalen 320dpi weil es einen konstiten Look und somit Bedienung garantiert.

    Aber sobald sie das ganze ein bisschen perfektioniert haben währe es eine interessante Option.

  18. welche option ist zuständig das ich die code eingabe wieder auf normal größe ändern kann...

    kenn mich mit android noch nicht so wirklich aus

  19. 05.05.2012, 21:45
    Hab mir diese ROM heute auch geflashed. Bin vorallem von den zweispaltigen Google Programmen begeistert. Sehr übersichtlich und trotz der kleineren Schrift sehr Benutzerfreundlich.
    Es ist schon alles eine umgewöhnung. Mit der Tastatur habe ich jedoch gar keine Probleme. Die ist identisch mit der Originalen. Lediglich das Pop-Up beim Tastendruck hat ist ein bisschen verschoben.

    Was ich nicht gefunden habe ist die App mit der die LCD Density geändert werden kann. Hat die jemand gefunden? Ich habe beide Dateien beim Installieren der ROM geflasht.

    Hat jemand das Wallpaper das in den PrintScreens von XDA verwendet wird? Und weiss jemand wie das Uhr-Widget heisst das auf dem selben Printscreen sichtbar ist?

    lg paescheh

  20. Bis auf das Widget wirst du alle Antworten in den paar Posts über dir finden.

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