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  1. Xda warnt vor APP diebstahl.

    zum nachlesen hier http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=900923

    /!\ BE AWARE OF YOUR APP, DavinciDevelopers try to steal them and sell them on the market !!

    Hello guys,

    Be careful, if you post an apk of your free app here, somebody will try to take the apk, remove the signature, and upload it as a paid version on the market !

    How is it possible ?
    Google does not check your apk signature when you upload a software.
    Even if you signed yous apk with you key, somebody else can put this on his google account.
    The signature can be deleted easily if needed.
    He can change the title of your app, so nobody see it, but he can't change the apk name nor the icon.

    Why do we post our apk here ?
    To have testers, to correct bugs, to have a perfect look and feel before put it on the market.
    Because on the market people are rude, we have only one chance, so we need to avoid bugs.
    And when we put our app online, we want to choose if it's paid or free (with ads or not).

    What is the problem ?

    If DavinciDevelopers steal and upload your app, he will lock your pak name.
    2 apps can't have the same name on the market.

    You may have a name like com.myname.myapp.apk
    Where "myname" is the same in every app you do.
    If he take that, this is a major issue for you because you will be associated to him on every search (google.com, market...).

    So, you will have to change your app name and maybe your company name....

    Within 1 or 2 days, the market is parsed from androlib, androidzoom, appbrain... and it's done. Google.com will see those websites, and you are trapped.

    You will have your buggy app on the market, some people will pay for that, the thief will have some money, and every users will have a bad opinion of your app.

    Why DavinciDevelopers does this ?

    To make benefit from your work.
    Because he doesn't care you are working from a long time on your app.
    Because he doesn't care if your work is ruined, he will find somebody else.

    How can we be protected ?

    Because 2 apps can't have the same name, you should put your app on the market first.
    If your app is in development stage, you can upload it as "draft", so it will not be visible on the market, but the name will be locked.

    Who is DavinciDevelopers ?

    Somebody that have 83 apps on the market !
    Almost all of them are themes.
    If you look the package name you can see for example :
    at :

    google search : "pandatheme", first link :

    So he is not a developer. He makes themes with a free online tool and sell them... nice.

    And for the real apps he uploaded (about 5), they all are stolen, coming from poland, germany, and other places.
    Almost every of them comes from XDA dev forums.

    ps : this message should be marked as sticky in every development section.

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