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  1. 05.06.2012, 17:24
    Hier der SiyahKernel von gokhanmoral für das Galaxy S3!

    Original Thread bei den XDA´s: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1709686

    v1.6 versions support ONLY Samsung JellyBean or CM10 ROMs. They won't work on ICS or CM9. ICS is not supported anymore.

    Sources :

    Sources at http://github.com/gokhanmoral/siyahkernel-Samsung Galaxy S3
    Ramfs at http://github.com/gokhanmoral/ramfs-Samsung Galaxy S3
    Toolchain at http://github.com/gokhanmoral/android_prebuilt
    Simply clone all to a directory and run build_kernel.sh in the kernel directory


    • Samsung and CM10 support with a single kernel image
    • CPU OC/UC/UV
    • GPU OC/UC/UV (5 step GPU clock)
    • Audio enhancement and sound boosting for great headphone experience (partial-port of wm8994 based implementation from project-voodoo)
    • init.d support
    • Triangle-away app support
    • Auto-root
    • Adjustable charging speeds for AC and USB
    • Automatic EFS Backup
    • Samsung proprietary ExFat modules are loaded. Don't ask about ExFat support for aosp roms in this thread.
    • Kernel based gestures support by Tungstwenty. See http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1831254
    • NTFS automounting for USB sticks, mounted to /mnt/ntfs folder in Read Only mode.
    • mDNIe negative effect toggle with 4 consecutive press of home button
    • mDNIe values can be adjusted using the interfaces in /sys/class/misc/mdnie.
    • Almost everything is configurable via simple and free STweaks (included in the kernel) or ExTweaks App from Google Play

    Known Problems:

    • No known problems

    Thanks To:

    • Chainfire, AndreiLux, Tegrak, Entropy512, Netarchy, Pikachu, Tungstwenty, Codeworkx, XploDwilD
    • This part will be expanded. most of the patches I applied are coded by someone else. please remind me if I forget to give credits to anybody..

    Download Link:



    See http://www.gokhanmoral.com/ for changelog.

    these are my future plans and some of them are dreams only...

    • fix bugs
    • add optional teamwin recovery
    • implement BFN (BackFlashNotification)

    Andere hilfreiche Links:

    STweaks-Mod v2.3.9 - für Siyah-Kernel: http://www.pocketpc.ch/samsung-galax...ml#post1544739

    Anleitung für das Dualboot Menü: http://www.pocketpc.ch/samsung-galax...-dualboot.html


    JellyBean und CM10 Versionen:

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.9.1 (01.04.13)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.8.9 (18.01.13)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.8.6 (21.12.)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.8.4 (04.12.)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.8 (24.11.)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.7 (20.11.)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.6.8 (04.10.)

    Reine CM10 Version mit Memory leak fix und hwcomposer changes:

    ICS Versionen:

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.5.3 (13.09.)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.4 (27.07)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.3.9c (25.07)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.3.9b (24.07)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.3.8a (13.07)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.3.7b (05.07)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.2.6 (20.06)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.1 (16.06)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.0.1 (15.06)

    SiyahKernel S3-v1.0 (14.06)


    FAQS und mehr:

    1. "How the heck do i flash the kernel.tar within device. I see a boot.img and recovery.img in the tar and not zimage like before?? I don't wanna increase flash counter by using odin from PC!"

    Use mobile odin. (Paid on market, free on xda).
    Open the app, Click on "kernel", select the kernel.tar. Click on "recovery", select the same kernel.tar.
    Scroll down, select "flash firmware". Reboot.
    If you find only kernel.img in the tar, select only kernel in mobile odin and "flash firmware". (If size is less than 8 MB, there is only kernel inside the tar. Don't bother about opening the .tar)

    2. "Why two mountable image files in tar?"
    GS3 has separate kernel and recovery partition.
    Kernel partition : /dev/block/mmcblk0p5
    Recovery Partition: /dev/block/mmcblk0p6
    Both partitions has a max size limit of 8 MB each.

    3. "Does that mean i can flash only kernel/only recovery if i don't need the other?"
    Yes. However, if recovery was modified to support a new feature in kernel, you may want to flash both.

    4. "If i flash tar from Odin on PC, both kernel and recovery is flashed and i can't choose to flash only one?"
    Yes, both are flashed.

    5. "How to flash only kernel/only recovery with cwm flashable zip?"
    If you know what you're doing, open updater-script in the zip and comment out the line that starts with write_raw_image for the one you don't need - kernel or recovery.

    6. "Should i wipe cache and dalvik before flashing kernel?"

    7. "Best governor, best i/o scheduler for this kernel?"
    Define best governor and best i/o scheduler!
    Pegasusq is good enough to be responsive, battery friendly and quad core friendly if tweaked properly. Use any i/o scheduler. Sio/deadline are good.

    8. "Why is Idle+Lpa default on STweaks/ExTweaks and recommended settings. In Siyah kernel for GS2, Aftr+Lpa was recommended!"
    Aftr ofcourse saves more power than Idle if you consider what each of those low power state modes do. But combination of quad core architecture and pegasusq governor (or any external hotplugging logic combined with other governors) which need to respect rq values along with load thresholds makes it a little slower to turn off last 3 cores (if all the cores are ON obviously). AFTR requires that all cores except first (cpu0) be turned off - to kick in. So we're better off with Idle+Lpa.
    However if you're using forced single core mode always (which is non sense in this powerful device), you can go for Aftr+Lpa.

    9. "How do i overclock/underclock/undervolt GPU?"
    Either use STweaks/ExTweaks app or use a script
    #Frequency steps
    echo 160 > /sys/module/mali/parameters/step0_clk
    echo 266 > /sys/module/mali/parameters/step1_clk
    echo 350 > /sys/module/mali/parameters/step2_clk
    echo 440 > /sys/module/mali/parameters/step3_clk
    echo 533 > /sys/module/mali/parameters/step4_clk

    echo "875000 900000 950000 1025000 1075000" > /sys/class/misc/mali_control/voltage_control

    10. "My device is not stable at 1.8 Ghz. But i still wanna overclock the device to possible maximum and show off to friends"
    Try setting last frequency as 1750 mhz. (Modify 1.8 to 1.75 ghz with 1.7 ghz still in place)
    Use kmemhelper interface. Put this line in your initd script.

    kmemhelper -n exynos4x12_apll_pms_table -t int -o 0 14353152

    11. "I OCed to 1.7/1.8 Ghz. My device is able to handle it. But i can't get high benchmark scores. Why?"
    Your CPU is getting throttled during benchmark during benchmarking because of heating. This is a thermal safeguard measure. It might be getting throttled to 800 mhz or so.
    Forget benchmarks, treat the overall responsiveness in daily usage as the criteria to determine if the device is fast enough for you or not.

    12. "Any rule of thumb to increase life span of the battery? And I see percentage drops to 99 immediately after a charge till 100%"
    Do not recharge to 100% often and even if you do, don't keep it plugged in 100% for long time. Best is to charge till 98%. And make sure charge does not drop below 10% while on normal use.
    Charge dropping to 99% swiftly is a protection mechanism, not a fault with your battery or kernel or rom.

    13. "I adjust the voltage by some mV in STweaks/Extweaks. I checked SetCpu and voltage has not changed!"
    Voltage settings in STweaks/ExTweaks follow VDD interface. They're applied ONLY during boot time. Why? The code is to reduce X mV specified by you in STweaks/ExTweaks, for all voltages. If the settings is applied real time, it will cause reduction of voltage every time and instabilities.

    14. "If I have no root, and flash this kernel using desktop odin will i get root?"
    YES. However, if you don't see a CWM recovery, download and flash a recovery from Chainfire thread.

    15. "Does the kernel backup EFS partition automatically?"

    16. "Is there NTFS support?"
    YES. Mounted to mnt/ntfs in Read only mode. Unmount and remount in Read Write mode if you need to.

    17. "What voltage step does GS3 support while UV/OV?"
    Regulator supports increments of +/-12.5 mV (Those who had GS2 will remember it's regulator supported +/- 25mV)

    18. "Why is resetting STweaks/ExTweaks profile recommended sometimes after a kernel flash?"
    Your profiles are stored under /data/.siyah with ".profile" extension. ".active.profile" file under the same directory stores the name of your active profile. Contents in profiles are in the format parameter = <default_value>
    There could be changes in Stweaks/ExTweaks interface for a new build:-
    i) Some new tunables were added
    ii) Some tunables were removed
    iii) Transposition of some tunables
    iv) Default value of some tunable was changed.
    When such a change occurs, your profiles should know it too so that it can contain all the parameters. That's why you have to reset profiles after a new kernel flash if it changes something in STweaks/ExTweaks.
    Resetting simply copies .profile files from /res/customconfig to /data/.siyah . You can do it manually using a file manager to avoid a reboot to recovery and back to rom. Kernel already detects STweaks/ExTweaks changes to reset profile automatically on first boot after flashing.

    19. "How to insert a module that's available in /system/lib/modules?"
    Safe to be root. In terminal or adb
    insmod /lib/modules/<module_name.ko>

    20. "How to know which modules are pre-loaded by kernel?"
    Terminal or adb:

    21. "I don't see an init.d folder in my rom. I wanna create some initd scripts. What to do?"
    Using a root explorer create init.d directory under /system/etc. Set perm 777.

    22. "After flashing a new kernel i see there are some stuffs missing from STweaks/ExTweaks"
    Either the support for those missing tunables were removed or just the STweaks/ExTweaks interface was removed. The parameters might still be accessible through scripts. Check the file path to make sure.

    23. "Does notification LED cause wakelock and lot of drain?"
    Hm Yes and No. CPU has to wake to help turn on notif led and to turn off when it's timeout. When LED is blinking, no wakelocks are held. Notif led is controlled by a diff h/w and not directly by CPU.

    24. "How do I know if my modified charge current settings (using STweaks/ExTweaks) are effective?"
    Use CurrentWidget from playstore. Monitor the reading while charging.

    25. "What happens if my smooth scaling frequency is greater than my scaling max frequency?"
    Smooth scaling will be inactive/disabled.

    26. "Can I flash this kernel on a non-international variant - At&T/Korean/Japanese...?"
    NO. Don't risk 800 dollars. Dev might release different variants for these devices later.

    27. "I tried setting a negative value for a symbol using kmemhelper interface. I see the value is not applied properly. What could be wrong"
    The negative value might be detected my kmemhelper as an argument. To prevent that, use two minus signs (--) before the negative value.
    Ex: "kmemhelper t int -n touch_boost_level -- -1" (This resets touch boost frequency to default).

    28. "I wanna disable all the audio enhancement stuffs. How?"
    In your script
    echo 0 > /sys/class/misc/scoobydoo_sound_control/enable

    29. "Least voltage for a CPU frequency I can undervolt to?"
    600 mV. Maximum = 1500 mV

    30. "Does sound enhancements in stweaks applies to bluetooth headsets?"
    NO. Only for wired headphones.

    31. "Do we have temperature sensor in our CPU?"

    32. "I have this habbit of unknowingly pressing home button multiple times and that result in inverting colors on my screen."
    Disable "mDNIe negative toggle under Screen tab in STweaks.

    33. "I sometimes get unexpected reboots. What could be wrong?"
    Number of reasons.
    - Problem from ROM side - wrong dpi setting for an app, wrong build.prop tweaks, etc.
    - Too much UV on CPU/GPU
    - Too much CPU OC/GPU OC
    - CPU/Battery heated up too much because of weather/benchmarking/faulty charger, etc

    34. "I want to help dev debug an issue providing a kmsg. How to?"
    After the problem (random reboot/freeze/lockup), do not pull out battery to recover. Just long press power button so that device can reboot. Then connect device to PC, (provided you have setup adb), type
    adb pull /proc/last_kmsg
    Save the file as .txt and post in the thread along with description of the problem and possible way to reproduce it.
    If you can't use adb from pc, just copy last_kmsg file from /proc directory to internal sd, copy it to your PC and post in the thread.

    35. "I'm not able to copy Person X's undervolting settings. Why? Sometimes, across different builds of Siyah, my UV settings are stable in one version and not in another. Why?"
    One or more of the following
    - Every device is different - diff grades of CPU
    - CPU drivers might change across different builds
    - Power requirements may differ depending on the temperature, altitude or the defaults.

    36. "GPU OC/UC range?"
    54 to 700 mhz. With voltage range of 600mv to 1200mv at 25mv steps.

  2. 05.06.2012, 20:45
    Was genau ist der Vorteil eines solchen Kernels?

    Und sind darin auch Root rechte enthalten?

    Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire mit Tapatalk 2

  3. 05.06.2012, 20:56
    Ja, sieh mal der vorletzte Punkt "Autorooting"! Mein SGS 2 läuft echt recht smooth mit einem Top Akkuverbrauch. Man kann halt einiges Enstellen und ändern was mit dem Stock oder CF nicht geht, z.B. v(r) and sio I/O schedulers! http://www.pocketpc.ch/galaxy-note-r...ml#post1259503

  4. Yipieh! das freut mich hatte den Siyah schon immer auf meinem SGS2 drauf! dann mal warten

  5. Das freut mich sehr! Und zudem so flott bei der Sache.

  6. Ich hoffe, er hat auch vorher die Notwendigkeit der Tweaks eruiert und nicht einfach gewohntes Eingebaut.

  7. Gedel85 Gast
    Wow, das ging jetzt aber fix! Schade, dass noch kein Speedmod geleakt wurde; am Siyah scheiden sich nämlich seit jeher die Gemüter...

  8. ich kenne nur den speedmod vom note. was ist los mit siyah?

    ... tapat*lked

  9. Gedel85 Gast
    Ach, so schlimm ist es jetzt auch wieder nicht! Beim S2 war es z. B. einfach so, dass sich zwei Kernel (Speedmod und Siyah) wirklich durchgesetzt haben. Beim Siyah war es aber einfach so, dass entweder alles super smooth und einwandfrei gelaufen ist; oder eben das genaue Gegenteil davon! War irgendwie von Gerät zu Gerät anders...

  10. Siyah war oftmals zu viel des guten.

  11. Zitat Zitat von spline Beitrag anzeigen
    Siyah war oftmals zu viel des guten.
    Sehe ich genau so. Da sieht man das Ergebnis eines Perfektionisten (Krankheitsform)

  12. also bei mir hat zumindest am sgs2 eigentlich jeder siyah relrase gut geworkt ... freu mich schon auf den kernel fürs s3 ... ich hoff es gibt auch bald das cleaning script fürs s3, dann steht dem heiteren kernel-flashen nichts mehr im weg

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk 2

  13. [FONT=Arial]Immer noch nichts neues
    Weiß jemand mit welchem Takt die GPU original läuft?

  14. Auf ausreichenden 1400 MHz

  15. 08.06.2012, 10:13
    Evt gibt es heute Abend das erste release.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk 2

  16. 08.06.2012, 16:00
    Also dieses CPU & GPU Overclocking finde ich absolut unnütz.

  17. 08.06.2012, 16:40
    Zitat Zitat von PhoenixPegasus Beitrag anzeigen
    Also dieses CPU & GPU Overclocking finde ich absolut unnütz.
    Da kann ich nur beipflichten. Mir fällt jetzt auch kein ersichtlicher Grund ein wofür das gut sein sollte...

    Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire mit Tapatalk 2

  18. schon mal über underclocking oder undervolting nachgedacht?

  19. 08.06.2012, 16:58
    Ich hatte da beim SGS 2 mal ne ganze Zeit was drauf gegeben, aber jetzt zum schluss hatte ich in Sachen Overclocking und Undervolting das Gerät mit den Standard Kernel-Werten laufen! Was ich aber von Vorteil finde sind die Battery und Smoothnes Tweaks. Natürlich ist das teilweise ein Auf und Ab beim SiyahKernel bzw. gokhanmoral´s Kernel.

  20. blöde frage:
    kann man den deep sleep undervolten? normal geht es ja nur bei den 200+mhz.

    ... tapat*lked

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