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  1. Mobile Tracking System is a new project from Fightersoft Multimedia that provides an alternative to a GPS system.
    How does it work? The client version of MTS is a smartphone application that can get the identification data of the current cell used by the mobile phone. With this information, the client application connects to the MTS server and the server returns the location description of that cellid to the phone. Based on this concept MTS can provide a number of interesting services such as mobile phone tracking, viewing of pictures from every part of the country, messaging services and the best is yet to come. MTS is under heavy development and new and very interesting features will be made available shortly. Be sure to visit the MTS Services page and to view the FAQ.

    Current MTS features (more are added very frequently):

    - get your current location from a GSM cellid
    - add or edit a cellid directly from the mobile client
    - every cellid can have a photo
    - realtime any user tracking (if allowed by user)
    - send and receive e-mail messages directly to and from the MTS client
    - send and receive MTS chat messages

    These features are just for starters, the best is yet to come.

    Supported phones: C500, C550, E200, C600, MPX 200 and variants on these models.

    Mobile Tracking System is free for everyone. To signup send an e-mail message to and include the following information: your phonenumber in international format example - 40755555555 (remove any preceding zero-s), your e-mail address , your name or nick, your country two letter code (example - FR, UK, US etc) and your network operator (example - Vodafone, Orange etc). Before sending the mail with the registration info, please check that MTS actually works with your phone. Just download the standard or qvga display from, choose any network operator (don't be concerned that yours is not in the combobox) and your phone model. Now press Refresh. If you get a valid LAC+CID then MTS will work on your phone and you can send your sign-up mail.

    Please be sure to read the FAQ - and to check out the MTS Services page -

    MTS was running in beta mode here in Romania for some time. Starting version 1.05, MTS has international support. However, we need the community's help to add network operators. Therefore, when registering, please specify country code and network operator for example - RO Vodafone means the Vodafone operator in Romania.

    You can see MTS in action on the MTS Services page - . To check out the tracking feature of MTS, just use this demo phone number - 40755555555 and click localize. To view detailed information about a network, press the View MTS Server Information link and then click on any network operator.

    Quick links:
    Official MTS site is -
    Download page -
    Screenshots -

  2. Wer interesse an dieser Lösung hat sollte diese vorher gut testen. Denn in der Schweiz werden die benötigten Zelleninformationen nicht bei allen Providern angezeigt und wenn dann kann man sich darauf nicht so verlassen wie in anderen Ländern. Die Schweiz ist hier etwas speziell...

  3. Danke Marco.Eine kleine Erklarung:MTS basiert sich nicht auf Cell Broadcast,sondern auf LAC und CID.

    Der LAC bezeichnet das Ort wo Sie sich befinden.
    CID bezeichnet der Cell ID-es ist eine Nummer;es kann mehrere CID's fur ein LAC geben.
    zum Beispiel:zu hause meine CID ist 110-32695,am Arbeitsplatz ist 130-21361 und so weiter...

    Cell Broadcast ist wie ein sms.der erscheint auf dem display wenn sie sich in einem Ort befinden,zeigt die position,gibt promo infos etc.
    Cell Broadcast ist mehr fur Werbung da.Viele Netzbetreiber unterstutzen Cell Broadcast(CB)gar nicht-zB Orange Schweiz.

    Aber,Ohne LAC und CID gibt es kein GSM...
    Deshalb,MTS muss auf jeden Fall funktionieren,denn es basiert sich nicht auf CB,sondern auf LAC und CID.

    Bitte probieren sie es mal.

    Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

  4. Mobile Tracking System 1.06:

    - now you can send messages and track users using their phone number OR username
    - added time zone support - every user should set their time zone from Options - Settings - Your ID. After choosing your time zone press Options - Change Time Zone.
    - last reported location now specifies how much time has passed since the last report instead of showing when that occured
    - now you are being alerted only the first time you received new messages. The alert will be silent until you select Options - Read Messages.
    - now when activating the homescreen the current information is displayed immediatly (you don't longer have to wait 30 seconds)
    - now when MTS client is communicating with the MTS server the <-> characters appear on the homescreen

    Also, new network operators have been added: US Cingular, GR Vodafone, GR Tim, MY Digi.

    To register check

  5. Ich habe es mal heruntergeladen und versucht. Habe auch definiert, dass ich ein C600 habe und Orange Kunde bin. Aber er kann keine der Informationen auslesen. Siehe Screenshot anbei
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Mobile Tracking System-pc_capture1_154.jpg  

  6. ist dein C600 decertified?
    ich habe meins mit HTC unlock versucht und es ging prima.

  7. Ja meine Geräte sind dezertifziert... auch auf dem C500 erhalte ich keine Angaben... vielleicht kann das jemand anderes mal noch versuchen?

  8. Dieses Problem ist uns bekannt,dein C600 ist nicht komplett dezertifiziert.

    Bitte versuch es dein C600 mit HTC unlock zu dezertifizieren.

    HTC Unlock funktioniert nur fur C600!

    Later edit:Check out the improuved MTS page:

    Info zum dezertifizieren der C500 modelle.

  9. Wir warten auf euren feedback.

  10. Ohne LAC und CID gibt es kein GSM,das GSM Netz kann gar nicht funktionieren.
    Hier ist ein Beispiel fur Orange Schweiz:

    Nun,um MTS diese Informationen(LAC und CID) zu lesen,muss dein C600 dezertifiziert mit HTC unlock sein.
    Bitte versuch es mit dieses Tool.

  11. The Web2MTS service is now online. You can send an unlimited number of text messages containing an unlimited number of characters for FREE to any MTS user.
    Simply visit

  12. Version: 1.07a
    Released: 23rd March 2006
    - added support for CZ T-Mobile and FR - Bouygues Teleccom network operators

    Version: 1.07b
    Released: 24th March 2006
    - added support for SG M1 and SK Orange network operators

    Version: 1.07c
    Released: 26th March 2006
    - added support for DE T-Mobile network operator

  13. Inzwischen läufts auf einem SPV C550...

    Das Problem ist, die Daten sollen scheinbar nicht genau sein hier... das werde ich jetzt aber mal testen...

  14. Version: 1.08
    Released: 27th March 2006

    - added support for a local database of cell ids
    - possible fix for the broken xbar issue
    - added support for CH Orange network operator

    Vielen Dank Marco.

  15. Fightersoft Multimedia proudly presents Mobile Tracking System 1.10 - a complete solution for GSM and GPS tracking and for SMS or e-mail (push) messaging.

    Some of the Mobile Tracking System features:

    - displays on the mobile phone the current location (like Celltrack and the rest)
    - displays on the mobile phone the information from the GPS receiver (geographical coordinates, speed)
    - access the live reporting tools through a simple web page
    - any user can send and receive text messages to and from any other MTS user no matter how long or how many there are
    - any user can send and receive e-mail messages no matter how long or how many there are (currently only plain text supported)
    - if the internet connection on your mobile device is not present you can use the built in local database system - however the live reporting tool will not work in this case. Also, if the internet connection is temporarely down, MTS automatically reverts to the local database system
    - if two users (with previously configured settings) are in the same cell, the software will notify them
    - you can stop server communication automatically when you are in some designated cells (for example, if you are home, you have little need for live tracking and thus gprs traffic will be spared). However note that the GPRS traffic is extremly small because only a few bytes are sent in each transaction
    - you can specify how often your mobile device should communicate with the server
    - MANY others


    - right now every feature mentioned above is free for any user that signs up. Registration is also free.
    - the users that add the most cells will be rewarded
    - the project is available with any GSM network from all over the world (if you don't see your network operator, please tell us and we will add it in a few moments).
    - the project works with any GPS receiver with NMEA support


    - mobile phone or pocket pc that runs Windows Mobile 2003 or 5
    - internet connection available on your mobile device (if you don't meet this requirement, the local database will be used, however the live reporting features will not be available)
    - GPS receivers are optional - MTS works perfectly without any GPS receiver. Also, if your device is not compatible with the GSM location feature, you can use only the GPS feature.


    Info and download:

    Satellite image demo:

  16. Mobile Tracking System 1.14 released:

    - greatly improuved the messaging feature. Now you can browse, view, reply and find users that sent you messages
    - now you can enable GPS Sound Speed feature - Options - GPS Functions - GPS Speed Sound and MTS will speak to you your current speed. For this feature to work you need Star Time installed -
    - fixed some minor interface bugs
    - fixed an issue that caused MTS to crash when enabling work offline mode on some devices

    Finally it's here - the MTS messaging module. Until now, the messages received were viewed in an Internet Explorer window. Now everything has changed: you can browse through your messages, reply to them without manually writing down the address and find the user that sent you the message - all from this messaging module.

    Another cool feature is the new GPS Speed Sound feature. This will enable MTS to actually speak to you your current speed in KPH. It is very useful when you are on a bike or when unable to watch the speed display on your car. Note that for this feature to work you have to install Star Time ( ).

    We also launched a new version of Star Remote Mail that will allow locating, tracking and satellite view display all from one simple desktop application for people without a MTS compatible device. In addition to these features you can also send messages to MTS users. Grab Star Remote Mail from

  17. Bei mir läuft HTS aufm C600 nun einwandfrei, das C600 muss dezertifiziert sein, das tool gibts bei ornage selber um apps freizuschalten und die einstelleungen sind nich C600 sondern:

    Settings -> Hardware -> COM Port (specify below) -> COM Port -> 9

    darunter den COM Port vom BT GPS falls vorhanden.

    HTS plant eine signierte version, dannach sollte es noch einfacher sein.
    Habe bereits etwa 30 Zellen erfast und das ganze funktioniert einwandfrei.

    Nur blöd wenn man vergist den Automatischen update Mode abzuschalten und dann plötzlich die Freundinn anruft um zu fragen was mann den eigentlich gerade in XY am machen sei


  18. hallo roadfox ,gut gemacht,jetzt ist auch die Schweiz auf der MTS map keep up the good work.
    MTS hat ein langes Weg hinter sich,die letzte version 1.40 ist es auch Verisign signiert. 8)

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