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  1. Ebook für den Adobe Reader in Englisch Furthermore, there was one vital defect in the bread-and-water diet. While we got plenty of water, we did not get enough of the bread. A ration of bread was about the size of one's two fists, and three rations a day were given to each prisoner. There was one good thing, I must say, about the water?it was hot. In the morning it was called ?coffee,? at noon it was dignified as ?soup,? and at night it masqueraded as ?tea.? But it was the same old water all the time. The prisoners called it ?water bewitched.? In the morning it was black water, the color being due to boiling it with burnt bread-crusts. At noon it was served minus the color, with salt and a drop of grease added. At night it was served with a purplish-auburn hue that defied all speculation; it was darn poor tea, but it was dandy hot water

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