Kickstarter-Kampagne will Kabel herstellen für iPhone und Android etc. Kickstarter-Kampagne will Kabel herstellen für iPhone und Android etc.
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  1. Ein Kickstarterprojekt will ein Kabel herstellen, dass sowohl am Lightning- wie auch am MicroUSB-Anschluss funktioniert.

    ● Compatible: Applicable for both lightning and micro USB devices
    ● Charge&Sync: Support both fast data transfer and 2.4 A fast charging
    ● Portable: Brass buckle for neat closure
    ● Durable: Tin-plated copper wires with 10 times more durable than the regular wires; Extra stylish cover for better reinforcement
    ● Tangle-free: No more messy wires
    ● Luxurious: Stylish and Fashion
    ● Small&convenient: Fit for most of smartphones with phone case
    ● Environmental Friendly: Halogen-free TPE is used as opposed to PVC
    Was haltet ihr von dem Kabel/Projekt?
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