Zitat Zitat von miri
Hi to all,

This is a full Premium Edition but with Manila 2.5 and with some new apps compliant to this new version of Manila. However this is just a ROM for you to test and try the new things that will come in the future

I've optimised what I could to make it run the same way as Manila 2.1 in terms of speed and memory management.

Base ROM: 1.59.709.0
This ROM is UC capable
Remember to Hard Reset after flashing
Changelog REV 9.0
- Updated WM build to 21859 (newer, includes new changes from COM3 dev tree)
- Updated all Manila 2.5 packages and it's related components to the latest by HTC
- Updated most of the apps in the ROM (Opera updated to 9.7)
Download Rom:

Download ServicePack:

Download PowerFIX:

XDA Link:

Hat jemand dieses Rom schon getestet?
Würde um ein paar bilder bitten (auch bitte die Versionsnummer von Manila,
da ja ne neue Manila bzw Sense version draußen ist (2.5.19192831))

Da mein Handy leider in der Reparatur ist kann ichs nicht testen

Ansonsten viel spaß damit