Das neue PocketShield 3.0 wurde gestern released.


Ich habe für alle Interessierten ein kleines Video gemacht und einen Test dazu geschrieben. Ich kann es nur bedingt empfehlen und bin mir nicht sicher, ob die Neuerungen wirklich einen solchen Sprung in der Versionsnummer rechtfertigen.

Das Video und den Test gibt es hier:


Den Sinn des semi-transparenten Screens kann ich nicht so nachvollziehen, es sei denn, man hat irgendwas laufen, was einem zusätzliche Informationen anzeigt, die sich selbstständig updaten. Was gibt es da außer die Uhr?

Naja, urteilt selbst. Über Kommentare hier und auf meinem Blog würde ich mich freuen.

Hier noch ein paar Stichpunkte (in english):

Features overview


  • Protects your touch screen and buttons whenever device wakes up.
  • Saves your battery by auto powering off, no matter if screen is touched.
  • Semi-transparent lock screen, allows you to see your screen without unlocking.
  • Option to power off device when locked manually.


  • Automatic when out of pocket (with light).
  • Vertical sliding to unlock.
  • Gestures: flip or shake to unlock.
  • D-pad button press to unlock.
  • Grant auto-unlocking permissions to any application.
  • Can enable and combine any of them!


  • Get the notification icons you want clearly on your lock screen.
  • Boost the notifications at the interval you want, so never forget them.
  • Auto restore WM notification windows. No more tapping on the tiny taskbar bell!
  • Tap over the icon and it will take you to the associated app right after unlocking.
  • Displays the countdown time or overdue time on the reminder title (just as PC reminders).

Phone protection

  • Protect incoming calls from accidental answering.
  • Use your preferred dialer or use our built in slide-to-answer.
  • In call G-unlock mechanism to auto unlock the screen when phone removed from ear.
  • Protect the whole screen while in call.
  • Auto lock after call ended.
  • Lock option only when using headset.
  • Vibration feedback on outgoing and incoming connection.


  • Classical layout or split layout to better suit your picture display.
  • Customizable background, set a photo or any image.
  • Customizable battery indicator width and colors.
  • Cool themes, hot themes, you choose!

Lite mode

  • Still want it lighter? Good news!
  • Optional uninstall of Phone and Notification options.
  • Just leave the core locking/unlocking functions.
  • Reduced footprint of 1.17MB Even lighter than in initial PS v1.0!

Direct support & updates

  • Contact us or request support directly from your device.
  • Form will attach your configuration for us to help you better.
  • Message auto saved until you get a connection.
  • Check for version upgrades and install them directly from device.

Settings are available in the following languages: EN, FR, RU, PT, DE, IT, HU, NO, SK, SV, ES, CS, RO, TC, CN, NL, CA, PL, JP, DK, HR.

Is this a battery killer app?
Not at all! Tests performed didn't throw any additional(nor noticeable) battery drain. When device is in unlocked state, PocketShield enters sleep mode so no extra battery is consumed (as well as when device is in standby/Off). Instead, it will prevent battery drain when turned on unintentionally(or by a notification), thanks to the auto power off mechanism it incorporates.
RAM footprint?
The activated version with no theme uses a range of 1.6Mb -1.8Mb of RAM. Not actually all because of itself, all .Net Framework based applications use a bit of extra memory to load some system libraries for quicker access and performance. To have a reference, the standard HTC Calculator which is a very simple application uses 1.3Mb. HTC Diamond has 196Mb RAM and TouchPro has 288Mb, that is 0.85% and 0.6% of used memory, in both cases less than 1%.
Supported devices

  • HTC Touch Diamond
  • HTC Touch Diamond2
  • HTC Touch Pro (Raphael/Fuze)
  • HTC Touch Pro2
  • HTC Touch HD (Blackstone)
  • Samsung Omnia
  • All others QVGA in special mode.