[26.04.2011][REL_CM6_3.1_PzaFroyo] Update3v 1/2 data2sd [26.04.2011][REL_CM6_3.1_PzaFroyo] Update3v 1/2 data2sd
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  1. [26.04.2011][REL_CM6_3.1_PzaFroyo] Update3v 1/2 data2sd

    latest Xperia ARC Style [Mod] Xperia ARC Home Launcher
    -Led working hardware
    -MluI Keyboard
    -Mlu Animations
    -Gapp already included
    -Transparent statusbar (gray tint)
    -[Mod] framwork-res (mix of Froyo / Ginger Bread & Honeycomb)


    - [BL] Kifno Tweak's Universal Script v0.1 - Thks to kifno
    - Fugu Tweaks
    - Sysctl
    -Build.prop Tweaks
    Works on 54/55/58 Baseband

    21.04.2011 New Update: Update2.zip
    ChangeLog look in Attachment

    Before you can install the update2
    you most have indtalled the rel_CM6.1.3pozafroyo_update1 first..!!


    1.downloaded zip move to sdcard> Phones boot into xrecovery,
    do a full factory reset / Cache Partition Wipe and Wipe Dalvik Cache under Advanced
    2.Select> Install custom zip from sdcard> REL_CM6_3.1_PzaFroyo_update1.zip
    3.Reboot (may take a little longer do not panic)
    4.Last step, go to CM setings> user interface> Tweaks extra> select a theme>
    5.Reboot have fun

    If after the installation / no query-pin coming / you have no signal (UnknowBasband) waiting to go DevTools> Bad Behavior> click> Crash the system server> to reboot. ... everything should work now

    Error: - (link to media) is not a widget has a little error, linking to video gallery.
    -(`Everything`) works fine ... smooth and very fast ..

    framework-res (reboot icons, icons Stausbar.png lockscreen) /
    Desk Clock / Gmail (black) / font (Sony Sketch), Arc Home Animation / better
    baterylife ([BL] Kifno)
    Boot animation
    Wolfbreak's Dialer / Launcher2 / Launcher Pro (free version) Apn Backup, Usb automount, MOD Facebook MediaWidget Arc, Arc Timscape / genie widget / DSP Manager / Blue XDA app / and more ...
    Tools Apps:
    On the SD card you find a folder with additional> OrangePotApps> gingerbread keyboard / Quadrant / gScript / (AndExplorer)
    Newer flashable Markets:
    Flash as the first stock (new market) then the mod Blue Market
    Newest Market:
    [Login once then you can flash included into the new market in XRecovery]
    http://<a href="https://sites.google...edirects=0</a>
    Newest Market Transparent Blue:
    [Login once then you can flash included into the new market in XRecovery]
    Pendo_Trans-Blue_Market wgt +-2.2.11-signed.zip

    Market Crashes/Problem; marketfix.zip

    HowTo Marketfix:market crash fix
    1.Go to xrecovery> make a fullfactory reset> Wipe Dalvik Cashe> advanced option> Wipe Cache partition
    2.Instal customzip> Marketfix.zip
    3.Reboot wait
    4.log in to market
    5.Reboot to xrecovery and install custom zip new market and direkt the moded one [Pendo_Trans-Blue_Market wgt +-2.2.11-signed.zip]

    Thanks to; Shiwantha, Android team, Jerpelea, zdizhu, Wolf Break, Rendeiro, bin4ry, Kifno, and everyone else who helped to make this possible for our x10)!

    Greetings Pza

    New Update:
    One is only a Theme update for PzaFroyoUpdate2 and the other one is a full Installation.zip

    Download Link 26.04.2011: ThemeUpdate3v1

    Download link 26.04.2011: FIN_CM6_3.1_update3_V2.zip with data2sd


    [ChangeLog 26/4/2011]: Update3 with out (Version2/data2Sd)

    Stabyle, smooth, and for dayli use!

    added: com.sdincrease.it-1.apk, ales.veluscek.sdtools-1, com.greenecomputing.linpack.apk,
    barnacle WiFiT.apk, adobe.flashPlayer2(10.1), Vending.apk,
    googleFeedback.apk, infiniteViewer.apk

    modded:blackGmail.apk, camera.apk, Contact.apk

    fixed: Fixed Camera Video / audio delay
    Fixed InfiniteView FC
    New Tweaks

    on sdcard: Wallpaper, CmTheme, ChangeLog

    Install customzip> themeUpdate3V1> Reboot> take a little longer ...
    After reboot wait on second wait for reboot> is dont reboot it self please reboot manualy

    After the second restart, Su permission to allow auto killer ...>
    (Coming if not see below request) never mind step is performed in three dan!

    Step 2: cm settings> UI> extraTweaks> update3v2> Restart

    Error Bug:

    -Mobile-HotSpot/Tether does not work! Use BarnacleWiFi-Tether!! you c'ant find barnacle!!
    Go to system> app> barnacle WiFiT.apk and install againe> reboot

    -auto-killer force Close> go to system> app> com.rs.autokiller-1.apk>
    <longpress> permission> and set [User 000],[Group +++],[Others +0+] > Reboot

    *No signal? go to DefTools> Badbehavior> crash the system server> wait for reboot.

    if you want gingerbread.apk go to sdcard> sysApp> gbkb> install

    Please install InfiniteView.apk again!! inside in the update is the wrong one apk. please Excuse me !!

    Greeting Poza
    Link to XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1033455

    Geändert von Ed Poza (27.04.2011 um 11:52 Uhr)

  2. Reserviert for futur use!

  3. 27.04.2011, 11:00
    kannst mal nen link zum orginal treaht posten?

  4. Zitat Zitat von Mars Beitrag anzeigen
    kannst mal nen link zum orginal treaht posten?
    Bitte!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1033455

  5. 27.04.2011, 16:59
    danke, werde das thema mal verfolgen und sie bei gelegenheit auch mal testen

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