Main features:
Compiled with Linaro 6.1 Toolchain.
Linaro Stable Kernel 15.09 Merged.
Latest Google Kernel-Common Merged.
Latest Linux Stable 3.18.y branch Merged.
MNGS: OC to 2x2.8GHz,UC to 0.5GHz; A53: OC to 1.8GHz
Exynos MP voltage control
Zen-Tune v4.5
Fading LED and LED Controls
Ofast Optimizations.
I/O scheduler improvements
Scheduler improvements
Linaro's Power Efficient Workqueue.
DVFS improvements. (automatic reset to prevent cpufreq_(min,max)_limit getting stuck)
Binder Improvements.
CPUidle improvements.
Backport latest crypto algorithm.
Backport latest random driver.

Details could be found in Github commits page:



ONLY Support G935F/FD yet.

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