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  1. Heute abend mache ich den Thread aktuell. War drei Wochen beruflich im Ausland und wenig Zeit

    Weekly 6.4 ist online

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  2. Ok Guys, here is the complete one. Jenkins is Building and the Builds are up soon .

    Check the DL Page from time to time


    Weekly 6.6

    update to 4.4.4_r2


    • add remote view tile
    • do not block home button if incoming call is a background call
    • enable hex color picker for quicksettings styles
    • Settings: Make sure time-range summaries match
    • frameworks/base updates aosp caf
    • frameworks/av updates aosp caf
    • frameworks/native updates aosp caf
    • display-caf-new updates
    • media-caf-new updates
    • frameworks_opt_telephony updates
    • packages_services_Telephony
    • Update to recovery (TWRP)
    • more translations

    • m8 updates
    • Keep two cores online
    • rhine-common updates
    • use dtbToolCM,move radio overlay
    • sony_msm8974 kernel updates
    • Update script,Bump version,Togari: Enable Motorola's memutils,Togari: Compile with -Ofast,Remove ffast-math gcc flag,Add -Ofast optimization option, readahead: make context readahead more conservative
    • sony_qcom-common updates
    • Remove h263/h264/mpeg4 FFMPEG entries,Drop local copy of dtbTool for dtbToolCM
    • p3100 updates
    • Use correct kernel page size from Samsung
    • p5100 updates
    • Use correct kernel page size from Samsung
    • kernel_htc_msm8974 updates
    • LCD_KCAL: Prevent out-of-range input values,LCD_KCAL: Introduce configurable kcal_min
    • qcom_common updates
    • qcom/common: Added O_NOFOLLOW to avoid follow the symlink,power: Disable the 8974pro-specific,display on/off path,power: Add support for SET_PROFILE hints,power: Kill logspam,power: Add support for CPU boost hint
    • samsung_msm8660-common updates
    • Added automatic mpdecision selection for 3rd party kernels,Added common kernel config flag
    • smdk4412-common updates
    • Remove TVout & HDMI flags
    • crespo updates
    • enable Apps2SD
    • mako updates
    • prepare for new thermal engine,Enable QRNGD,Enable -O3
    • mako kernel updates
    • mpdec: fix missing log message on resume if !scroff_single_core,mpdec: if !scroff_single_core unboost all cpus while suspending,mpdec: FIX BUG#27,vfp: since we use hardfloat, change the modifer accordingly

    hammerhead updates
    switch to 4.8 toolchain

    skyrocket updates
    Updated kernel source config. Moved kernel source flag to msm8660-common

    Have a nice Week .

    Team SlimRoms

  3. Nächster build wird Stable 7

    [ROM][Official][4.4.4] SlimKat Stable / Weekly 8.0-uploadfromtaptalk1406878643364.jpg

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  4. 03.08.2014, 20:10
    Hi! Kann mir jemand den direkten Link zum Download für das S4? Blicke seit der Umbenennung nicht mehr durch. Habe noch die 4er Stabile Version und würde gerne die neuen Features nutzen...
    Ist das die jflte?

  5. Jflte http://slimroms.net/index.php/downlo...ory/1184-jflte

    Alle S4 Geräte sind unter einem link, es gibt keine separaten mehr, jeder S4 Version nutzt den Jflte Link. Bei den Stable builds das gleiche

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  6. 03.08.2014, 20:34
    Vielen Dank Tylog!

  7. Kein Thema. Du kannst aber auch warten, heute Nacht Releasen wir 7.0

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  8. 03.08.2014, 20:39
    Noch besser dann warte ich natürlich noch. Echt guter Support von dir / euch und eine echt tolle ROM!

  9. danke

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  10. Wir haben das Release auf heute Nacht verschoben, nur als kurze Info.

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  11. SlimKat Stable Build 7

    It took a bit longer this time but now it's done

    Download Build


    Download Gapps

    Beta Gapps

    Stable Gapps

    Devices that will not receive Stable

    G2 Family
    M7 family


    • Quite Hours: Add the ability to mute system sounds
    • Fix Android fake ID Vulnerability
    • Added China Telecom APN
    • Fix SKT LTE APN
    • Update translations

    Device specific:

    T0lte family, P31xx & P51xx:
    Enable sdcard eject
    Falcon, moto_msm8960, moto_msm8960dt, d2lte, jflte:
    Fix OTA prop
    Sony kernel msm8974:
    Add Slim Governor
    Flo kernel
    Add s2w/dt2w
    Fix speakphone
    Make interactive default
    Grouper kernel:
    Some fixes and updates for SELinux and tcp/network
    Fix usb tether
    Increase volume level

  12. Hi Tylog, funktioniert diese Rom auch auf dem S4 mit gesperrten Bootloader ?

  13. Da fragst du mich was, ganz ehrlich, ich kann es nicht sagen, nie getestet und habe auch kein S4 mehr.

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

  14. Stable Build 8

    It takes long Time but now its there



    • frameworks/av updates aosp caf
    • frameworks/base updates aosp caf
    • audio-caf updates
    • updated apns
    • frameworks/native-caf
    • more translations

    Add hlteusc
    Add Mondrianwifi


    kernel_lge_geeb updates
    Bump to 4.0,Sound Control: MSM8960DT/APQ8064 ONLY: Fix logic derp,Sound Control: separate locking mechanism for recording and playback,Sound Control: let register lock be dependent on different hw revisions,Sound Control: Misc clean up for newer WCD9xxx SOCs,Sound Control: expose direct register manipulations to userspace
    lge_g2-common updates
    g2: enable ZSL on HDR,Clean up CameraWrapper.cpp and bring in line with CM
    kernel_asus_flo updates
    Major Upstream
    sony_rhine-common updates
    samsung_espresso10 updates
    config: enable RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM,Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm.,Tab 2: build Build xpad as module,espresso10: remove hardcoded toolchain from Makefile
    htc_m8 updates
    ueventd: additional radio permissions,m8: Increase the volume step at which the safe volume warning shows,Add gesture settings and replace EasyAccessService.
    kernel_htc_msm8974 updates
    Massive Kernel Upstream
    **** ^^^old log after this....
    htc_m7spr updates
    m7spr: update fingerprint from 5.03.651.3 RUU
    htc_m7-common updates
    Revert "m7: Define support for Mifare tags"
    kernel_htc_msm8960 updates
    msm: HTC: t6: regenerate defconfig,staging: Prima: kk_2.7_rb1.42: release,msm: HTC: s4: update prima config,staging: prima: Get MAC address from WCNSS platform device,staging: prima: setup wcnss before prima loads,staging: prima: rebase on sony_msm8x60's driver,msm: HTC: s4: regenerate defconfigs
    htc_msm8960-common updates
    Revert "msm8960-common: copy wpa_supplicant config in common"
    jflte updates
    Revert "init: enable pulsing LED on boot

    Tapatalk Team SlimRoms

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