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    It's a Kernel for AOSP/AOKP/CM9 Roms. Only stable mods with best Battery life.

    I spend a lot of time on this project so if you like my work you can do a donation by clicking this button.

    All my Sourcecode's you can find here. https://github.com/pinpong

    based on samung update4 patched to linux 3.0.30
    I/O Schedulers: BFQv3-R2, Noop, SIO, VR (default), deadline, cfq
    Governors: lulzactive (default) , ondemand, interactive, sakuractive,
    intelldemand, lagfree, smartassv2, savagedzen, performance, userspace, powersave
    Bootanimation Support
    J4FS: Custom Bootlogo (( you can use helcat's bootscreen changer from market SGS2 BootScreen Changer )
    be sure you have reset your flash counter) How to [02.03.2012][ROOT] TriangleAway v1.25
    Improved Touchscreen sensitivity ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
    Thoravukk control Official Android application for Thoravukk Kernel
    LED Timout ON/OFF ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
    Voodoo Louder Support ( need the VoodooLouder app )
    CPU Overclocking & Undervolting support ( 200MHz-1200MHz as default ) ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
    GPU Overclocking & Undervolting support ( 133MHz, 200MHz, 267MHz as default ) ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
    Charging voltage support ( use at your own risk ) ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
    CWM touch Recovery with gesture support
    OTG ( USB mouse and keyboard support )
    fuse.ko ntfs support ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
    Compile with special CFLAGS
    Stripped modules
    init.d support
    [APP]Thoravukk Control for Thoravukk Kernel

    mach-u1: solved problem with touch sensitivity
    ramdisk cleanup

    linux 3.0.30
    remove wheatly governor
    remove lazy governor
    cpufreq interactive updated
    re-working recovery
    fixed nandroid backup
    fixed led timout always off/on
    vibrator level default 4
    power: raised polling interval and usb charge current
    Timer frequency: 300Hz
    Makefile: Compile with -Ofast
    remove app from boot.img ( now you need to download in app thread [APP]Thoravukk Control for Thoravukk Kernel

    App: some fixes ( before you flash new kernel be sure you have deinstall the old thoravukk control app )
    USB OTG support thx gokhan
    remove debugging
    re-compiled recovery

    Thoravukk-kernel App( beta )
    better battery runtime

    linux 3.0.29
    hope we fix sod's
    minore fixes
    fuse.ko ntfs support

    revert: Switch to Gingerbread legacy hotplug
    update interactive Governor
    remove lot debugging and tracing
    revert: 1200MHz lowered voltage
    for completely chngelog check https://github.com/pinpong

    fix permission
    Joe's RCU
    Switch to Gingerbread legacy hotplug ( testing )
    more on github https://github.com/pinpong/thoravukk/commits

    update ramdisk
    fix for bootsplash changer
    update recovery
    1200MHz lowered voltage

    now we have a great ics kernel
    should work now with newer and older aosp roms
    more optimizations
    update recovery
    switched mountpoints for sdcards to match cm standard:
    /mnt/emmc = internal storage
    /mnt/sdcard = external sdcard


    same as 2.30 but will work with newer cm9 nightlys

    back to 2.21 cpu driver and enable 1400&1600MHz ( i think i will remove 1600Mhz next version )
    led_timout back to 500
    more compiler optimization

    change to stable cpu drivers. 200MHz-1400MHz
    led_timeout 250 as default

    cpu voltage fixes

    fix permission ( init.d should work fine now ) it will fix the VC conflict
    remove 300,400,600,900MHz frequencies
    stripped modules ( thx saturn_de for the good idea ) we get smaller modules
    remove ext4 remount script ( it's useless )

    CPU: Now with 16 steps ( thx homura/fluxy )
    J4FS Module for custom bootlogo thx codeworkx & sakuramilk to gimme some input
    more cleanup
    add lippol94 kernel cleaning script
    remove cleanup.sh

    Linux 3.0.28 upgrade
    recovery-ramdisk cleanup
    ramdisk cleanup
    change touchscreen sensitivity

    enable CIFS
    Add adjustable vibrator levels
    Performance improvement

    Patch to linux 3.0.27
    disable pegasusq governor
    set leds on for 1 secs as standard
    change recovery color
    set the right path for sd and sd-ext in recovery
    disable more kernel debbuging
    sio tuned for flash device's
    set lulzactive as default

    initramfs cleanup
    hope we fix kernel_panic
    Touch recovery thx sk8erwitskil
    Use other way to copy liblights ( now it should work without problems )
    Set sakuractive as default governer

    init.d support
    modded initramfs
    add wheatley governer
    add cpu overclocking thx gm
    CPU Overclocking & Undervolting support thx gm
    GPU Overclocking & Undervolting support thx gm
    BLN auto install
    Tegrak second core app support
    Tegrak touch move app support
    Charging voltage support thx gm
    add clean-up script

    *neldar *hardcore *koush *sakuramilk *homuhomu
    * tegrak *gokhanmoral *cattleprod *creams *arighi *fluxi *sk8erwitskil
    *vitalij *thank's to all members of team-blockbuster and all i forgot


    *stratosk *saturn_de *mialwe *zacharias.maladroit *simone201 *codeworx


    Don't forget to press the thanks button.

  2. Läuft Top mit der aktuellen nightly

    Kernel gibt es schon in der Version 2.55 und die app in V4

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2

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