[ROM][XXKG1]Infusion ROM 2.0 [FULL RELEASE!][Updated 15/07/11] [ROM][XXKG1]Infusion ROM 2.0 [FULL RELEASE!][Updated 15/07/11]
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  1. 15.07.2011, 21:54

    [FONT=Tahoma]An Explanation[/FONT]
    [FONT=Tahoma]Hello guys, I believe you all deserve an explanation from me, as I have no deleted 2 threads in total with my Nitroz Extreme ROM. The reason why my 1st thread was deleted was because people were complaining about me not releasing the ROM as promised. The reason my 2nd thread was deleted is because I have recently received some bad news which pretty much changed my life and I realised I didn't have anymore time for any of my hobbies (Included Android Development). But now I've sorted all the sh** I've got in my life I've decided to get back onto the Android Development Horse, but this time, this ROM is BIGGER & BETTER than before. So without further adue here's AOSP Extreme. I can promise you I will NOT delete this thread unless more bad news comes my way and sorry I didn't tell you this especially to my donators.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma]The aim of this ROM[/FONT]
    [FONT=Tahoma]Since the FroYo days I've always been a fan of the stock Google look, it just has an upper edge compared to Samsungs answer to an Android UI or even Motorola's attempt and after Gingerbread was officially released worldwide by Google I was sold on the colour scheme and the way it felt. So, this is what this ROM is aimed at, to achieve the stock Gingerbread look based on mine & cTrox's theme. Screenshots are below.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma]Reviews of this ROM[/FONT]

    Review by Pume:
    [FONT=Tahoma]Infusion has always been my "the ROM" on SGS2. I have a flashmania, I'm a flash-a-holic but I always come back to Infusion as it offers just what I need and nothing more, nothing less. Everything is functioning perfectly and the dev is very responsive and fast in his moves of repairing the possibly broken stuff

    Review by Kryptoner:
    I tried Infusion 1.5.2 rom and loved it from the moment it booted, from the boot animation till the overscroll glow, everthing makes me feel like I'm using a nexus s with a igger screen... Very very well done... I didn't have any problems with this rom and battery life is also looks very good indeed...

    Review by aalupatti
    I love testing roms and must say that I always comeback to ur rom for routine use.
    Why ?
    - Fast
    -All crap is out. This helps with speed and battery. Did i say the phone feels light
    -Amazing battery.
    -Love the vanilla feel.
    -Just have to install whatever u want[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma]Features of the ROM[/FONT]
    [FONT=Tahoma]-ROM is fully Deodexed
    -Based on the recent KG1 Update (Android 2.3.4)
    -Fully Deodexed
    -ROM Doesn't need a full wipe if you're coming from other ROMS
    -Dalvik Cache Wipes automatically when flashing
    -CWM (Cyan Colour )
    -Multi-Touch Fix
    -No Header on Extended Power Menu
    -Enabled ThumbEE (Big thanks to DesignGear!)
    -New Android Market
    -Modded some apps to suit the theme
    -HTC Headset Button Support
    -Unlocked Hidden Wallpapers
    -Ad-Blocking via Hosts File
    -Using DesignGears kernel (With Permission)
    -This ROM is aimed to look like the Stock Google 2.3
    -GTalk 1.3 w/ Video
    -CM7 battery Mod
    -Overscroll Effect (Thanks to cTrox)
    -Native Android SIP over WiFi & 3G
    -Modded Camera.apk
    -Silent Camera.apk
    -Default Nexus S Wallpapers
    -Modified Gingerbread Launcher to improve speed
    -Phone.apk with Non-Increasing ring
    -CRT Animation
    -Extended Power Menu
    -Removed ALL Samsung Bloatware (I will upload a deleted apps Zip)
    -Removed TouchWiz Launcher (added Gingerbread Launcher to replace it)
    -ROM is incredibally fast
    -Battery life is awesome (Phone has been on for 1 day and it's at 60% moderate use)
    -Stock Gingerbread Messaging App
    -Laggy Browser is FIXED!
    -Disabled battery full notification & sound
    -Fixed touchscreen issues[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma]Installation Instructions[/FONT]
    Before you go into the instructions, please, for the love of god do NOT do a full wipe, it will interfere with the install process and cause bootloops. Can't say I didn't warn you.

    Thanks to the great work from Design Gears this ROM is so much easier to flash. These instructions are universal to each ROM.

    1.Download Infusion 2.0
    2.Put it on your internal SD Card
    3.Boot into CWM
    4.Choose Install ZIP from SD Card
    5.Select Choose ZIP from SD Card
    6.Select my ROM
    7.Let it install
    8.Done, no need to wipe or anything!

    As this Kernel doesn't support Tegrak, it won't work (Phone will reboot itself when applied) Please use SetCPU Instead and you will be able to overclock to 1.5GHz straight away! It's that simple. Also, the bootanimation isn't supported in my Kernel hence why it isn't there

    [FONT=Tahoma]Battery Saving Tips:[/FONT]
    [FONT=Tahoma]Disable Fast Dormancy:
    1: Dial *#9900#
    2: Press Disable Fast Dormancy
    3: Press Exit
    Disable Samsung App Notifications:
    Settings > Applications > Samsung Apps
    Tick Off[/FONT]

    Changelog Version 2.0 (In association with Design Gears)
    -Update to Design Gears Kernel
    -Updated Market to fix bugs
    -The ROM itself will no longer require a Wipe to get onto it (Just flash and done)
    -Enabled ThumbEE
    -TouchScreen Fix 
    -Updated SuperUser
    -Added CWM
    -Added Multi-Touch Fix (Thanks to DesignGears)
    -Camera is Silent
    -Dalvik-Cache is automatically wiped when flashed (Also thanks to DesignGears)
    -Ad-Blocking included
    -HTC Headset Button Support
    -Sip over WiFi & 3G
    -Changed Battery Polling Rate (Thanks to Design Gears)
    -Overclock up to 1.5Ghz (Default is 1.2GHz, download SETCPU to overclock to 1.5)
    -Enabled hidden wallpapers (Props to Design Gears)
    -No Ascending Ringtone
    -Removed header from Extended Power Menu (Thanks to cTrox)
    -Will Provide Link for removed apps & Widgets
    Macht meiner Meinung nach einiges her.
    Werde es bei Zeiten mal flashen.

    Was meint ihr..

    PS.: Ich hoffe der Thread ist richtig.
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken [ROM][XXKG1]Infusion ROM 2.0 [FULL RELEASE!][Updated 15/07/11]-bwu08.png   [ROM][XXKG1]Infusion ROM 2.0 [FULL RELEASE!][Updated 15/07/11]-tiimh.png   [ROM][XXKG1]Infusion ROM 2.0 [FULL RELEASE!][Updated 15/07/11]-i5zpr.png  

  2. 15.07.2011, 22:17
    Der Thread ist absolut richtig, nehme es gleich mal in den Index mit auf. Aber in meinen Augen mal wieder nichts besonderts wie die meisten Roms im Moment. (meine Meinung)

  3. Stimme deiner Meinung auch zu Jens. Die Liste sieht zwar lang und hübsch aus, aber so wirklich was berauschendes ist da nicht dabei xD Trotzdem, es wird schon noch. Ansonsten sieht das Teil hier ja im Vergleich mit den anderen ROMs recht gut aus. Da ist noch Potential

  4. Ich tests mal.. Langweilig

  5. Also bei gehts nicht... Nur Fehlermeldungen beim ersten start..wurde unerwartet beendet.. Market Gmail etc....

  6. 16.07.2011, 14:16
    Also bei mir funktioniert es auch nicht... Auf Stockrom geflasht und gerootet. Danach dann auf Infusion ROM geflasht... Nur Fehlermedungen. System startet nicht vollständig.

  7. Ich glaub die neuen Roms sind alle ned so (grins) Spline kommt ja gar nicht mehr nach der Arme... Dabei funktionieren viele nicht . Teste heute schon das 3 rom .. 2 haben nicht funktioniert..

    Auch zuerst Stock Rom dann per CWM .. aber eben nur fehler.. Bin dann nochmal in den CWM hab noch mal gewipet.. dann wahr ganz aus.. Bootloop

    So das Honeycomp Rom von XDA funzt auch nicht..
    Geändert von Minneyar (16.07.2011 um 16:22 Uhr) Grund: nachdem der erste beitrag im spellchecker hängen blieb selbe wortwahl anders geschrieben nochmal -.-

  8. 16.07.2011, 15:03
    Sorry guys, wenn ich das gewusst hätte, hätte ich sie hier nicht vorgestellt.
    Dann heißt es wohl weiter warten, bis miui oder so.

  9. 17.07.2011, 15:08
    Hallo Zusammen
    Nur etwas Geduld, es gibt hier etwas zu beachten:
    Bin von LF2.2 gekommen und flash-te mit CWM auf Infusion 2.o hat super geklappt. Auf Grund des guten bis sehr guten Eindruckes wollte ich eine "Clean Install" machen und habe einen "Reset" bzw "Wipe" gemacht. Das war ein Fehler, denn ich bekam einen Bootloop! Erst nachdem ich Cognition S2 1.1.4 via CWM installiert und Infusion 2.0 darüber geflasht habe, hat Infusion 2.0 wieder perfekt funktioniert!
    Vielleicht hat jemand eine Erklärung dafür oder einer einfachere Methode aus dem Bootloop herauszukommen?
    Geändert von LRP (17.07.2011 um 15:13 Uhr)

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