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  1. 20.01.2016, 10:44
    Es gib wiedermal News von der Update Front.
    Auch wenn beim Tablett tote Hose herrscht - beim Handy gibt's immerhin was neues....

    Highlights in the Taalojärvi release:
    • Cloud support: share pictures directly to your Dropbox or OneNote account
    • People: past communication events displayed on contact cards
    • Home/Events: access to Events settings added to the Events shortcuts menu
    • Home/Events: flicking between Home and Events made easier
    • Passwords: all password fields in the OS now have the opportunity to show the password
    • Settings: you can now install untrusted software without Jolla account

    Android Support:

    • Sailfish OS sharing options now added to the Android sharing menu
    • Lockscreen media controls are now available for Android media apps (e.g. Spotify)
    • Support for SMS sending through Android apps added
    • SD card support added for Android apps

  2. Übrigens als Randnotiz, da es wohl nur mich betrifft: Das Tablet hat das glriche Update auch sofort erhalten.

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