Interview mit Peter Chou - CEO von HTC Interview mit Peter Chou - CEO von HTC
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  1. Das Laptop Magazine hat ein Interview mit Peter Chou publiziert, wie so oft in Englisch. Themen wie das iPhone, die Android Plattform, UMPCs und das SE Xperia X1 werden angesprochen.

    "The Windows Mobile platform has a lot of good stuff inside, but the user interface has not been easy. It is very techy and not intuitive. HTC decided to innovate on the user experience, so we launched the HTC Touch and it was a great success. This year, we are coming out with even more exciting new product innovations, and we are more focused on the mobile Internet experience. Mobile Internet is going to be key in terms of making the experience more successful. We want to ensure that consumers experience that on our devices."

    Zum ganzen Interview.

  2. 16.03.2008, 04:11
    thanks juelu. Interesting insight in the strategy of HTC. Very focussed strategy of HTC, excellent leadership of Chou.

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