Die Software ActiveUpdate von Teksoft ermöglicht es, Files und Content auf Windows Mobile Geräten zu updaten. Dazu muss nur auf den Devices ein Client installiert sein, welcher sich automatisch die Files holt. Somit können viele Devices gleichzeitig up-to-date sein. Die Software richtet sich natürlich nicht unbedingt an Privatanwender.

"Let's say your company wants to customize 10.000 mobile devices with a customization software called CS. From time to time you want to offer your customers updated content for the CS, but to install it on all your customer devices you only have a few options:
physical access to the mobile devices: the customers should bring their devices back to you, which is extremely hard to organize and takes a lot of time, and you won't reach ALL the devices spread on the market
provide the updated software on your webpage and ask your customers to download it and install it manually - not all the customers read your webpage - not all of them are aware of how to install the update - and not all of them will be willing to spend their time with this upgrade. You will also loose a lot of time on your side, offering technical support regarding this procedure.
Distribute Secure Data (SD) Cards containing the update to your clients - this would work but it can be very expensive."

Zu Teksoft.