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  1. Es gibt eine neue Version vom Gratis RSS Reader Programm pRSSreader.

    Features in Englisch:


    • Small
    pRSSreader is very small application. It takes about 500 KB of your PDA memory.
    • Formats
    pRSSreader can handle many versions of feeds: RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0, RDF 1.0 and Atom 0.3.
    • Site Manager
    Site manager allows you to subscribe to sites you want to read. You can group your feeds into folders and you can set up feed options such as displaying on the Today screen, caching options, etc.
    • Items
    pRSSreader can mark feed items with three states: new, unread and read. Those states are preserved between starts of pRSSreader. You can sort the feed items or you can hide already read items.
    • Sequential reading
    Once you start reading, you can read from the start to the end without getting back to the main window to switch between items or even feeds.
    • Customizable
    pRSSreader is quite customizable. You can set up appearance of reading dialog, change font sizes, enable clear type, set the location of cache or an external browser for viewing the whole messages and many more (see registry tweaks for more options).
    • Caching
    pRSSreader have quite powerful caching abilities, it can cache images included within feeds, enclosures and it can also cache online pages for offline browsing.
    • Cache Manager
    Use Cache Manager for maintaining your cached content. You can delete whole cache as well as single files - see more (from 1.3.0).
    • Import/Export
    You can import your OPML file from the Internet or from your local file system as well. pRSSreader can also export your OPML file.
    • Updates
    You can update your feeds manually or you can also let pRSSreader to update your feeds automatically. Then they will be updated periodically (you can select the update interval).
    • Today screen
    pRSSreader has integration with Today screen. It can simply display the number of new/unread items or can cycle feed names or even items from a feed. The plugin is compatible with Pocket Breeze.
    • Summary View
    The summary view shows you the number of new/unread/total items in your feeds. You can also use it to switch between your feeds very quickly.
    • Keywords
    You can enter a list of keywords and pRSSreader will show you feed items that includes those keywords (from 1.3.0).
    • Proxy Support
    pRSSreader supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy servers (from 1.3.0).
    • HTTP Authentication
    pRSSreader can access HTTP pages protected with Basic or Digest authentication (from 1.3.0).
    • Localizations
    pRSSreader is localized into Czech, Dutch, French and Spanish language (from 1.3.0).
    • HTML Optimizer
    You can use HTML optimizer to get online content optimized for PDA screens - see FAQ how to set the optimizer up. You can also define custom rules to get online content prepared for PDAs by a content provider (from 1.3.2).
    • Offline Mode
    Use offline mode to prevent pRSSreader to connect to the Internet and show only cached content (from 1.3.4).

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