Hat das Motorola Milestone Flash? Hat das Motorola Milestone Flash?
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    Kann das Motorola Milestone eigentlich Flash?
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  2. 15.11.2009, 12:25
    zum thema flash auf dem motorola milestone:

    No Flash?
    The Motorola Droid is listed as having flash… with the reminder that it won’t come until early 2010. That is both good and bad – let me tell you why:

    1. You’re stuck without flash for at least a few months. If you’ve ever used a flash capable browser, you’ll notice it is missing in your everyday interwebz travels and hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.
    2. Google will be pushing out an Android 2.1 or beyond update early 2010. This means that all the OTHER issues I’ve discussed with Android 2.0 could also be improved and updated at the same time. Let’s hope that Google crams a boat load of work into that update in ADDITION to native flash compatibility.
    das is übrigens ein hinweis darauf, dass motorola das ding auch up to date halten wird und updates erscheinen werden obwohl nicht "with google" drauf steht.
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