Can I uninstall Microsoft Weather in Windows 10 Mobile? Can I uninstall Microsoft Weather in Windows 10 Mobile?
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  1. Hello everyone! When I tap on all apps I always find that Microsoft weather app has a blank blue tile. I have discovered that uninstalling the app and reinstalling it recovers the lost icon as I did with MSN News. Now I can't uninstall Microsoft Weather apps? How can I deal with this problem without resetting my device? Thanks. D bạn l người theo di bo hay đang ln kế hoạch cho ngy đi học, ứng dụng The Weather Channel trực tiếp mang đến cho bạn những dự bo, bản đồ rađa v những thng bo hữu ch, c nhn ha v siu chnh xc nhất.

  2. hello ethardsdaisy92. in latest Windows 10 mobile build15254.12 you should try to reset the weather App. Go to all settings -> then to apps -> apps & features -> then scroll down to weather, tap on it, advanced settings. There you should find the option to reset the app. By the way, normally there should be an option to uninstall the weather app. So I fear the next escalation step would be a hard reset, if resetting the app will not work.

    Mit der kostenlosen App von meinem Microsoft Lumia 950 (10.0.15254.12) aus geschrieben.

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