How to backup contacts to PC for windows mobile How to backup contacts to PC for windows mobile
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  1. Many friends find it is boresome to manager mobile contacts.Sepecially when the phone is lost,broken or reset, so they have to add contacts one by one on the phone again.
    Now I found and recommend this third party software called "GodswMobile Contacts Transfer" for Windows Mobile phone to transfer contacts to your laptop computer.

    Here is the user’s guide (4 main Steps)
    1.Download GodswMobile Contacts Transfer and install on mobile phone.
    2.Transfer contacts from windows mobile to computer.
    3.Manage windows mobile contacts on computer.
    4.Restore contacts to windows mobile phone.

    1.Download GodswMobile Contacts Transfer and install on mobile phone.
    Step 1ownload GodswMobile Contacts Transfer from Here.
    Step 2:Unzip(Open) the file you downloaded just now and copy the consistent installation file "WM6_GodswContactsTransferSetup.CAB" to your mobile device. You may need to connect your device to a computer using ActiveSync. You can also transfer the file using a memory card.
    Step 3: On your mobile phone, navigate to the location of the CAB file using File Explorer. Click on the CAB file-"WM6_GodswContactsTransferSetup.CAB" and click "Install" to start the installation. You could choose install in your device or Storage Card as you wish (displayed as the following screenshot).

    Step 4: Now installation has been completed. Select "OK" to continue.

    2.Transfer contacts from windows mobile to computer.
    Step 1: Click "Start"button and then select "Programs", you will see the follow screenshot.

    Step 2: Run”Contacts Transfer”,you can see the main windows of GodswMobile Contacts Transfer.

    Step 3: Click the “Backup” button, and then you will see a screenshot the follow:

    Step 4:Click “Save” button to start backup.Like a screenshot as follow:

    Step 5:You will see a backup file on your mobile phone after backup completed.And then you can transfer this backup file to your computer simply by ActiveSync.

    3.Manage windows mobile contacts on computer
    Step 1:Fistly,you use GodswMobile Contacts Transfer to backup your contacts into a .cts file in your mobile phone. Details please view: Transfer contacts from windows mobile phone to computer.
    Step 2:Transfer the contacts backup file(*.cts) from your mobile phone to your computer by ActiveSync. Then run the 'GodswMobile Contacts Manager.exe' on your computer. Simply click 'File' -> 'Import'. See the screenshot as following:

    Step 3: Then you will see there is a popup window. You can simply select a contacts backup file which you wanna edit or view and then click 'open'.

    Step 4:Now all contacts you selectd are imported into GodswMobile Contacts Manager. See as the following screenshot:

    Step 5:There are different view modes for you to view or edit your contacts. For example, if you check 'Contact View' box, the contacts will be displayed as the above mode; if you check “'Contact List' box, the contacts will be listed in the following way (see the following screenshot).

    Edit the contacts information, set photo and ringtone for every contact as you like.

    Switch contact between sim card and outlook
    In the storage type, you can switch contacts to sim card or switch contacts to mobile, which can help you switch contacts between sim card and outlook easily.

    Add new contacts
    Right Click to choose 'Add New Record' GodswMobile Contacts Manager,you can add a new contact simply.

    Output your edited contacts as .cts Backup File and restore backto your phone
    You can export the contacts to a “.cts” backup file (*.cts) by Clicking the 'Export' option. This backup file can be restored back to and read as contacts in your window mobile phone .

    4.Restore contacts to windows mobile phone?
    Step 1:Run “Contacts Transfer”.You will see a screenshot as follow:

    Step 2:Click the “Restore”button and you will see the follow screenshot, then select the file which you need to restore and then click “OK” to restore:


    Free download:

  2. Schaut Grundsätzlich ganz nett aus.
    Man kann wirklich alle Einträge in dem Kontakt Bearbeiten.

    Die Download Version ist leider nur ne Demo und die Voll Version soll 19USD Kosten.
    hmmmm ist mir denn doch etwas Viel. So alles um die 10 Euro würde ja ok sein.

    Aber Grundsätzlich kein Schlechtest Tool

  3. Actually Godsw Mobile Contacts Transfer brings me lots of convenience and interesting life.
    Good news for this,I got a link of a generous 35% off discount:

    Let's enjoy it!

  4. 23.04.2010, 03:19
    And thank you for sharing such a valueble info.
    Godsw is so powerful~

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