VITO ActiveTrace updated

February 6, 2006 – VITO Technology updates its sports oriented application with GPS navigation. VITO ActiveTrace is specially designed for your outdoor sports activities.

After one month on sale VITO ActiveTrace has already gained popularity among users and has drawn attention of some specialists in this field.

With this application on your Pocket PC or Smartphone you get more satisfaction out of your outdoor activities as it precisely traces your performance and keeps it for further inspection.

VITO ActiveTrace:
• records your tracks
• navigates along the track
• collects the detailed statistics for trips (speed, acceleration, altitude, calories burnt, distance, time, and other)
• displays tracks and stats on-line
• allows to set pushpins
• allows to send your coordinates to friends via sms
• displays your friends coordinates
• is all you need for unforgettable outdoor experience

Check out the feature of coordinates exchange via SMS messages. It’s the easiest way to swap whereabouts with your friends outdoors and save time on looking for each other. You can specify the time interval for sending your coordinates. The pushpins indicating your friends’ location change their positions together with your friends as you receive new coordinates from them.

New in VITO ActiveTrace v 1.21:
• universal version for WM 5.0 PPCs and Smartphones
• all Smartphones supported
• GPS Scan submenu has been moved directly to Menu
• minor bugs fixed
• more languages: German, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Dutch

Useful links:
Company web site
Product page

VITO Technology ltd. is known for its high-tech products in the field of Pocket PC, Palm, and Symbian software, navigation and custom projects. Introduced in the present article VITO ActiveTrace is a sports oriented program for recording tracks, storing trip statistics, and exchanging coordinates. It’s great for any of your outdoor activity.

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