Problem with driver for Windows XP Problem with driver for Windows XP
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  1. Marina Tavares Gast
    Hello dear forum-supporter,

    Three questions in the air....
    i have a QTEK S200 and can not synchronize with a PC with OS Windows XP Home Edition. When i try to synchronize it can not find the driver and asks again&again for driver installation (although already tried to install many times from CD-QTEK).

    With another PC (Windows NXP) can synchroniye with no problem... Do you know where can i find the driver needed for Windows XP Home Edition?
    Is it possible to record MP3 files with the QTEK200? Or do i need to load some special program for it?
    The SW (OS perhaps) seems to be a bit buggy on my QTEK200 (it blocks sometimes after doing photos or accessing address book). Do you know if there is an update of the SW that can be downloaded?
    thanks a lot and cheers
    Marina Tavares

  2. 1 try to download the latest ActiveSync 4.5 from

    2. You need a special program:

    3. you must ask your vendor where you have to get the latest updates...

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