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  1. Ich habe mal mein Mapopolis nachgefragt, wann die neuen Karten kommen...

    Thanks for asking. Actually we were VERY CLOSE to releasing new maps in December but found a problem. We used new polygon algorithms to adjust for land/water inversions in the underlying map data and these produced map overlaps that resulted in degraded performance, mainly for Palm devices when running a large number of maps off the card. So, we are working on correcting that and decided at the same time to use the end of year map data from NavTeq.
    We are hoping everything is worked out and we have new maps in Feb. or early March.

    Thanks for using Mapopolis -- please check back. We will post a notice in the rightmost NEWS column of our homepage when they are ready.

    Cheryl @ Mapopolis

  2. 22.01.2005, 17:04
    Hallo turbolover,

    siehe mal den Bericht hier von mir vom 10. Dez. 04.

    Gruess Daniel.

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