SyChip SD-I/O WLAN Card for Windows Mobile SyChip SD-I/O WLAN Card for Windows Mobile
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    How long have we been waiting fort his? Finally I was granted the BETA-Drivers and a WLAN SD-I/O Card from the american manufacturer SyChip, to who many thanks go out a this place for their support with this review.
    WLAN-Cards in SD-I/O Format have been available now for quite a while, but they were not useful for Windows Mobile Smartphones due to the lack of drivers. The WLAN6065SDx Card is about a third larger than a normal SD flash memory card and that’s why it’s looking out of the Orange SPV e200. I think this is also needed, because the WiFi Antenna needs free space around it and I guess it would have none or only a bad signal when the antenna would be inside the device.
    So, if you plug the Card into the SPV e200, nothing happens at all. You first need to install the drivers in .CAB format onto the Smartphone. I guess in the final release, an installer program might do this job for you. So, when the drivers are installed, the tiny LED starts to flash. The drivers occupy only about 80 KB of space, and you get a start menu entry called SyChip WLAN Config which also can be runned without the Card been inserted, for configurations per example. Do you run the app now, it’ll search for available WLAN-HotSpots, either of Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure type. Spotted AccessPoints will be listed with a corresponding icon (Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure) and also with the signal strength, an locked-icon for if encryption is used, an book-icon if there’s already a profile for this AccessPoint on your Smartphone, the used channel and the MAC-address. Above this list we find the entrance dialog with the entry SSID: displaying status (connecting to…) and the name (the SSID) of the AccesPoint when we are finally connected. So on, there’s the currently used Channel displayed which is for browsing the site and for connecting purposes, the transfer rate Tx, signal quality and strength in two block displays and of course the currently assigned IP-address on this dialog.
    With the soft buttons you close the dialog by selecting Done, or you open up the Menu. Top most entry in the menu is IP-Info which got sub-entries View (show the current configuration of DNS, WINS, DHCP, IP, Subnetmask etc), Renew (to get a new IP), Ping (to open a Ping dialog) and Config (to open a dialog to configure the IP settings). On this IP-Config dialog the WINS entry is important, because you can enter there the IP of the desktop computer you want to ActiveSync with.
    The next menu entry n the entrance dialog is called Profiles and has got the submenus Edit (for the edit-dialog), New (for making a new profile with the edit-dialog), and Delete (for removing a profile from the Smartphone).Within the Profile-Edit-Dialog you can edit the SSID of the AccessPoint, the Type (Peer-to-Peer or Infrastructure), the used Channel (from 1 to 11), the preferred transfer rate Tx (either Auto, 1, 2, 1 or 2, 5.5 or 11), the Preamble mode (Full auto, long or short) and the WEP settings. These WEP Settings contain WEP-Key methods (Disabled, 64-Bit-HEX, 64-Bit-ASCII, 128-Bit-HEX, or 128-Bit-ASCII), the 4 Key-IDs (select and entert he Keys) and the Authentication Algorithms (Auto based on WEP setting, WECA Compliant (use Open) und Must use Shared with WEP).
    With this you have full compatibility to all WEP-encrypted WiFi Connections.
    Next entry of the menu in the entrance dialg is calles Adcanced, opening a dialog where you can set the power-saving function (Always enable, Auto enable and Disabled) as well as a 10-level Slider from Performance to Battery Life.
    The next entry in the menu is Refresh and refreshes the entrance dialog. Rescan searches again for AccessPoints and About gives you some version information.
    A description of all the dialogs can also be found in the PDF manual shipped with the drivers.
    Oh, and the driver also makes an entry in the Data connection dialog of your Smartphone, so you can specify for example that a connection to the Internet does not use GPRS but your WLAN.
    On the street
    On the street, the SD-I/O WLAN card with the SyChip drivers proof to be a very good deal. You can discover all WLANs in your neighborhood, even those hiding themselfes by not broadcast the SSID. The battery of my Orange SPV e200 did not drastically drain due to the usage of the WLAN adapter at lowest performance setting, only about 3 hours in average 8O.

    All ever after, the drivers by SyChip are not only the first drivers on market, but also very good made with tons of features that opens you and your Smartphone plenty of possibilities in the WiFi world. It’s sad that the driver and the manual are only available in English, and it is indeed a great lack, that the IP-Configuration is not saved within a profile but global. With this, you’d have not to enter the IP-Config every time you swap from one WLAN to another, but maybe in the final release, this feature will be added. At least I hope so

    Price: SanDisk and Socket Communications sell the card, SyChip does not sell it on their brand.
    Manufacturer: SyChip
    Product page: SyChip, SanDisk, SanDisk with 256MB and Socket Communications.

  2. Das deutsche Posting ist hier, da der Hersteller SyChip die Review gerne in Englisch lesen möchte .

  3. das habe ich mir imme rgewünscht, und jetzt, wo das c500 da ist, das ein um welten besseres phone ist(oder mir scheint es auf jeden fall so) kommen die Treiber...

    und ein Kumpel von mir hat das e200 mit einem kasten erdrückt :-/

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