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  1. 05.05.2004, 03:29
    sind schon etwas ältere news - ich weiss. nur dass dies nicht in vergessenheit gerät, hier nochmal der bericht... das ist doch DAS HAMMERTEIL für alle hier!!!
    SMARTPHONE und POCKET PC in einem!!!

    Lenovo ET560

    Many people have complained that Microsoft Smartphone has no touch screen and that displays of Microsoft smartphones are not rotable (like in Tablet PC). Well, no problem now: Chinese Legend Group corporation introduces Pocket PC phone that looks like Smartphone and has rotable display - Lenovo ET560.

    It would make no sense to make a Microsoft Smartphone with rotable display because it has no touchscreen, but with Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system such construction is extremely useful and gives you a feeling of having "a Tablet PC in a pocket".

    Specifications of Lenovo ET560:
    Dimensions : 107X65.5X24mm.
    Weight : 176g.
    GSM Dualband (900/1800MHz).
    GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).
    Intel X-Scale 400MHz processor.
    Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone Edition Operating System.
    64MB RAM.
    32MB Flash ROM.
    Dual LCD display screen, external mono LCD display screen and internal 320X240 pixels 262144 colours TFT LCD display screen.
    Integrated 350K resolutions digital camera.
    Built-in microphone, speaker and headphone jack.
    Call vibration.
    Polyphonic ring tone.
    Text input prediction software.
    SD/SDIO/MMC card expansion slot.
    Infrared and USB host (!) port.
    Up to 160 hours of standby time.

    Why Microsoft hadn´t use such construction for making smart phones right the away but introduced "Microsoft Smartphone" platform without touchscreen and with smaller display (176x220 contrary to 240x320 in Pocket PCs)? Because "Microsoft Smartphone" is targeting smaller devices with lower prices - mass market - and Pocket PC phones were (in past) targeting mostly business users. Now the situation may change quite significantly and we see also cheap Pocket PC phones targeting mass market...

    Another issue worth mentioning is that generally there are 2 kinds of people: those who like small cellphone and big PDA (so called "2 body solution") and those who like everything in one device. For the second ones the Microsoft Smartphone seemed sometimes to have too little functionality (no touchscreen, too small display to read e-Books). Now with phones like Lenovo ET560 both categories of users are satisfied and with such Pocket PCs like Toshiba e800 - that have display of 640x480 resolution - also Microsoft Smartphone in combination with Toshiba e800 is an interesting proposition. Windows Mobile devices truly are able to satisfy needs of all users.


    s.a. thread

    bitte mehr darüber posten! news, infos, shops, preise....

    greez, franky

  2. Ich sollte noch diesen Monat so 'n Ding kriegen...

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