2 days old SPV dead 2 days old SPV dead
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  1. Daniele Gast
    Hy to all,

    The 1st of april I placed an order for a Orange Developer unblocked SmartPhone SPV (N 18, reference SPV-2003-04-01-3e897929e503d).

    The phone (IMEI n° 350399001386103) was arrived to me (in Italy) the 15 of April without the USB CABLE!!!!! (1st problem)

    Today, after 2 fully workly days (5 conversations hours just done) the phone was dead (2nd BIG PROBLEM).

    The history:

    - Yesterday, before starting a meeting at 03:00 pm (CET) I switched off my SPV.

    - Yesterday at 05:15PM CET, when I tried to switch on it won't to start!!!!

    I tried:

    1. Battery (is full, just charged in the morning)
    2. Connect the Battery charger
    3. Hard reset
    4. Change SIM Providers/type (3 different Providers, "TIM" 16k, "3" USIM and "WIND" 32K)

    but my SPV doesn't switch on!!!!

    Could you help me??

    What is the warranty procedure????

    It's SIM unlocked (buy by ORA site), registered (by ORANGE site) and uncertified (by ORANGE SMS link method).

    My provider are Vodavone Omnitel and TIM!

    Could you help me?????

    Daniele Gardellin

  2. Hi Daniele

    I think your SPV is an older version or something wrong... I would call the orange support and then you should send back your spv to orange. Orange should you give a new COMPLETE version of their package!