Geeksphone Peak Plus: Verfügarkeit und Preise Geeksphone Peak Plus: Verfügarkeit und Preise
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  1. 04.08.2013, 12:10
    Smartphonepreise ändern sich fast täglich.

    Hier könnt ihr euch mit anderen Usern/Interessenten kurzschliessen wer das Smartphone zu welchem Preis anbietet.

  2. 29.08.2013, 07:56
    Firefox-Handy Geeksphone Peak+ auf Oktober verschoben

  3. Das Peak+ wurde gerade offiziell gecancelt, die Besteller sollten eine Mail bekommen haben:

    Peak+ Issues

    Dear Geeksphone users:

    At Geeksphone we have been working for more than four years in order to expand the Company, always standing by our ideals, and therefore having to make difficult decisions. But certainly this week has been the hardest.

    The Peak+ project started in May as an evolution of the Peak, which had garnered much success. We wanted to make a new device aimed to be a new evolution of our Peak model, improvig it thanks to your feedback, but maintaining continuity in terms of quality and philosophy.

    Unfortunately, during the month of August 2013, very serious problems arose in the components' supply chain in Asia that have been impossible to avoid.

    Although we expected a complex situation, the reality exceeded the worst scenario. This was compounded by the decline and cessation of activity (in domino effect) of numerous suppliers and other indepedent OEMs.

    We adopted multiple measures in order to have confirmation from all suppliers to start production later this November.

    But the current reality makes this situation no longer possible.

    Despite that we have been able to stock up the scarcest components (ROM and RAM memories), our integrator (or EMS) has communicated us the complete cease of its activity.

    Cellon Technologies was, up to date, one of the longest running and most reputable EMS/ODM in the industry. Nevertheless, and due to multiple internal problems, they have not been able to fulfill the responsibilities in which we placed our trust .

    We have assesed other alternatives, but in the most optimistic scenario, manufacturing would not be possible until January 2014, even with the support of other Geeksphone's partners such as Foxconn or Quanta (EMS / ODM).
    Therefore and despite our great efforts, we have decided that the most reasonable, honest and consistent decision is to cancel Peak+ manufacturing.

    new plans for the future

    This serious incident has not made us to give up. Geeksphone in exchange has maintained its usual new products development work, as well as the implementation of a strategic management plan which prevents that exceptional situations such as these may occur in the future.

    Hence, we will announce in a few days the new Geeksphone terminal. You may follow its "birth" here

    We firmly believe that it will thrill our "Geek" fans and that it will revolutionize the mobile universe once again.


    Under these conditions, we first want to apologize for the damage and great disappointment that will surely cause a loss in the confidence you had in Geeksphone. We want to offer three solutions for you to continue to trust us:

    Solution 1:

    Request a full refund of the amount paid.

    In this case contact us at quoting your name and Peak+ order number.

    Solution 2:

    Apply for a Peak.

    In this case contact us at quoting your name and Peak+ order number.

    We will immediately send it by priority courier, plus a $ 20 refund (15 €) to your credit card account.

    This offer will remain valid until end of stock. The Peak remains the most powerful Firefox OS device in the market.

    Solution 3:

    Request exchange for the the new multi OS Geeksphone device, the Geeksphone Revolution.

    In this case contact us at quoting your name and Peak+ order number.

    The new device will be available soon. In recognition of your support to Geeksphone you will be able to purchase the new device with no further payment representing near 50% discount for those choosing this option. A full refund may be requested at any time.

    Thanks for your support and confidence.

    Javier Agüera and the Geeksphone team.

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