[Rom][AOKP JB PRE](AROMA+OTA)Resurrection Remix JB v3.0.1[31/07] [Rom][AOKP JB PRE](AROMA+OTA)Resurrection Remix JB v3.0.1[31/07]
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    [FONT=Impact]About Resurrection Remix ROM
    Downloads and useful links

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]From version 3.0 Resurrection Remix it's based on AOKP and CM10 preview builds, this Jelly Bean releases are highly experimental but also can result stable for most of the users.

    Please don't report bugs at this stages, all gonna be solved on future and stable releases.

    Special thanks to the AOKP and CM10 teams, and of course to all the supporters and donators.


    [FONT=Century Gothic]v3.0.1[/FONT]
    • Based on latest AOKP and CM10 sources
    • Siyah v3.5.2 kernel added to AROMA installer
    • Dream kernel v2.6.8 added to AROMA installer
    • CM10 kernel updated on AROMA installer
    • Added theme chooser
    • Added extweaks
    • Updated camera app
    • Updated settings options
    • Updated bluetooth
    • Added holo red theme
    • Fixed apn issues
    • Repaired framework.res
    • Performance and battery life improved
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v3.0[/FONT]
    • Based on Jelly Bean AOKP preview build 6
    • Added AROMA Installer
    • Added Samsung Task Manager on AROMA installer
    • Added Samsung Apps on AROMA installer
    • Added Polaris Office on AROMA installer
    • Added Inverted and default gapps on AROMA installer
    • Added enable / disable navigation buttons options on AROMA installer
    • Added Update me app
    • Added Swipe
    • Added sgs2 settings
    • Framework fixed
    • Improved performance
    • Everything is working: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
    • Totally daily drive
    • More to come... enjoy
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.6.1[/FONT]
    • updated siyah kernel 3.4.1
    • updated cm9 2012.07.22 kernel
    • GPS ,M.DATA and WİFİ improved
    • bluetooth improved issues fixed
    • camera firmware updated
    • new camera added (inc: iso,touch to focus v record ,timer and brust mode)
    • most of apps updated to latest version
    • fixed swipe speak to text
    • fixed notification toogles and date
    • updated build prop
    • updated lib files
    • updated latest gapps
    • updated R-wallpepers
    • added apex launcher JB HD theme (aroma)
    • deep sleep & battery life improved
    • and many fixes included in update ,,
    • cm9 volume drop patch not including because causes other unexpected issues
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.6[/FONT]
    • based on latest M6 aokp source --see changelog--
    • updated fluxi kernel beta-1
    • updated siyah kernel 3.3.3c
    • scrolling improved
    • added updated samsung apps &TW task manager (aroma)
    • ics notes added
    • ics contacts widget added
    • added sony experia launcher (aroma)
    • updated inverted apps
    • 160 dpi phone removed (aroma)
    • updated bluetooth
    • updated browser
    • Google ears app fixed
    • too many improvement
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.5.3[/FONT]
    • Fc on USB Mass storage fixed
    • NoiseSuppressor improved (jb)
    • sound quality improved (jb)
    • sgs2 settings updated
    • clock app fixed
    • some of apps removed
    • aroma updated & categorized
    • fix for 160 dpi phone. added to aroma
    • fast and fluid interface
    • fluxi kernel updated
    • superuser updated
    • camera app updated to camera ics codex fixed (thanks to moblynx)
    • apexlauncher updated
    • youtube updated -inverted/default
    • google+ updated
    • calendar & email app updated
    • jellybean gmusic app - inverted by me & default
    • jellybean improved better transitions (added to aroma)
    • jellybean System ui Sounds-Alarms-Ringtones
    • jellybean notification clean icon
    • jellybean google ears app
    • jellybean current app
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.5.2[/FONT]
    • Google Maps apk updated to the last version
    • YouTube apk updated to the last version
    • Weather & News app updated
    • Google Currents app added [JellyBean]
    • Movie studio app added [JellyBean]
    • FC on Weather Panel fixed
    • Framework fixed
    • Foursquare and Viber issues fixed
    • Weather on notification bar improved
    • Behavior of external sd card improved
    • Some patches from JellyBean ported
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.5.1[/FONT]
    • weather issues and some minor bugs resolved ( thanks to ibsonic for his help )
    • based on AOKP buiid-40 see changelog
    • siyah kernel 3.3.2(extweaks)
    • cm9 kernel
    • fluxi kernel beta9 (xxtweaker)
    • XLPS Modem
    • Updateme RR OTA update added (Added to settings)
    • bluetooth issues fixed
    • holo red theme added (thanks to dev)
    • flipboard updated
    • nova updated
    • apex updated
    • gapps updated
    • hardware info added to settings
    • great battery life (battery save retweaked)
    • framework impoved
    • smooth and fluid performans
    • gpu improved
    • .........and more changes................
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.4.1[/FONT]
    • wifi issues fixed
    • compass issues fixed
    • performans updated
    • aroma installer improved
    • maps fixed
    • graphic issues fixed
    • wifi improved
    • fast lock gps improved
    • faster browsing
    • battery life improved
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.4[/FONT]
    • based on aokp build 39 see changelog
    • aroma updated fixed and many options added
    • added fluxxi kernel to aroma custom options( xxtweaker )
    • siyah kernel 3.3.2 is default
    • battery life improved
    • lot of system issues and lags fixed
    • sound files updated
    • gtalk issues fixed
    • power control widget updated (thanks to TRusselo)
    • multi dpi gplay added to aroma (thanks to pigmachine) if its not working install marketaccess app
    • phone ,mms .contacts updated
    • gapps updated
    • maps fixed
    • NSTools added (kernel tweaks app)
    • some buttons fixed
    • aokp tips added
    • weather update improved
    • ad free host file updated
    • bln and sensor improved
    • google music added as default
    • and many of them. i cant rememember all. test it and see yourself ..
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.3[/FONT]
    • Full Aroma installer experience
    • latest siyahKernel v3.3.2
    • XLP9 modem
    • camera issues fixed (exit flash blink still there) its chronic issue
    • scroll improved
    • deep sleep improved
    • duplicates media files fixed ..just in case (unmount and mount sd card)
    • system ui torch toggle fixed (nicer blue toggles added)
    • sgs3 launcher added and modded(still beta)thanks to xator91
    • gapps,pitchblack themes updated
    • gpu improved twice smooth game experience
    • sound improved
    • Contacts updated
    • extweaks app added
    • flipboard app updated
    • and many more...
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.2[/FONT]
    • based on build 38 see changelog
    • cm9 kernel (stable)-better battery life
    • inverted internal & external sd card issue fixed
    • Framework issues fixed ,RE-modded
    • build.prop tweaked
    • duplicates media files fixed (only with cm9 kernel)
    • tablet ui removed
    • x4 lockscreen removed
    • locksreen issues fixed
    • inverted mms modded( mms picture size 480x640) thanks to hartry
    • inverted &default theme package fixed
    • RR-Wallpaper chooser updated
    • bootanimation updated Sound added (made by BigDenn )
    • system ui re-modded
    • camera fixed
    • its clean twice faster and twice stable.... just enjoy
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.1[/FONT]
    • siyah kernel
    • re-modded framework.res.apk
    • Brand NEW remix 4x Style lockscreen ADDED (fixed)
    • lockscreen icon images changed ( made by cyberboob big thanks )
    • Download mode added to power menu
    • gallery issues fixed
    • camera updated
    • settings updated
    • NEW RR bootanimation updated (Bootanimation made by BigDenn BİG thanks)
    • Samsung apps added
    • phone app updated
    • 184 dpi issues fixed
    • lockscreen lag fixed
    • apollo app fixed modded and black theme added
    • miui file explorer removed (install es file explorer from gplay)
    • 3g,data ,wifi.bluetooh better and faster
    • musicFX removed (DSP manager updated)
    • start-up tweaks fixed
    • tablet Uİ still little buggy
    • and many of them. i cant rememember all
    • rom just running amazing plz ENJOY!!!
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v2.0[/FONT]
    • based on build 37-see changelog
    • latest siyah kernel v3.2.6 updated
    • rom totally rebuilded
    • many of framework bugs fixed
    • light sensor fixed
    • swipe fixed
    • music fx and dsp manager updated (fixed)
    • beats audio removed (sound files patched improvement)
    • dpi issues fixed
    • latest apollo music added (Highly recommented to use with dsp manager)
    • gmusic removed
    • data gps wifi and compass issues fixed
    • pitchblack pack updated
    • tablet ui mode fixed (market issue still there)
    • volume slider issue fixed
    • system ui patched and improvement
    • remix ics walpapers updated fixed and added RR wallpapers(RR Wallpapers made by cyberboob BİG thanks!!)
    • bootanimation changed
    • Great performans for your galaxy s2
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.9.1[/FONT]
    • latest siyah kernel updated
    • sd card issues fixed
    • light sensor works better
    • system ui fixed
    • better and faster gps lock
    • black swipe added
    • beatsaudio fixed
    • musicfx fixed
    • file explorer updated (black theme)
    • polaris office added
    • inverted google talk fixed
    • pitchblack apps updated (latest google play added)
    • multi dpi phone apk added (thanks to gabowinter)
    • muiti dpi google play added (thanks to MyLifeRocks10)
    • samsung apps added
    • full ad free host added
    • wifi connection fixed
    • framework modded issues fixed
    • and many more...
    • (fullwipe recommented)
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.9[/FONT]
    • based on AOKP source build36 see changelogs HERE
    • latest siyah kernel included (thanks to gokhanmoral)
    • DR DRE's beats audio(use musicfx)
    • light sensor issues fixed
    • wifi channel issue fixed
    • Video editor app fixed (works with all media formats)
    • cm9 theme chooser added (modded)
    • wallpaper chooser added (modded and added remix ics wallpapers)
    • Nova launcher added(re optimised for tablet mode)
    • framework res updated issues fixed
    • faster mtp file transfer
    • system ui fixed
    • gapps updated included in 1.9
    • pitchblack (inverted apps) updated fixed(swipe included)
    • tabletUİ mode & default Uİ additional zip
    • black google reader app added
    • google (books) added
    • galaxy s3 flipboard app included
    • extweaks app added (BLN & siyah kernel tweaks)(thanks to gokhanmoral)
    • CWM app added
    • s2 device settings in settings menu(credits to paradoxx)
    • and more......
    • This build totally based on aokp open sources project (thanks to kang team)
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.8.1[/FONT]
    • Bootloop caused by make a full wipe fixed
    • File explorer theme fixed
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.8[/FONT]
    • Based on the Build 35 / Milestone 5 of AOKP, changelog here
    • Wi-Fi issues fixed [Patched]
    • Long press of back button to kill apps fixed
    • ROM control app fixed
    • Calculator app fixed
    • Framework renewed [res] [thanks to task650 for the framework]
    • CM9 kernel improvement
    • Deepsleep improvement
    • GPS lock improvement
    • File explorer updated and black themed [Now allows to you, access and modify the system files]
    • ROM totally black themed
    • Bootanimation BIOS Style included [Made by Vreestyle]
    • Samsung app store included
    • Modded camera included [Thanks to task650 and D4rKn3sSyS for the external sd patch]
    • Fastest bluetooth data transfer
    • Fastest data connection
    • and many more...
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.7[/FONT]
    • Based on the Build 34 of AOKP, changelog here
    • All reported issues from v1.6 fixed
    • Market issues fixed
    • Battery stats fixed [Better battery life]
    • Build.prop fixed
    • GPU issues for gamers fixed
    • rom resized
    • cm9 kernel updated
    • Gapps included on the ROM and updated
    • GPS patched, totally fast
    • Media format recording switched from 3gp To Mp4 (patch made by GaboWinter)
    • Black themed apps [Updated]
    • Framework-res.apk modded and themed [Holo style]
    • File explorer added [Modded]
    • Quick wake up from lockscreen
    • Deep sleep now works great
    • Simple installation [For noobs]
    • And many more...
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.6[/FONT]
    • Based on aokp
    • Galaxy s2 settings updated
    • Superuser app updated
    • Performance updated
    • Google car home app added
    • GPS improvement
    • Camera modded [Now you can choose save to External SD and power button as shutter, thanks to task650]
    • Battery performance feels better with default kernel
    • Deep sleep works great
    • MTP activated with default kernel
    [FONT=Century Gothic]v1.4[/FONT]
    • Based on the Build 32 of AOKP, changelog here
    • Kernel updated now mtp works [Thanks to koud]
    • File manager updated
    • Framework updated
    • Media files updated
    • Camera updated [Now you can pinch to zoom, thanks to cm9 team]
    • Phone and sms apps updated
    • GPSwifi improvement
    • Better performance and battery
    • Best AOKP experience
    • enjoy...


    1.- Wipe data / factory reset (mandatory if you coming from ICS version or another ROM)
    2.- Install the Main ROM
    3.- In AROMA installer select "Custom Installation"
    4.- Choose depending of your taste
    5.- When AROMA installer finish untick the "Reboot Now" option
    6.- When you're back on recovery go to Advanced
    7.- Wipe Dalvik Cache
    8.- Fix Permissions
    9.- Wipe Cache Partition
    10.- Reboot

    IMPORTANT: If you come from another ROM, have some issues or want a really clean installation then follow the 'Extended steps to install the ROM' featured on the General FAQ

    If you appreciate my work you can buy me a beer




    Resurrection Remix ICS ROM 2.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100!


    Resurrection ICS ROM Review (thanks to hypnobabes)

    You are a Noob on XDA-Developers [If you really are one, please see this video ]

    Big thanks to:

    XDA developers

    CM9 team

    Kang (AOKP) team

    zedomax [For videos]

    GaboWinter [For support]

    cyberboob [For signatures, images and toggles]

    BigDenn [For Bootanimations]


    Special thanks to the Beta Test team of Resurrection Remix






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    Thread auf XDA wurde geschlossen, weil ein paar User Torrent-Links gepostet haben

  3. Die Remix ist bei 1.5 (4.0.4 CM9 Base & Kernel-Mod) angekommen Läuft super, tolle Features & Style.
    Der xda-tread war nur kurz gesperrt.
    Bitte OT updaten..

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2

    - Remix ICS 1.5 / RocketDial Pro / Nova Launcher Pro -

  4. 11.06.2012, 15:27
    Ist die ROM komplett auf deutsch?

    Lg DerChecker55

  5. Avatar von SaGaS2
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    11.06.2012, 17:14
    Zitat Zitat von DerChecker55 Beitrag anzeigen
    Ist die ROM komplett auf deutsch?

    Lg DerChecker55
    Vielleicht probierste am besten die neuste Version zum schauen, ob alles deutsch ist.

  6. 11.06.2012, 17:18
    RR Rom ist mittlerweile bei 2.1

    Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk

  7. Avatar von SaGaS2
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    11.06.2012, 20:39
    Nicht ganz! 2.2

    Habe nur vergessen den titel anzupassen, den Inhalt habe ich schon angepasst.

  8. 12.06.2012, 11:31
    Ich nehme an Jkay lässt sich hier nicht benutzen oder?

  9. Avatar von SaGaS2
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    12.06.2012, 14:17
    Zitat Zitat von tombond Beitrag anzeigen
    Ich nehme an Jkay lässt sich hier nicht benutzen oder?
    Kein JKay für AOKP Roms, soweit ich weiss!

    Für was brauchst du denn JKay?

    Man kann hier BatterieStyle wechselnd und die Statusbar anpassen

  10. 12.06.2012, 15:21

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2

  11. 12.06.2012, 15:22
    Hallo erst mal...habe da noch 2-3 kleine Fragen:

    - Geht die Installation hier über ODIN oder CWM?
    - Ist der Kernel bereits gerootet (brauch kein Root...)
    - die dritte schenk ich mir

    Root hat mich bis jetzt von CM9 ferngehalten, da ich nicht wirklich nen verwendungszweck dafür habe...


  12. Avatar von SaGaS2
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    12.06.2012, 15:36
    Zitat Zitat von ruggerio Beitrag anzeigen
    Hallo erst mal...habe da noch 2-3 kleine Fragen:

    - Geht die Installation hier über ODIN oder CWM?
    - Ist der Kernel bereits gerootet (brauch kein Root...)
    - die dritte schenk ich mir

    Root hat mich bis jetzt von CM9 ferngehalten, da ich nicht wirklich nen verwendungszweck dafür habe...

    Auf Root kann man bei Custom Roms eigentlich nie verzichten, da es einfach ein Bestandteil ist.
    Der Kernel, welcher mitgeflasht wird bringt Root mit sich, jedoch glaube ich kein AutoRoot.
    Das heisst du musst es bevor du diese Rom Flasht schon gerootet haben.

    Es wird über CWM installiert

  13. 12.06.2012, 15:40
    Die Rom wird über das CWM installiert und hat auch Root, es Basiert auch auf CM9! Warum hält Dich denn Root vom flashen zurück? Du brauchst den Root ja nicht nicht nutzen. Ich kenne kein Custom Rom was kein Root enthält!

  14. Die finale Version 2.6.1 ist online.
    Danach wird man sich auf JellyBean konzentrieren.

  15. und jetzt: JELLY BEAN! YEEEEEHAAAA!!!

    Funktioniert bis anhing recht zuverlässig:

  16. Warum wird hier eigentlich nicht aktualisiert?
    Die momentan beste AOKP JellyBean-ROM die es gibt, und unbedingt regelmässige Aktualisierungen wert!

    Ich bin dann mal wieder bei "android-hilfe.de"

  17. 05.08.2012, 06:47
    weiss jemand wie ich die zusätzlichen lockscreen optionen wie in diesem video kriege?

  18. welche zus. optionen meinst du? oder sag mal welche minute/sekunde im video.

  19. 06.08.2012, 12:24
    kann das video grad nicht schauen, aber es ist im hinteren drittel zu sehen wie er per optionen den carriername ändert sowie auch zusätzliche direktlinks ins unlock-menü einträgt.

    man kann also nicht bloss mit kamera, google und unlockbutton das natelentsperren, sondern kann selbst auch zu z.b. whatsapp entsperren.

  20. Offensichtlich hast du ein falsches Video gepostet. Ich seh da nix von all dem.

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