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  1. Hi ...

    nachdem ich gestern downgegradet hab und root und alles, wollte ich heute eine custom rom flashen.
    Meine Wahl ist dabei auf LeeDrOiD HD v2.2.2 gefallen.
    Empfohlen wird das ganze mit CWM 2xxxxx zu machen, ich hab aber die ClockworkMod Recovery installiert -.-

    Meine Fragen sind nun,

    wie bekomm ich 2xxxxx
    brauch ich das oder kann ich es auch mit machen
    gibt es eine andere ROM die da mithalten kann

    Danke für Antworten =)

  2. 16.03.2011, 06:11
    Im ROM-Manager ganz unten bei "Alle ClockworkMod-Recovery-Systeme" kannst du auswählen, welches du willst.
    Ob es auch mit 3.xx geht, weiß ich nicht, aber wenn der Autor das empfiehlt, wird es schon seinen Grund haben.
    Sicherlich gibt es andere ROMs, die da mithalten können, zum Beispiel Android Revolution HD, was ich selber benutze.

  3. 16.03.2011, 14:42
    also ich hab leedroid 2.2.2 mit cwm 3.x geflasht und alles wunderbar... auch beim kernel flash kein problem... aber vorher immer backup machen.

  4. Gut, ich werds mal mit 3.x versuchen zu flashen.

    Zitat Zitat von Calp Beitrag anzeigen
    Im ROM-Manager ganz unten bei "Alle ClockworkMod-Recovery-Systeme" kannst du auswählen, welches du willst.
    Auswählen schon, aber wenn 3.x drauf ist, sagt er mir "Bei der Installation des Recoverysystems ist ein Fehler aufgetreten."

  5. 17.03.2011, 17:31
    Komisch, bei mir gings.
    Viel Spaß!

  6. 21.03.2011, 16:57
    Zitat Zitat von HueTer Beitrag anzeigen
    aber wenn 3.x drauf ist, sagt er mir "Bei der Installation des Recoverysystems ist ein Fehler aufgetreten."
    Das gleiche war bei mir auch! Habe einfach installiert nicht
    So viel hat sich nicht geändert! Siehe Changelog:
    Chinese translations.
    Minor bug fixes.
    Show a download screen when a download starts.
    Fix install from intents.
    Support for recoveries.
    Fix PayPal
    Make startup times better.
    Fix ROM Manager to use gzip compression when available.
    Use the new ROM Manager Service (Chris Soyars)... you guys are in for a treat soon!
    Fix custom flash_image command for alternate recoveries.
    Fix NPE in tablet devices.
    Android 1.6+ devices only.
    Fix DPI issues.
    Add Tegra flash_image.
    Support custom flashing commands.
    Fix crash bug if SD card is not mounted.
    Associate zip files with ROM Manager.
    Downloads are now ongoing notifications. Clicking the download prompts the user to cancel.
    Fix pre eclair bug.
    New Web Connect feature.
    Download directly to the license location.
    Do not allow purchases if the license server is not reachable.
    Allow license retrieval attempt through Settings.
    Add device id and fix NPE when using check for updates.
    Save recovery and paypal state on SD card.
    Fix Swedish Translations.
    Fix a minor bug in retrieving a license.
    Swedish Translations.
    PayPal integration now supported and approved.
    PayPal Premium purchase support completed, pending approval by PayPal.
    Detection of broken recovery and user guidance for fixing it.
    Possible fix that may alleviate the frequency of broken recoveries.
    German Translations
    Advertising (you can turn it off!)
    Add more debug information to ROM Manager logs.
    Don't attempt to flash downloaded zips that are corrupt.
    Don't restore backups with spaces in the file or directory name.
    Don't install zips with spaces in the file or directory name.
    Add download confirmation dialog.
    Prevent screenshots from going into the Gallery application.
    Verify that a nandroid.md5 exists prior to restoring a backup.
    ROMs can have optional screenshots.
    Add error reporting for easy bug tracking.
    Install queue support.
    Added erase recovery option.
    Added mirror support to manifests.
    Added single url support to manifests.
    Add fast backup and restore option. This will disable progress bars.
    Reboot fix. Bug fixing in statistics.
    Fixes/cleanups for download tracking.
    Download counter for ROMs.
    Evo support.
    Desire support.
    Fix license bug. (Sorry!)
    Add QR code downloads for premium users.
    Add option to view changelog to menu.
    Forcing erase of recovery prior to flash to fix bug where reflash does nothing.
    Kanged pretty progress bar from TDUpdater by ChrisSoyars.
    Properly cancel pending backups when automated backups are disabled.
    Check for root, and notify the user if the phone is not rooted.
    Cache recoveries so reflashing doesn't require a redownload.
    Direct users to the Market download if an upgrade is detected.
    Add better license checking.
    Whitelisted users can now properly use automated backups.
    Add better error messages.
    Add version string to the title of ROM Manager.
    ROM Manager Manifests now support the "all" entry for target devices.
    Add Settings screen.
    New application and notification icons.
    New automated backup feature (BETA).
    Check for SD Card being properly mounted on startup.
    Fix donate and homepage urls in a developer's ROM list.
    Place the ROMs in Free and Premium sections.
    Allow free users to browse a developer's ROM list, but not download.
    Fix bug where manual flash override is not visible.
    Fix bug where installing a zip from SD card would not use
    Add referer support to downloads.
    Support Android 1.5 phones (Cupcake).
    ROM Manager rebooting into recovery now creates the /cache/recovery directory if needed. This should fix the "reboot into recovery and sit at menu" bug.
    Fix bug in yaffs2 where the max path was set to 500, rather than PATH_MAX. This was causing issues when creating yaffs2 images of files with very long names that were generated by a process gone bad, or the like. This causes a segfault during backup of the cache and the recovery reboots. The "symptom" is a missing md5 file.
    Fix force close when ScriptRunner has too long of a buffer (out of memory).
    Fix NPE that occurs when viewing a developer homepage when none is set. 
    Support restore of sd-ext.
    Cache alternate recoveries so that the option isn't temporarily greyed out.
    Add new menu that allows people to flash older and experimental recoveries. 
    Partitoning SD Card support.
    Add partial restore support for Developer Mode users.
    "null" value urls are properly handled and no longer error out the download. 
    Fix bug where upgrade notification would pop up again when trying to flash 
    the recovery.
    Add Developer Mode.
    Add Superuser Mode.
    Add ROM Whitelist.
    Always show flash alternate recovery button, even if an alternate recovery is not available (due to none existing, or no internet).
    Show cancel button when prompting to reboot into recovery.
    Fix bug where spaces and odd characters in a download URL causes issues with flashing and applying zips.
    Add third party recovery flashing to ROM Manager.
    Fix bug where BroadcastReceiver is not unregistered by DownloadService after the download completes.
    Fix database leak in DownloadService.
    ROMs can now come in multiple parts via "extendedurls" as opposed to "urls".
    Fix force close that occurs when pressing back before the latest recovery version number can be downloaded.
    Show toast after download cache is cleared.
    Show warning on first run of the application.
    Fix bug in default getBoolean value always being false.
    Instead of showing an empty list of ROMs, show a message that there are no ROMs available for the device.
    Add Clear Download Cache menu item.
    Fix bug in detecting latest recovery version.
    Add premium IMEI whitelist functionality.
    Add Fix Permissions utility.
    Fix bug where all addons are always downloaded.
    Add recovery update checker.
    Add ROM OTA update notifications.
    Add ROM downloads.

  7. @Gogonscho
    das ist jetzt aber das ChangeLog vom ROM-Manager und nicht vom CWM, oder?

  8. 22.03.2011, 09:49
    Sieht schwer danach aus!

  9. 22.03.2011, 09:58
    Ihr habt Recht Sorry! Hier die original Quelle vom Changelog.

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